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Chapter 1 / Prologue: Pokémon and I

I never really had experiences with them. I saw Pokémon, in books and from far away. But...for some reason I was never able to get close to one. Even the common ones like Patrats and Lillipups seemed to get away too easily. My neighbor White has Pokémon all around her house. Her mother used to be a talented trainer, even making it to the elite four. But I was never really good friends with White, so I was never invited over or anything. I could only observe from far away. Her Palpitoad would go outside every day to water the garden. What I wouldn't give to pat him on the head or watch him use Mud Shot. Man I love Pokémon.

Whoops, I never introduced myself. My name is Black. And I'm just a guy fascinated by Pokémon. Even to this day. But this isn't about how I am now. This is about how my journey began. And how no one saw me coming. It was an early April morning when I saw Professor Juniper walk down the dirt road near White's house with a box wrapped tightly in decorative pink paper. I approached the renowned Pokémon professor with a spring in my step.

"Professor Juniper!" I said as I began to walk beside her. "I hope this isn't a bad time!"

"Not at all," she replied with a cheery smile. "And you are?"

"We've met before, actually. Last year, when you released your theory about why the Pokémon in Unova are exclusive to the region. I was the kid who asked why there are no Pokémon from other regions here."

"Ah yes, I'm sorry, but I don't remember your name."

"It's no problem, I get that a lot. I'm Black. I was wondering what you're doing with that box." I did ask, but I already had an inkling. If I listened close I could hear something rolling around within. And even more subtle 'clang' that sounded like metal on metal. I'd have to be an idiot not to know there were pokéballs inside.

"Well, White's mother asked me a favor. White's been hinting at wanting a Pokémon for a while now. And I've been bringing three up for study purposes. I think they're ready to be trained by three very capable children."


"Yes. Do you know Cheren and Bianca?"

"Of course!" Everyone knew those three. They were the closest group of friends anyone had ever seen. There was Cheren, the smart one. I often saw him at the library, reading up on Pokémon moves and strategies. I'll admit that we've read some of the same books, but we never did talk to each other. He was a little too serious for my tastes. And then there was Bianca. The spunky blond who I thought was absolutely insane when I first met her. She was way too happy all the time. And lastly, there was White.

White Ellis was a hard nut to crack. She was quite the courageous girl. When we were kids, we were in the same kindergarten class. I remember her saving me from more than several bullies. She was a tough kid and whenever someone thought of her, they knew she was going places. Everybody eagerly awaited the day when she became a trainer, because they knew it'd be the day our town was made famous. She had a dream to be the champion of the Pokémon league, and we all knew there was nothing stopping her. Nobody wanted to jump in front of that train. I just wished...nah.

"Yes. I'm trusting them with the Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott I've been studying. Of course, in exchange I'm asking them to do me a favor."

"Oh really? What's that?" I was interested, but at the same time, I was kind of disappointed I wouldn't be getting a Pokémon. Oh well, I suppose she didn't remember my name, so there was no reason for her to think of one for me. But back to the matter at hand.

"I want them to go out and complete this." Juniper said as she reached into her lab coat pocket, putting the box under her free arm. From her pocket emerged a sleek, crimson, I-pod-like device. I'd read enough of Juniper's newspaper interviews to know that that was-

"A pokédex!" I exclaimed. I'd wanted one ever since I'd heard about the little device. Pokémon Professors Oak, Elm, Birch and Rowan had all developed a version of it for their specific regions and they were awesome. When you met a Pokémon, it would automatically record data on it. You could learn so much just by possessing one of these fantastic objects. I didn't hide my excitement as my eyes simply shined just by looking at the gizmo. I wanted that thing. I saw it in my dreams. If I had one of those, it would be better than all my birthday presents combined. Juniper took one glance at my eyes and she became the love of my life. Not literally.

"Here you go," she said as she handed me the pokédex. My face nearly broke with how much I smiled as I turned it on for the first time.

"WOW! I CAN KEEP THIS? SERIOUSLY?" I cried for joy as I pressed buttons like a madman. So many entries. Snivy, Tranquill, Blitzile, so many Pokémon pictures. The resolution was incredible. These were the best pictures of Pokémon I'd ever seen. This was awesome. It was even better than I imagined. I was already reading the third Pokémon entry and we'd only been walking for about two minutes.

"That's the original. I've got more of them back at the lab. You're obviously quite passionate about Pokémon, and that's something I can't say about everyone. I see good things in your future Black."

"Wow. Thank you so much Professor."

"It's no problem whatsoever. Now if you'll excuse me," the professor said as she turned to knock on White's door. I grinned like a spoiled child and walked away, still fiddling with my new pokédex.

