Chapter 24: The end of a wolf

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Krystal's eyes widened as she felt the immense amount of strength suddenly explode from Jessy, a strength that surrounded Jessy with confidence and resolve, but it scared her. She never would have guessed that Jessy would be capable of such power. Looking out the bedroom window of Jessy's home she could see Jessy's aura reaching the sky above, proving just how powerful he now was. "H...How did he get this powerful all of a sudden? It makes no sense." Krystal said to herself quietly.

Krystal suddenly jumped with fright to feel a hand grab her left shoulder, turning to face the person, Krystal realised it was her mother Sapphire. "Because he finally concurred it...the very thing that held him back. Jessy told me not to tell you but you have the right to know." Sapphire said to Krystal.

Krystal looked worried now, what could possibly be the thing that Jessy didn't want her to know? "So what is it?" Krystal asked with the obvious amount of worry in her voice.

Sapphire thought quickly, trying to figure the best and easiest way to explain to Krystal what had happened to Jessy. "Well it's difficult to explain sweetheart. But I'll try my best. You see, Jessy wasn't the one fighting Matt for half the battle, it was the inner animal in him that took over and was the cause of the evil and aggressive feelings that you felt moments ago before Jessy's power just erupted. Jessy was fighting that animal inside his mind, trying to regain control over it and judging from what's just happened to Jessy, I'd determine he succeeded." Sapphire explained.

Krystal slowly looked back out towards Jessy's gigantic aura, she swore she could feel his determination. She knew Jessy was about to give this fight everything he had to finish it and come home to her, it was the only thing Krystal had that stopped her from charging into the forest to go help Jessy, all she could do now was wait and prey for his safe return.

Jessy's aura was like a gigantic blue flame that reached for the dark stormy sky above. Rain fell heavily towards the ground below as the sky echoed with fury as lightning shot across the sky. Jessy's eyes were fixated on Matt, full of determination and confidence, he wasn't going to hold back. Matt had taken advantage of Jessy's kind nature for the last time, and now he wasn't going to show him even the slightest amount of mercy.

Matt could feel fear, fear he never thought possible to be feeling. Jessy's strength now was unlike anything he could imagine. "D...Damn! His power is...overwhelming...even from this distance I can feel it crushing down upon me as if I were in the deepest parts of the ocean with all weight of the water crushing down on me. It's monstrous." Matt thought as he struggled to stand up. Matt didn't want to lose like this, he wouldn't accept defeat even if his son was this powerful. He only had one option, Matt calmed his mind and focused on all of his power. Jessy could sense Matt was finally getting ready, watched as Matt's aura explode from his body as his power level grew further.

Jessy got ready, ready for what was about to happen between him and his father.Jessy decided to make this fight more interesting for the both of them, he had hoped to only use it if he needed an advantage, but now he didn't. Matt watched as Jessy reached into his back pocket, he thought Jessy was about to pull out a gun before remembering Jessy wouldn't dare use something like a firearm unless he was left with no other option, however he was puzzled when Jessy pulled out a simple small cylinder like object with a red button on the top of it, but as he realized what it was; his eyes widened as Jessy smirked and pressed the button.

(Begin Playing "The Last Time" By All That Remains at 0.18 seconds)

As Jessy pressed down on the button with the one hand he used to hold the detonator, twenty red dots lit up along the cliff behind him before exploding and sending large amounts of rubble everywhere towards Jessy and Matt.

Matt instantly launched himself off the ground and headed for Jessy, after raising his power level Matt felt a little lighter. As if the pressure from Jessy's power was barely there, Matt launched off rubble after rubble attacking and deflecting against Jessy's attacks, travelling at such speeds that they seemed to be mere flashes like the lightning that shot throughout the sky. Jessy leaped over Matt as Matt swung his sword horizontally at Jessy's mid section, by kicking off a small piece of the cliff side he had blown up, and kicked Matt in the back and sent him into the ground below.

