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The next few moments were met with silence.

"Wow, Cas. Any other bombshells you'd like to drop?" Dean snapped sarcastically.

"So you're saying that the guy over there… Is like... Jesus?" said Sam slowly.

"Far from…" Castiel turned and looked at Sam. "Jesus, was a prophet and a savior, and a messiah. Harry is just a savior."

"Oh, well, that just makes everything better…" Bobby quipped.

"There have been many prophets over history, to lead people in times of great need and injustice. The oracle of Delphi, Muhammad, Virginia of Rome, and more. Similarly, there have also been saviors. People like the Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi. Humans born to save their people and countries, or deliver them from persecution and bondage. Harry is the savior of his world and his people."

"If this guy is so powerful and important to a bunch of wizards, then how did he end up as an unconscious, soulless slab of MEAT?" Dean burst out. "Shouldn't he have been able to save himself? Since he obviously couldn't, how the Hell is he going to help us fight Lucifer?"

Castiel, for the first time, glared at Dean with true anger shining in his eyes. Dean simply blinked at him.

"Dean," Sam said. "THINK about it. Think about the people he just listed." Dean stilled for a moment as he tried to think back to the people Cas had mentioned.

"Well, Joan of Arc was burned as a witch..." Bobby stated, trying to be helpful.

"Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed in front of his friends." Sam continued. "And Harry had his soul removed… ALL of their lives, every one of them, ended tragically."

"And Gandhi, your idol, was killed by one of the very people he was trying to give freedom to..." Dean replied, as his shoulders slumped. Even though he had been called it a million times before, at this moment he really felt like he was a jerk.

"Adequately accurate." Castiel said, and then pointed to the three Hallows that rested on the table. "Can I count on your approval of this, now?"

After the hunters nodded at him, Cas got up and carefully placed the ring on Harry's finger, and then the wand in his other hand.

He looked at the three hunters as he began to cover the body with the invisibility cloak. Turned inside-out so it wouldn't cause Harry to disappear on them.

"You may want to brace yourselves." Castiel warned them, and then flung the remainder of the cloak over Harry and began to speak in Enochian.

A moment later, there was a flash of bright, white light that filled the entire room.

Harry was floating.

Was he still, or was he moving?

There were other things moving around him.

It was dark… or was it light?

Was he in a small space or an infinite plane? He couldn't tell.

But he knew was there, and he was floating. Or was he drifting?. He couldn't feel it anyway, it was so relaxing. He didn't have a single care in the world.

Not that he could remember. How long had he been here?

He really didn't care. He wasn't sure time even time mattered here.

But for a fleeting second, he wondered. Days? Minutes? Hours? Decades?

The thought rolled off him after a moment as well, to become just as forgotten as all the other thoughts he had during his time here. He had no worries, he had no cares… from time to time he only wondered, and the thoughts escaped him just as fast as they had come. Hardly anything caught his attention for more then a second or two.

So it was odd when a silver cord of light suddenly caught his attention. He looked at it for a moment. It was as thin as yarn, but looked like it was braided together from thin hair-like threads. He pondered about it for another second, before the cord wrapped itself around him.

If he would have been able to feel panic at the moment, he would have. All he was aware about was a small feeling of something. A feeling of him being aware of himself. A feeling that gradually began to intensify.

Dean watched the shaking form on the couch with caution, as he looked over to Sam.

"I still think we should have asked how we could kill him before we woke him up…"

"Cas told us he's safe, Dean. What more could you want?" Sam argued as he looked to Bobby for support. Bobby just gave a tight-lipped look, and a shrug. Sam's jaw dropped.

"What? You agree with him?"

Bobby looked at the figure their angel was standing over. He then looked over to Sam with guilty eyes and shrugged again. Sam shot him and Dean his famous 'Bitch-face', and then turned back to look at Cas.

Harry's body was now shaking uncontrollably. Dean placed his hand inside his jacket and fingered the handle of the knife. It was purely on instinct alone, but it made him feel better since this 'Master of Death' was probably going to wake up soon...

Blackness was all around him as he was tightly wound in his own skin. His thoughts suddenly becoming more aware; his mind suddenly filled with voices…

He was frozen in bed. Unable to move. People coming in and out of a room… His room? Someone holding his hand was crying.

"Harry… I can't believe they would do this to you… But I promise.. I'll find who did it, and I'll make them pay."

Hermione's voice.

"I can't take much more of this…" said another familiar female voice. "Hermoine says I should stop seeing you. That I should quit tormenting myself. But I just can't... I can't just leave you here alone…"

Ginny. His love. She kissed him gently on the forehead. "I'll try to get Ron to see you. He's… He's just too angry at the moment. I don't think he's ready."

Another voice. Molly? Then George. "Mum's having a hard time with this. First Fred, now you… At least I've still got the shop, but with Ginny been moving out… Not sure how she's going to make it through. She's trying to be strong about it, but I know it's killing her..."

Ron, screaming angrily. "How the Hell could they, Harry? After everything you've done. Everything we've done. IT'S NOT RIGHT!" he screamed. Then started crying. Ron? Crying? "It's just not right…. It shouldn't have happened... Not to you…"

"I know me and Ron got married only a few months ago, but I'm already pregnant at 21!" Hermione again. "I should have known it was going to happen, but… It was still a shock." She said, as she gently brushed his hair off his forehead. "We were going to name him Hugo… But Ginny came up with a better idea. We're going to name him Harry..."

"Neville wants me to marry him." Ginny, said. "Hermione says that I should. That I need to quit living like this. She thinks it's destroying me…"

Another voice... Kingsley.

"We got your name cleared… but the damage is done… I know it doesn't mean much; having you… Having you like this… But at least you will be known for the hero you were…"

Dozens of other voices… Dennis Creevey, members of the Order, every member of the Weasleys, years of pain, of screams and crying and regret. Of caring and well wishes…. But the most painful…

"Please, Harry… Just wake up…. Please! Show me any sign that you're still there.. And I won't marry him… I was never going to, I swear… Just… something... anything…"

"She's pregnant now, Harry... I think Ginny is finally happy now. I know you would hate me for it if you were still here… But.. She's smiling again, Harry. Really smiling…"

Years of memories incorporated themselves into his mind in a matter of moments. Years of being trapped, of being unable to move his body and speak to his loved ones, of the pain and suffering of those he loved coming to see him… It was all coming back to him. They were in so much pain… He was in so much pain… So he did the only thing he was finally aware of being able to do at the moment.

He let out a gut-wrenching scream.

Sam and Dean both jumped back in shock and Bobby even sat up straight in his wheelchair as the most painful, harrowing scream came from Harry. A scream of pure grief, pain, and heartbreak.

The same scream that Dean had heard his father make after he couldn't deny his mother's death anymore.

The same scream that Sam made when Jess had died…

The same scream that Bobby had made after killing his wife…

The three hunters were shaken to their core. They were expecting darkness. Evil. The room to go black and Reapers to appear. Anything but this.

"It's all right…"

Harry didn't recognise this voice. But he was aware that he existed. And that his own face was wet.

"You are safe..."

Harry looked into the sad but reassuring blue eyes, felt something touch his forehead, and then passed out.

"I will restore you. I promise."