Ok... I know I have not updated in years. I just wanted to let you guys know, that I am alive, and yes, I will be writing again. Irregularly, but writing.

In the past year, I have had a hell of a time. My mom was fighting cancer, I fell for a guy who is wonderful and we got engaged, My two best friends from high school got engaged, one got married already and the other is getting married soon. And I was working a job and dealing with Illnesses of my own.

But, I am back, and hope to be updating normally.

Hope you enjoy this long overdo update!


Harry sat, thunderstruck as he finished listening to the story the three men and angel told him. From the night that their mother was killed by a demon, to them helping bring him back to himself. He blinked, as he finished downing the cup of warm tea they had handed him, and mulled over every word once again... Then said the only thing that came to mind at that time.

"Well, bloody fucking hell... and I though I had it bad."

His voice was deeper and more raspy then it ever was before. The other 3 Non-angel men in the room laughed. Harry smirked slightly, and looked to the angel.

"First off; Thank you.. I know for a fact I never would have been woken up if it wasn't for you... I owe you a huge debt." The angel nooded and seemed to preen at his words of praise. He then turned to Sammy.. Well, Sam.

"Secondly, What in the bloody blazes were you thinking?..." Sam's eyes widened and he looked more then a little guilty.

"You made a promise to stop with the demon blood.. You didn't keep it. You promised your brother you wouldn't go alone.. You broke that promise, too. You then and followed that demon BINT, instead of trusting your own family and friends... That's low." Sammy looked defeated and lost. Harry decided he wasn't going to mention the rest, or brow beat him anymore.. a odd look of respect shone in the eyes of the elder brother as Harry talked, but soon changed back to indifferent.

"Let's hope you learned your lesson, and NEVER, EVER, EVER do something like that again.."

"I won't.." Sam replied honestly.

"EVER?..." Harry glared pointedly.

"Ever." Sam promised.

Harry then looked to Dean. "And thirdly... Don't you dare say yes to the angels, and don't you dare try to go off on your own and do your own thing... Seriously.. there IS strength in numbers, and right now, the numbers are low... VERY Low..."

"You don't need to tell ME that short stuff... I know the odds." Dean snapped back with a glare. "If you remember, you're the new guy here."

Harry glared back. "And a slight attitude adjustment wouldn't be amiss, ether..." Dean blanched.

"Next... Let's face facts... I'm no help to you guys until I get myself back in shape... at least not in a battle..." Dean glared again, and Cas and Bobby looked sad.

"But.. If you hand them to me one at a time, I can start putting Charms and Spells on your weapons. I figure unbreakable charms and an Automatic refilling spell on the guns is a good place to start..."

"Oh, HELL yeah!" Dean burst before he could stop himself. Harry smirked at the man's burst of excitement.

"Shall we begin, then?..."

There was soon an assembly line. Dean's. Bobby's and Sam's Guns, knives, and other objects. Cas sat on the arm rest of the sofa Harry was giving advice and the names of other spells Harry didn't know that would help. They added a little Mojo to the holy water, Drew a rune or two on some Devil's traps, and Jimmy rigged the guns and ammo in a way that Harry would had found creepy if he had been on the other side of this group.

It really helped him, though... As Harry was sure, He wouldn't be fully up and about yet. He wasn't a lost cause, but he was weak, and he needed to take his recovery one step at a time...

But his magic humming and itching to get out, wanting to be used. And this helped out ALOT. He magical core was very over-full and this definitely helped take the pressure off of him... Plus... He would admit... He loved magic. He loved having it, and using it, and wielding it. so I brought he a little bit of joy that kept him from worrying about his friends...

Friends back in England, that he missed terribly, and probably didn't even know he was gone yet...

The food and deserts were cleaned up and put away, everyone at the Burrow was safely tucked in there beds asleep, and all seemed well.

The little impromptu party had gone on a little longer then they had hoped.

Still, Ron and Hermione seemed happier then they had in a long time as they curled up with their little boy in Ron's old room.

Not realizing the Inner turmoil that the young and newly pregnant bride of Longbottom was going though as she laid restlessly in her own bed.