Being from a different galaxy

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Chapter 1: prologue

Earth was in total darkness, bodies lay on the ground, gun fire could be heard in all directions, and Korea seemed like they were about to win. The air was thick and ashes filled the skies above. All the technology in the world could not have prepared itself from Korea's new discovered technology; their weaponry seemed to be alien, no one had ever seen a weapon that could instantly vaporise twenty soldiers at once with no sign of a corpse. All hope seemed lost, the entire world was trembling with fright, and the world had accepted defeat.

Before the U.S could surrender, an unlikely alley entered the war, and aided the U.S and their allies. China had entered the U.S with a whole load of soldiers, the soldiers had similar weaponry to the Koreans, but theirs were far more powerful. After futile attempts at defence, the Koreans retreated from the areas they had taken control of. The U.S had taken back more than half of its land, and plans to wipe out the Koreans were being made.

China made an agreement and promises, the League of Nations signed a contract that stated; China would share their new technology to make the world a better place. After a month the U.S decided to allow experiments on some of its soldiers, the Chinese scientists had proposed a guaranty victory against Korea, the proposed an experiment called 'Archangel', on the U.S soldiers that would enhance their physical and mental abilities, and bring an end to the war within less than a week.

The soldiers that volunteered were failures; they survived a day before they died of poisoning or their bodies failed and gave way. The experiment was almost deemed a failure, until a soldier on the verge of death was brought in. He had barely survived an ambush from the Koreans and more than half his organs were failing him. The scientists began their work on the soldier, keeping him alive by hooking him to a highly advanced machine that fixed his body within two days. After the soldier showed signs of life and began to breathe normally, the scientists offered the man the abilities to get his revenge on Korea. They explained that he might not survive the experiment, but he accepted.

The scientists injected him with various liquids. After being injected, the man was locked in a room to see his progress. The man fell to the ground and began to spaz out, screaming in agony the scientists believed he was going to die. The man's heart gave way and his mental patterns stopped. The man was no longer breathing and the scientists determined he was dead, two guards entered the room to dispose of the corpse, a scientist in the observation room, jumped with fright as the sensors displayed heart rate and mental patterns coming from the corpse. "Get out of there!" the scientist yelled, but it was too late, the man got up and threw the guards into the wall and ran out of the room. The alarms echoed through the building and went into lock down. Guards armed with guns and swords came running towards the man. They opened fire and the scientists watched in amazement from the security monitors, as the man dodge every built and disarmed the gun men.

One man armed with a sword, swung his sword at the man. The man grabbed his arm as it almost hit him, and broke it with one hand. The swordsman dropped to the floor and the man picked up the sword. The other swordsmen attacked and were easily defeated.

"Jessy, that's enough!" a voice said behind the man. The man turned around to see a man dressed in a suit and had grey hair, and a pair of prescription glasses on. "Commander Matt." Jessy said as he lowered his weapon. Matt looked at Jessy and then looked at all the guards that were injured and unconscious. "Well, it looks like the experiment was a complete success." A scientist said as she exited the observation room. "Well, I suppose I should get to work than." Jessy said as he walked away.

The next day, Jessy arrived at the eastern border of America. Jessy was briefed on his assignment and didn't like it. He hated stealth missions and preferred to let his enemy know he was there. He would have done it to, if he had back up. Jessy had been flying in a helicopter about twenty miles away from the shore, they were high in the sky and the enemy didn't spot them. "All right Jessy, your parachute is hanging on the..." the pilot was cut off, when gun fire was hitting the copter. "Fuck the parachute." Jessy said as he dove out of the helicopter.

Jessy used his sword as a stabilizer and banked left and right, avoiding the bullets and missiles. Jessy plummeted into the water, and no one noticed. Jessy walked onto the shore and watched as the helicopter was shot down. "Damn, I'm going to have to find a new way out of here now. But before that." Jessy ran the base, and with a single jump, he cleared the wall. As he landed, he hid in the shadows and drew hit combat knife out of his left boot. A guard was passing and didn't realize Jessy was there. Jessy stabbed his knife through the guard's throat and pulled him into the shadows.

Jessy removed the guard's uniform and wore it himself. "This is one way to go about stealth. Although, this uniform is bloody uncomfortable." Jessy thought to himself. He was very lucky that the guard had a map in the pocket of his uniform and took a look. "Now, where is the command centre?" Jessy said as he looked at the map. Jessy walked past a bunch of guards and they didn't notice him. They noticed his sword but didn't care. Jessy finally found the command centre and entered the building.

Jessy noticed the place looked a little off, but he paid it no mind. After finding the terminal room, Jessy was noticed by the guards and the commander. "And who might you be?" the commander asked. Jessy grabbed his sword and drew it out. The guard pulled out their guns and aimed at Jessy. "Did, you really think that you could kill us all by yourself? You Americans must be mad." The commander laughed. "Open Fire!" the commander ordered. As the guards opened fire on Jessy, they were shocked to see Jessy dodged the bullets and watched as he killed the guards. The commander never saw such power and speed. "What are you?" the commander asked as Jessy had the end of his blade to the commander's throat. "I'm an Archangel; you are under arrest, for invading America, killing innocent people and declaring war. You will sign your surrender or be killed." Jessy said as he reached into his bag. He pulled out a file and opened it up; as Jessy did he placed the file on the table. "Sit down." Jessy ordered. The commander sat down and Jessy turned the monitor in the room on and Matt showed up on the screen. "Well, I see Jessy did a thorough job, good work soldier." Matt said. The commander signed his surrender and the guards ran into the room. "Too late boys, you've surrendered." Jessy said as he pulled the commander out of his seat.

Within ten minutes the U.S and Chinese forces entered the base and apprehended everyone. "Great job Jessy." Matt said as he placed his hand on his shoulder. "You have a bright future ahead of you." Matt said as he congratulated Jessy.

A month after WW3, China kept to their agreement and shared their technology, Korea was punished; they were not allowed to use any weapons and their nukes were dismantled. A world assembly gathered, and the League of Nations bestowed upon Jessy, war hero and a new honour made for him, 'Archangel first class'. It was the highest honour given to his special type of soldiers.

The world returned to the beautiful state it was in, before the war. And Jessy was known as a hero throughout the world; everyone cheered and adored their new hero. He couldn't be happier that day.

Days turned to months, months turned to years, and the world flourished with the new technology China had gave the world. (It now looked like the world of Futureama. Though there were no aliens.) Jessy showed no signs of breaking down and the scientists checked him regularly to see if his body would fail. Luckily it didn't, they determined Jessy's DNA was fused perfectly with the injection and he would live a full and happy life. Thus, Jessy disappeared from sight after a year of being famous, the world didn't forget him though, they knew he liked to be left alone and respected his wishes.

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