Jessy used his flash step to escape the air born rubble and land on the ground away from Matt as the bits of rubble piled on top of Matt. As the last piece of rubble fell on top of the pile however, Jessy automatically felt a huge amount of power erupt from Matt as bursts of lightning exploded out of the pile. "LIGHTNING SEVER!" Matt yelled as the pile exploded off of him and was sent in every direction and sent one huge beam of lighting into the air before looking at Jessy sent another towards him as Jessy was deflecting pieces of rubble with his sword.

As Jessy sliced a large piece of rubble that was hurled towards him, his eyes widened to see Matt's lightning sever was headed straight for him. Without any hesitation Jessy channelled his power into his sword, causing a thick layer of black aura to surround the blade. Jessy immediately felt his left arm tense up and tighten as the sword was swung at the beam of lightning and collided with it. Jessy quickly grasped the hilt of his katana with his right hand tightly as he desperately tried to hold off Matt's attack.

Matt was astonished at what he was witnessing, Jessy was parrying his lightning sever while only using his sword, Jessy's feet slid back a little from the force Matt's attack was pushing towards him. Jessy couldn't believe his own strength either, but he knew he couldn't do this forever. Slowly Jessy channelled more of his strength into his sword as he began to push back against the beam of lightning. "RAHHHHHHHHH!" Jessy yelled as the ground under his feet shattered around him before Jessy swung his sword up underneath the beam of lightning and sent it into the air above and into the sky before exploding in a blinding light of blue that lit up the sky. "You want to play with lightning old man? So be it." Jessy said as he placed his right hand on his left wrist and focused his power to flow through him. Matt watched as the irises of Jessy's eyes began to glow light blue and lightning surrounded the black bladed katana. "EAT THIS!" Jessy yelled as he swung his sword slowly into the air above his head, as he kept his gaze focused on Matt.

Matt was horrified and quickly got ready to counter Jessy's attack. "That can't be...he never perfected that. But the power I feel from it proves otherwise." Matt said to himself.

"SHINIGAMI'S ROAR!" Jessy yelled as he swung his sword vertically down towards Matt, and as he did a gigantic vertical beam of lightning erupted from Jessy's blade and headed straight for Matt with amazing speed.

(Stop Playing Song)

Krystal shielded her eyes and turned away from the window as fast as she could before the horizon exploded in an ultra light display of lightning as the ground shook violently causing her to land on the bed unharmed due to the amount of softness of the mattress. Sapphire shielded her ears rather than her eyes, the sound the attack Jessy made roared throughout Cerinia as if it were a super sonic boom. "D...DAMN IT...WHAT IS THAT BOY THINKING USING AN ATTACK THAT POWERFUL!" Sapphire thought to herself as she made her way next to her daughter.

As the quake died down with the light and sound, Sapphire and Krystal slowly got up and peered out of the window and as they did; their eyes widened in horror at what they saw. "H...He...D...did that?" Krystal questioned not knowing how an attack could do such a thing. Suddenly without another word, Krystal turned away from the window and ran out of the bedroom and towards the door. "Damn it Jessy!" Krystal yelled as her heart filled with worry as she grabbed her staff and ran out of the apartment.


Jessy had the tip of his sword pressed against the ground, breathing heavily and feeling incredibly weary from the attack, Jessy could barely stand up. Jessy watched as the smoke began to clear, wondering if he had finished Matt off or if Matt was still alive. Jessy was astonished suddenly when the mountain that was behind Matt had come back into view, Jessy's attack had sliced the mountain in half split down the middle and from the tip of Jessy's sword to what Jessy determined was the end of the gigantic trail of destruction, he determined the attack blasted its way forty-five meters in distance. Jessy still wasn't satisfied however, he wanted to make sure Matt didn't survive, although it seemed like no one could survive such a blast, Jessy was always taught to never let one's guard down just because victory seems like a guaranty. Scanning the scenery from where he stood, Jessy searched for any sign of Matt.

