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RoyxRiza ()

RizaxHavoc (my friend is OBSESSED with them)

RizaxFuery (...)

RizaxBreda (-shot-)

RizaxFalman (-explodes-) (-comes back to life-) (-explodes again-) (because exploding once just wasn't enough)

"Good evening. I am Jeff can I start you off with any drinks tonight?" The waitor asked, his hair was shaggy and blonde. It reached down to about his neck. He looked to be around nineteen.

"Hi, can I have a glass of water?"

"You are at a bar and you are ordering water?" he questioned Riza.

"Yes. Thank you." she replied to him.

"You sure? That is pretty lame? You are over twenty one. Why not have a drink?"

"Because I want water."

"Ya sure?"


"Okay whatever you say. And you sir?" he turned to Roy and asked him.

"I will have the same." he replied to Jeff. He started to set the menus on the table.

"Seriously? Water? Both of you. You are at a freakin' bar."

"It is also eleven thirty at night." RIza responded.

"You are also at a bar."

"At eleven thirty at night."

"Yeah but-"

"We ordered water." she replied to him giving him a glare.

"Yes ma'am!" he exclaimed and ran off to get them their waters.

"Well that was rude." Roy stated.

"Well he was-"

"I meant him. Not you."

"Oh, then never mind." she responded to him while opening up the menu. A lot was on there, but she wasn't hungry so she looked at the appitizers. "What looks good on here?"

"You do." she heard a voice say.

"Roy..." she started to say to him. Was he drunk?

"It wasn't me." he said looking up from his menu.

She looked behind her, and sure enough there was another drunk man. He looked around her age. He had sea green eyes and dark black hair, almost like Roy's.

"So whatcha up tooooo?" he asked as he climbed into the seat next to Riza.

"Can you, like, not be here?" Riza asked.

"Awwww why nottttt?"

"Cause I don't know you..."

"You wanna?" he asked. She then shot him the same glare that she shot the waitor when he wasn't leaving them alone. He then got up and said "Dammit, can't a guy find any girl to have a one night stand with."

That statement made Roy want to kill her right there. He never showed it, but when other people hit on Riza, it made him want to fry the guy. He knew it was unfair that he could get any girl he wanted, most of them being the girl Havoc either liked or dated or was dating. He knew it was wrong going around and having one night stands, but some of them he dated for around a month. The lucky ones. He barely ever got that feeling though, Riza never did talk about her social life. He only knew she had a boyfriend once when he saw him give her flowers on Valentines Day and she kissed him.

Riza didn't like being in this bar. It was way to loud and it had too many drunk people in it, and making it better, she was the only girl in there. The food better be good. She stared down at the menu. There were a lot of different types of food on there.

Why did he take me out to dinner at eleven thirty at night?

"What are you going to order?" Roy asked.

"I'm not sure. It is eleven thirty at night, I could have waited till the morning to eat." she stated.

"You need dinner, and plus it has been a while since we have talked, just the two of us."

It was true. Ever since they both joined the military, they could barely ever go to dinner together or just visit each other's houses. Too many rumors would start up and the frat. laws. But now, since they were on vacation then they could go out to dinner by themselves and do whatever they wanted to.

A different waitor came back carrying their waters. He had red hair. He looked to actually be around Riza's age. The room didn't have enough lighting to tell if he was her age or not.

"Hi, sorry about that. What would you two like for dinner?" he asked us not looking us in the eyes.

"I am just going to have a garden salad please." Riza said handing him the menu.

"Okay, thank you." he responded.

"I am going to have the pasta and meatballs please." Roy said handing him the menu.

"Okay. Thank you." he then walked away with the menus in hand.

"So what have you been up to besides work?" Riza asked him and took a sip of her water.

"Nothing much. Been to the bar a couple of times."

"Getting your ass drunk and going around having one-night stands." Riza said after puttng her glass down. When she did, a playful smile crossed her face.

He laughed a little bit before responding. "You know, everyone takes me for such a playboy."

"That's cause you are." she said.

"I am not." he responded with a smile on his face.

"Are too." she replied back at him.

"How would you know?" he said and gave her a suspicious look.

"Because I grew up with you." she responded with a little laugh.

"Yeah, but I have grown up."

"Have you?" she asked him smiling the whole time as he laughed.

"I so have."

"Oh really?"


"You sure"

"Completely positive."

They both laughed at the small joking argument that they were having. It had been way to long since they've see each other. They use to spend everyday together as kids, until Riza went off to boarding school and Roy went into the academy.

"Well..." she started. "Not that much. Nothing has really changed. I still read, practice shooting, but the only thing new is..." she let out a small laugh.


"Nothing." she said as she lifted her glass to her mouth and started taking sips from it.

"Come on, tell me."

"Promise not to laugh."

"Promise." he said holding out his pinky finger. "Remember from when we were little?"

"Of course" she replied. She linked her pinky finger with his and shook on it. "Every weekend Rebecca and I got fencing."

"You fence?" he asked, trying to remain calm.

"You promised not to laugh." she stated.

"I wasn't laughing, I am just suprised that you would fence. Also, Rebecca?"

"Yeah, we fence." she replied.

"Who usually wins?"

"Do you have to ask that?" she said giving him a playful smile.

"I guess it isn't neccesary." he said smiling. "What else?"

"Horseback riding."

Roy almost choked on his water when he heard that. "Seriously?"


"I never promised I wouldn't laugh."

"You asshole."

"You grew up with me."

"I suppose that one was coming.

They both went on talking for around another ten minutes when their food came. The waitor placed the meals down on the tables. Steam was coming off of Roy's plate, so when the waitor left he pushed it away a little bit for it to cool off.

"What? The flame alchemist can't take some heat?" she teased him.

"Shut up. It is hot." he responded.

"No freakin' way." she stated with a sarcastic tone.

"Woah! Did Riza Hawkeye just make a joke using sarcasm?" he teased her.

"You just realized that." she stated and they both laughed.

They both finished up their meals and walked back to the house, laughing the whole time. They finally got back to the house at around twelve thirty in the morning. Roy walked back up onto her balcony with her. She turned to face him and she smiled, saying goodnight and walking away was what she had planned, but didn't want.

"Thanks for dinner."

"No problem, it was fun just us hanging out."

"Yeah it was." she smiled at him, he leaned in for one last kiss. He pressed her lips against his when they broke apart, he didn't want this night to end. He just wanted it to go on, and on and on. Never ending. He wondered if it could ever get better than this, but it did when she wrapped her arm around his neck, not allowing the kiss to be broken. Her other arm was grabbing his shoulder.

They finally had to break apart. But as soon as they did, they got back together again. This time with more pressure and force. Some how his tongue managed to snake into her mouth. She honestly didn't mind when it did so. She loved having him this close. Nothing stopping them, nothing at all.

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Ouran High School Host Club (once again, Vic and Caitlyn play each others love intrests)




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