Dear Readers,

As of a few minutes ago, I've deleted all my stories except this one. You can thank leelator for convincing me to leave this one. That being said, I really do want to thank you for loving this story as much as you do. The review count blows my mind.

If you want to have access to my other stories, they are on my private blog. Please email me at micahsmoonbeam at gmail dot com if you want an invitation. In the past several days, I've been bombarded with many words of encouragement, support, and eagerness to be a part of my blog. I am really grateful to all of you. I will keep taking requests for invites even though my other stories have been deleted. Thank you for putting up with me. I know I'm like a wet cat when I get mad, but some of it is unfortunately justified. I love hearing from you guys, really. Please don't hide. I hope to see you all on my blog. I write for your entertainment and enjoyment, please don't forget that.


And EMAIL me, don't message me or leave your email address in a review. Fanfiction dot net screws up urls outstandingly. If you don't believe me, you can try typing out your email address exactly the way it is. As soon as you send a message, those letters and numbers disappear. So email me because it will be easier.