"You think it's over boy?" Matt's voice roared. Jessy looked above him and was horrified to see Matt was alive and about to cut Jessy in half. Without any hesitation Jessy barrel-rolled to the right and just dodged Matt's sneak attack before recovering to his feet and deflected Matt's attack again and locked his blade with his father's. Matt was obviously worn out too, blood flowed from the gashes on his torso, but Jessy noticed that Matt's right arm was severely damaged and hanging limply down his side. "Impressive attack boy...BUT DON'T THINK IT'S OVER JUST YET!" Matt roared before making his sword erupt with his aura and kicked Jessy in his left side, causing him to stumble back two steps before barely blocking a vertical swing of Matt's sword.

Matt swung his sword violently at Jessy, barely able to lift his sword, let alone stand Jessy seemed to be at the end of his rope. His heart was like a machine in over drive, bashing against his chest as the adrenaline coursed through his body. Jessy was being forced back by Matt, who was trying everything he could in his tired state to kill his enemy, not giving him an inch to think or make any attempt to throw Matt off. Jessy suddenly tripped over a rock as he stepped back, falling onto his back, before he leg swiped Matt to make him fall to the ground. Jessy quickly rolled back away from Matt before quickly getting to his feet before falling to his left knee from exhaustion. Matt grasped his sword as tight as he could before getting up again and stumbling over to Jessy as he brought his sword above his head. "It's over boy." Matt said. "I have to commend you however, had I not used my flash step you surely would have killed me boy...but you didn't. Now...GO FOURTH A DIE!" Matt yelled as he swung his sword down at Jessy.

Jessy grinned as he looked up at Matt and quickly countered Matt's attack, deflecting it to the side so Matt's blade plugged into the ground next to Jessy. As Matt tried to pull out his sword from the ground, Jessy dropped his sword and punched Matt in the face as hard as he could, making his father stumble back three steps and to let go of his sword. "Not this time old man. I made a promise to someone." Jessy said before putting his guard up.

Filled with rage Matt charged at Jessy and tackled him to the ground and held him by the throat before punching his son in the face three times and then standing up again and tossed Jessy to the side. "We'll see what good a promise is when you're dead!" Matt yelled as he pulled his sword from the ground.

As Matt swung his sword down at Jessy, he was shocked to see that someone countered his attack. Jessy looked up from the ground and noticed Krystal was standing over him and had her staff under Matt's blade. "K...Krystal? IDIOT GET OUT OF HERE!" Jessy yelled before spitting out blood on the ground.

Matt growled when he laid eyes on Krystal yet again. "Will the interruptions never end!" Matt shouted as he attacked Krystal. Jessy watched helplessly in horror as Matt's sword was swung at Krystal, fearing that this was it for her, he cursed himself repeatedly for not being able to get up now. However, his eyes widened when Krystal successfully blocked Matt's attack with ease. "H...How?" Matt questioned in shock that Krystal blocked Matt's attack.

Krystal snarled at Matt before kicking him in his stomach, which caused him to stumble back while holding his stomach as he coughed out blood. Krystal then swung her staff with all her strength and hit Matt across his face, causing him to spew out blood from the large gash across his face. Jessy was shocked beyond belief, Krystal was pounding Matt without any hesitation and without showing any remorse towards him at all. He wondered if Krystal had planned this, if she was purposely waiting for Matt to be tired out and exhausted to the point where she could easily overpower him.

Jessy watched for a good three minutes as Krystal sliced open Matt's chest and sliced the tendons in both his arms with the sharp end of her staff before simply kicking Matt in the chest, which sent him on his back in pain. Krystal planted her right foot against Matt's chest, applying as much pain as she could on his wound as she could while looking at him with angry and blood lusted fuelled eyes. "I would very much love to end your pathetic life Matt Wolf. But it is not my place to, and I will not stand ideally by when my mate is getting hurt and his life is in jeopardy." Krystal said in anger. "I waited till you were exhausted enough till you could barely fight at all to come down here and pay you back for the things that were done to me when I was captured. The damn poking with a stick and taking blood from me by syringes and then sticking me in a damn cylinder filled with water!" Krystal yelled before stomping on Matt's chest, causing him to scream in pain. As Krystal walked away from Matt and over to Jessy, she began to crack her knuckles slowly as she looked over Jessy's beaten body. "And as for you, I have half a mind to heal you so I can beat you half to death myself for making me worry so much you big jerk!" Krystal yelled.

