A little note..here are the ages:

Breda: 25 Years Old

Fuery: 24 Years Old

Falman: 27 Years Old

Havoc: 28 Years Old

Mustang: 29 Years Old

Riza (yes, she gets her first name): 25 Years Old

"Why?" Riza questioned her superior.

"It isn't going to be awful. It is just for fun, plus we all need one." he replied.

"But, the beach?"

"We all like the beach, Lieutenant. It is going to be fun" Havoc replied to her as he lit a new

cigarette and put it back into his mouth.

"We are all family here. It isn't going to kill you for a two week vacation." Feury replied.

Finally, about a half hour of arguing, she gave in. So in three days, they would all be sharing one

house, with seven bedrooms, 6 and a half bedrooms, on the beach for two weeks.

What could go wrong?

Three Days Later~

"We're here?" Fuery chanted. He was the most excited about it. He almost bounced out of the

car. "Woah..this house is huge." He stated looking up at the house.

"We have six people here, what did you expect?" Havoc questioned him.

The house had a porch that went around the front. It was as white as snow but with a tan roof. It was two stories high and had an attic to it. There was a wooden swing on the right corner of the porch. The doors were of course, screen doors. If there was a glass door on it, it must have been taken down.

As Riza got out of the car, because she rode alone out of the two cars, everyone expected her to dress differently, but she didn't. A simple black tank top covering her tatoo, jean shorts only going around two inches above her leg, and teal flip flops.

'Dammit' Roy thought.

'Why can't she be normal?' Havoc complained.

'This house is so huge!' Fuery thought.

'I don't know what they were expecting, but Hawkeye is not that kind of girl.' Falman thought to himself.

'Only she would.' Breda stated 'Most girls wanna, show off to guys, but nope...she is still dressing normally'

"What?" Riza asked noticing them as she went around to get her luggage.

"THIS HOUSE IS HUGEEEE!" Fuery once again stated.

"I think we all know that." Breda responded to him.

"Okay, you guys can go kill each other for rooms and I will take whatever is left." Riza stated.

"Thank you!" Falman said along with everyone else as they took their luggage and ran into the house.

'Hopefully Rebecca can take care of a dog for two weeks.' Riza thought.

About five minutes later, they all decided whose room was whose for the next two weeks. When they were all finished, Falman came down to tell Riza.

"Your room is either to the far right or the room at the end of the hall on the other side." he told her.

"Okay, thank you very much." she replied, picking up her luggage.

"Want some help?" Falman asked her.

"Sure. Thank you." she told him. When they finally got up to her room, Falman put her bag down onto her bead.

"Make yourself at home, Hawkeye."

"You too." she smiled and he smiled back to her.

The room was about the size of her apartment bedroom, it had a balcony though.

'Why didn't any of the guys want the balcony?'

Riza walked outside to see what the balcony showed. It was breath taking. It wasn't the beach but it was the town behind it. And beyond the town was the mountains with a sunset backround.

'Wow' Riza thought. 'The guys are missing out. But then again, they probably got windows of the beaches view... mostly because the perverts want to spy on the girls'

Riza walked back into her room to start unpacking. Luckily, her room had drawers, cause unlike ordinary people, she had shorts and tank tops. She packed two formal dresses just in case they ended up going somewhere she needed one.

"Riza?" Roy asked as he poked his head into her room.

"Hello, sir." she replied "What are you doing?"

"Riza..Riza...Riza. We are on vacation..you can call me Roy"

"Okay, Roy. What are you doing here?"

"Me and the other guys were thinking about going to a bar or resturant for dinner..you wanna come?"

"Sure. What time is it now?"

"Around seven..so we were planning on leaving around seven thirty."

"Okay, I'll be down there."

"Okay, bye."

Seven Thirty~

"Fuery...why do you have a camera?"

"Because, Riza, I want to remember this." he smiled back at her.

"Okay, where is everyone else. It's seven thirty-five."

"They are probably fixing their hair."

"True that. It only took me like five minutes. It shouldn't take them this long."

"Yeah, but know Mustang and how he is a womanizer, it does take him this long."

"Then what about Falman and Breda, they aren't womanizers." They then heard someone walking down the staris, and Riza couldn't believe what she saw.

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