I lived next door to White. Odd, since you'd think being next door neighbors would make us better friends. It didn't. I hadn't had a conversation with her since second grade. I've seen her and her friends in the town shopping and such, but I'd never quite hung out with them. But anyway, I opened the front door while still staring at the screen of my pokédex. I didn't even care as my older sister Carol berated me for going out without telling her. Even though I was twelve years old and could take care of myself.

It had always just been Carol and me. She was always there for me. I gotta admit, I didn't understand why people with siblings always said they argued. Guess we were a rare breed or something.

I'd be lying if I said she wasn't pretty. She was my sister after all, so I guess she'd always be pretty to me. She had beautiful green eyes and her head was adorned with fabulous red hair. She always wore the same thing. A blue T-shirt with jeans. A simple wardrobe, but she was always smiling at me with it. Well except for certain occasions. Like this one for example, where she was sneering at the top of my head.

"One of us needs to comb their hair," Carol continued her usual rant as I finally placed the pokédex in my pocket and started making us breakfast. That was my responsibility after all. "And I'll give you a hint. It's not me. Were you out Pokémon watching again? I told you, you could get hurt with how high you climb up those trees."

"Um, Carol? I'll admit that I climb pretty high, but do I really need to comb my hair if I wear a hat all the time?" I replied as I pointed to said baseball hat with black and white colors and a pokéball symbol plastered on the front.

"Especially if you wear a hat all the time! What happens if that hat comes off, huh? You'll look ridiculous!" Good to know she was still as optimistic as yesterday. "And I'm still angry at you! If you've seen one Pidove, you've seen them all! I don't get why you need to endanger yourself looking at them!"

"How can I not? They're awesome!" Unbeknownst to myself, I began to get what Carol called 'the look'. My eyes seemed to glitter, like I was gazing at a beautiful star. While in my mind's eye, I was imagining what being a trainer would be like. I'd never even talked to a Pokémon, let alone tried training one. But I could see it now. Hugging a Tepig, teaching a baby Rufflet how to fly, being a Druddigon's best friend. It would be so vivid in my imagination. It would be so real and powerful. And then I would reach out and it would all disappear. "I mean, no two Pidove are exactly alike. There's a few that have a darker shade of head feathers and yesterday I saw a female one that had wings that ended in a point like the males. They weren't just fluffy like the other females. Also-"

"You're just astounding, kiddo," Carol said as she placed a hand on my head. When she said that, I knew it meant 'shut up already, nerd'. I grinned as I continued to stir the pancake mix. "You should've asked Professor Juniper for a Pokémon. I was just talking to her the other day actually. She's giving one-"

"To White. I know. She was on her way to the house just now."

"Oh. I'm sorry kiddo." She hugged me from behind in obvious attempt to make me feel better. It wasn't quite effective, but I was still excited about my pokédex, so I was all good.

"S'okay. Thanks sis."

We ate our breakfast in silence. She was concerned about me, and I was quite hungry. She was staring at me with her version of 'the look'. This one made me afraid to look at her since my conscious would scream 'Tell her you're all right! It's okay to lie if it makes her stop staring at you' every time I glanced at her. I stuck it out long enough for her to finish and get out of her seat. But that didn't stop the awkward moment since she looked out the window and gave a depressed sigh. She just had that natural talent to make me feel guilty with no effort.

"Well, looks like they're off already," she said as she continued to stare.

"Oh?" I muttered as I continued to eat. I knew she was talking about White, Cheren and Bianca. I also knew she expected me to complain about how I wasn't going with them. I wanted to. I really did. My meal was eaten as slowly as it could be. And even as I finished it, even as I got up to wash the dishes, I didn't say a word. And when Carol stepped away from the window, I knew they'd taken their first steps onto Route 1. It was too late now, anyway.

The truth was, I'd had my bag packed for weeks. I was all set to go out on any journey. But I lacked one crucial thing. Despite all the supplies I'd packed for survival, I lacked the one crucial thing. A Pokémon. The one thing I needed and wanted the most, I couldn't have. There was no way for me to go out into that world without one of those guys by my side. It was frustrating. I didn't get it. Pokémon just seemed to run away from me. Just once, I'd like one to come up to me, and maybe smile at me. I don't get why they were scared of me. I always took the proper steps. Look at them at eye level, try not to blink, and constantly remind them that you're not trying to hurt them. I guess it took more to earn a Pokémon's trust.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. In fact, during the afternoon, all Carol did was nap on the couch while I continued to study the features of my pokédex. I sighed. Maybe someday I'd have what those three had. I grinned at the thought. Maybe someday...

...Definitely someday.

End of chapter one.

Sorry for the slow and short nature of this chapter. I guess it's the first chapter, so it takes a bit for it to get off the ground. Stay fabulous, people!