Matt slowly struggled to get up to his feet. Bleeding severely from the wounds that Krystal inflicted on him, Matt felt huge amounts of pain just from trying to stand up again. "S...So boy...allowing your bitch to do...your fighting now? S...such a...disappointment." Matt struggled to say as he slowly managed to grab his last gun from his boot.

Without a second thought, Jessy managed to grab his knife from his boot and toss it at Matt as hard as he could with all the strength he had left and watched as plunged into his chest and into his heart. Matt slowly looked down at his chest and at the knife before looking up at Jessy and Krystal again. Feeling his life slowly leave him, Matt's grip on his gun loosened till the firearm slowly fell out of his hand and onto the floor in front of him. Krystal and Jessy watched as Matt fell forwards to the ground again lifeless.

Jessy rested his head against Krystal's chest, barely able to stay conscious Jessy breathed heavily from exhaustion. It was finally over, after all these years that Jessy suffered it was finally over. "She's never been listen to me...may your soul rot in hell old man." Jessy said as he slowly lost consciousness in Krystal's arms.

Krystal sat still as she held her Mate in her arms. As tears ran down her face, hated the sight she had of her mate. Blood stained his fur from the wounds Matt had inflicted upon him, without cheeking she could tell that Jessy had a few broken ribs and a broken hand from when he punched Matt in the face. "Oh Jessy...just look at you...even in this still have a smile on your face." Krystal said to herself quietly as she began to heal Jessy as best she could.

To Krystal's surprise however, Jessy's left hand came up and wiped a tear from her face as he slowly looked up at her. "That's because I'm where I want to be Krystal, right here in your arms." Jessy said.

Krystal slowly smiled as she grasped Jessy's hand and slowly lent forward and kissed Jessy lovingly as she continued to heal him. "It isn't where you want to be Hon, it's where you belong." Krystal said with a smile as she rested her head against Jessy's while they both smiled at each other.

Two weeks later:

Two weeks passed since the fight between Jessy and Matt. It was only twelve days ago that Jessy had recovered from his injuries, Jessy was also fired from his job of being Krystal's bodyguard. Marcus believed it was the best course of action to separate the two during their work, that and the fact Krystal had quit her job to take on a far more important one; being a mother to her little baby girl who she named Jewel, she couldn't be more thrilled when she held Jewel for the first time. Jewel was a dark blue and white fox that had a white mid-riff and the same markings on her body as her mother, the only thing that Jewel and her father Jessy had in common were the eyes, they had the same light blue eyes that filled Krystal with happiness. Jessy was now in charge of the village guard and spent most of the day watching over the village and watching the young males train to be the future guards when they're of age.

"So yeah, I told them I won't come back to Earth." Jessy said after explaining to Blaze and Blade about his conversation with Earth's Military board of directors.

Blaze didn't like the fact Jessy wouldn't go back to Earth, but he did understand. Jessy was happy here, he now had a family to take care of and he had a home to care for. " you rejected their offer." Blaze said knowing full well that the board offered Jessy Matt's old job as the leader of the Archangels.

"Of course he did Blaze. He can't be the leader from here now can he?" Blade questioned.

"Actually Blade. I wanted to congratulate you." Jessy said, causing Blade to look at him weirdly.

"For what?" Blade asked.

Jessy smiled as did Blaze, since Blaze and Jessy talked it over beforehand. "Well me and Blaze spoke to the board, and we both volunteered someone to be the new leader of the Archangels." Jessy said happily.

