So Hart Hanson and Co have left plenty of things unseen between The Hole in the Heart and The Change in the Game. I don't know what that means for next season, but I'm afraid it means we won't get to see the initial struggles they face adjusting to the shift in their relationship and a baby on the way. So I'm writing my own. Some days, I like fanfic better than the stuff on TV anyway. (season 6 was largely yuck-o) That said, they still aren't mine, no matter how much I pretend.

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She stormed into his office, eyes blazing, arms waving, words failing her.

Booth knew that look.

She slammed the door.

Fury. It was pure fury.

He pitied the person on the receiving end of it. He or she didn't stand a chance when she was this pissed off.

He'd wait. There was nothing to say when she was like this. There never had been and now? Well, first trimester hormones certainly didn't help. He'd have to wait until he knew who had crossed her and what had happened before he spoke. If he didn't he might just say the wrong thing and even when he did have all the information, there was a good chance he would say the wrong thing anyway.

"I…totally absurd…ridiculous…" she spat out.

He was still clueless. He kept his eyes on her, watching her pace, and continued to wait.

Finally, she pulled an envelope out of her bag and threw it on his desk, glaring at him.

It was addressed to her at the Jeffersonian. From the FBI.


Knowing what it probably said, but not wanting her to know that he knew, he went ahead and opened it, reading the first lines out loud.

"Dr. Brennan," he began. He sounded nervous to his own ears, so he cleared his throat before he continued. "It has come to the attention of our offices that you currently have a medical issue that disallows you from field work, per FBI policy as outlined in the FBI employee handbook part 8, section 12, article 7. As such, your participation in cases will now be confined to laboratory work only. All field work will be handled by your partner, Special Agent Seely Booth, and an agent who will be assigned to him until your medical condition is addressed and you have been cleared to return to the full description of your duties." He looked up and she was staring at him.

"How they hell do they know, Booth? What did you do?"

Ah. She was furious at him. Freakin' perfect.


"I'm not showing and I've told NO ONE!" She wasn't calming down like he'd hoped.


"No! NO! Don't try to placate me. I want to know what you did. How could you do this, Booth? Did you go straight to Cullen or did you just shoot an email to human resources?" She stood across from him, both hands on his desk, leaning forward onto her arms.

"I didn't" he promised.

"Obviously, you did." Her voice was cold.

He could tell that she wasn't going to believe him. He thought perhaps a different tack would be best.

"Bones, listen to me." He stood and put a hand on her arm. "This doesn't mean we aren't partners, okay? It just means they know you're pregnant. It's policy and you can't blame them for that. They are looking out for the best interest of their employee and the employee's baby. "

"I am NOT an FBI employee. I work for the Jeffersonian."

"Come on, Bones, you know you are contracted out to the FBI and it's a liability issue for them."

She wasn't yelling anymore. That was something.

"Mostly I just go to the crime scenes." She was still angry, though. Petulant, even.

"I know."

"I haven't done the math but I would estimate that ninety-five percent of what we do isn't even dangerous." Now she was just bitter.

"That's probably true. But you never know when that will change. That's part of what makes it dangerous. They can't have you taking that risk. Hell, Bones, I don't want you taking that risk." He spoke gently, but he told the truth. He didn't want her in the field anymore either.

She sat, tired from her outburst, drained now that the indignation and fury had left her.

"I would never purposely put our child at risk, Booth."

"I know that, Bones."

She was quiet for a while, clearly thinking.

He filled the air. "At least we're not being hauled in for a talking to about getting new partners. That means Sweets didn't tell them it's our baby or he convinced them it doesn't matter."

Her eyes reignited.


"You've been talking to Sweets?" Her voice was low.

"Well…" There was no point in being vague now. "Yeah."

"You told me we should keep it quiet for a while. That it was between us for now. I haven't even told Angela and you told Sweets?" She was incredulous.

"It's not what you're thinking, Bones."

"I'm thinking that you couldn't keep it to yourself, so you told your friend while I have to keep mine in the dark!"

"No. No. I didn't tell him as my friend." He knew as soon as he said it that it was only going to make things worse, not better.

She froze, understanding crossing her face. And there was something in her eyes he couldn't name, but it hit him in his gut.

"You've been going to therapy."

He nodded.

"You've been talking to Sweets… about me?"

He didn't answer.

"About us?"

"Bones, listen, it's not…"

"I don't need an explanation. It's fine. I understand."

But he could tell that she didn't. He hadn't mentioned it because he hadn't relished trying to explain it to her. He realized now that had been a colossal mistake.

She took the letter back off his desk and put it in her bag.

"I can't make lunch. I have a Civil War soldier I have to identify." She wouldn't look at him.

"Bones, come on, don't do that."

"I'm not doing anything but my job. It's the only job I have at the moment, so I'd prefer just to focus on that."

He wasn't going to win this round. That much was clear.

"See you tonight?" He sounded more desperate than he'd meant to.

"Probably not."



"Bye, Booth. I'll….I'll call you." She spun on her heel, opened the door and walked out.

It was only then he put a name to that look he'd seen in her eyes.


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