The Following is rated PG-13, and has not been approved by anyone who is sane enough to do this.


A Peaceful night. People walking around enjoying the peace that had been fought for so long. The City of Konoha is just one of the many places that had enjoyed this peace. However things are not as they seem. For one young couple everything is going to change.

"Money, Jewels EVERYTHING!" A man said as he pulled a gun on the couple. The couple was with their five year old son, then fate decided to change things. Before anyone knew what happen two gun shots ranged out into the night, killing the boys mother and father.

Konoha, Fifteen years later...

Things have changed in the fifteen years since he been gone, but then again so has he. "Jiraiya, it's been awhile." The young man said to his father old teacher. "I need your help."


There are worst things that go bump in the night there the criminals that pray these streets. This city isn't beyond saving but it is far from peace as it once was. That is way I am here, to show that crime will not pay, that death is not welcomed here.

I am here to show that the night is to be feared, but not by the criminals that prey on the innocence of others. I am one, I am fear, I am the night, I AM BATMAN!

Naruto Uzumaki in:

Naruto: The Shadow of the Bat.


Coming as soon as I figure this thing out. (It will be in the Batman/Naruto Crossover page.)

Well I hope that you enjoyed this umm trailer. I'm still trying to figure this one out and I hope that if you review, you can give me some Ideas that doesn't have to do with a Naruto/Hinata match up. Kyuubi will be in the story as well as some of the others. I do know who is going were though.

Yugito Ni'i Will Be Catwoman but will not be a love interest For Naruto Like Selena is for Bruce.

Sasuke will probably be Joker, I don't know yet.

So leave any reviews or feel free to PM me at any time with Ideas. Hopefully I can make a Batman/Naruto story that doesn't suck, or is a Harem story.