Blaze patted Blade on the back happily before saluting Blade. "Yeah, congratulations Commander Blade." Blaze said cheerfully.

Blade had no idea how to react to the news. "But...why?" Blade asked.

"Simple. Blaze doesn't like leading, and he's too hot headed remember? Plus he also got promoted, but to Archangel first class. You got the old man's job since you were the second choice the board had." Jessy said. "Anyway you two should get going soon, you've got a ship to catch Commander." Jessy said.

"Saying your goodbyes Honey?" A voice asked from behind Jessy.

Jessy smiled and turned around to see Krystal holding Jewel in her arms. "Ahhhh there are my two beautiful girls. Come here you." Jessy said as Krystal handed Jewel to Jessy and watched as he lifted Jewel into the air as she giggled and laughed.

"Hehe Daddy." Jewel laughed happily as Jessy cuddled his baby girl.

Krystal giggled as she witnessed how cute Jessy was with Jewel. "Well I take it you two are relieved to finally be leaving Cerinia huh?" Krystal asked Blaze and Blade.

"Yeah we are but we're sure gonna miss you all." Blaze said sadly.

"Some more than others Blaze." Blade said as a joke.

"Yeah, yeah, go sleep with Seras ya di..." Blaze didn't finish his sentence however because Jessy placed his hand over Blaze's mouth.

"Wow, wow, wow man. There's a kid present here." Jessy pointed out as he held Jewel, before removing his other hand from Blaze's face.

"Oh come on Jessy, she doesn't understand a single word anyone says, kids only repeat words they've heard repeatedly. Watch, hey Jewel who am I?" Blaze asked as he pointed to himself.

Immediately Jewel pointed at Blaze. "Uncle Hothead." Jewel answered, causing everyone to laugh apart from Blaze.

"Oh ha ha. You taught her that didn't you Jessy?" Blaze asked.

"No. You say she doesn't understand, but she does. Heck apparently Krystal could have a full conversation when she was only three days old according to Sapphire." Jessy said, causing Krystal to blush.

"Mother hasn't shown you any personal photos of me has she?" Krystal asked.

"You kidding? I've got plenty of your baby photos on my communicator. I like this one the best, see there you are running away from your mother with her bra on your head naked." Jessy said as he showed Krystal his communicator.

Krystal turned bright red with embarrassment and tried to snatch the communicator from Jessy. "Give me that so I can delete them all!" Krystal shouted as she chased Jessy.

"Later boys, have fun!" Jessy yelled as he ran from Krystal while carrying Jewel, who was laughing.

Blaze and Blade laughed as they slowly walked away from the village. "I sure am gonna miss him Commander." Blaze said as he walked with Blade towards the Archangel ship Earth sent to pick them up.

"Same here old friend...and you can still call me Blade you know." Blade said as he patted Blaze on the shoulder like a good buddy.

"I know. But I'm still gonna call you Commander." Blaze said as they walked off into the distance.

(Back at the Village)

Jessy and Krystal watched with the rest of the village as the giant Archangel ship rose into the air slowly and began to move towards the sky. "So you're fine with remaining here?" Krystal asked as she looked at Jessy.

Jessy smiled and stopped waving before looking at Krystal and Jewel. "I'm absolutely perfect. Like I said before, I'll always remain by your side. After story had a happy ending." Jessy said happily as he watched the ship take off into the stars.

"Well I wouldn't say that Jessy. You're not gonna get any sex if you don't surrender the communicator." Krystal said coldly.

"Pfft you won't last three days without sex." Jessy said

"Wanna make a bet wolf boy?" Krystal asked.

"Ummm...what's sex?" Jewel asked causing Jessy and Krystal to go red.

"We agreed you'd handle the girl issues." Jessy said as he quickly walked off.

"Hey that's only because I thought we'd be having a boy. You just wait till we have a boy!" Krystal shouted.

Jessy laughed quietly to himself as he walked through the village. "Yeah...a happy ending indeed." Jessy said as he gazed at the clear blue sky above.


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