Yay! This is my first ever fan fiction for my favourite movie Cars. I am a die-hard Sally and McQueen fan so I decided to write this story. I originally wrote it for another site but thought I should post it here too for your reading pleasure. It has been rated M just to be safe but it could also be considered rated T. This is the first chapter and I will release a new chapter every week if people are interested. *Please note that Cars, its characters and settings are property of Disney Pixar. Enjoy! :)


So, this was "it". Screaming fans, blasting music and the smell of tainted fuel. This was the atmosphere that made McQueen's engine run. Sally was still in shock from it all. Everywhere she looked she saw his face; bobble heads, bumper stickers, and even temporary tattoos. All featuring a depiction of her boyfriend. It awed her to step into this world of fame that McQueen had been living nearly his entire life. No wonder Radiator Springs shook him up,she thought. Sally was still feeling a bit uneasy about being at the race. The constant fear that someone from L.A. she used to know would recognize her was at the tip of her exhaust pipe. McQueen and the rest of the pack zoomed by and she remembered why she was here. She knew it meant the world to McQueen and that thought alone settled her heart.

Sally turned her attention back to the race and watched as Chick Hicks surged ahead. It was nearly the end of the race season and Chick's new racing style hadn't ceased to amaze her. Nearly every race he managed to get himself near the front, including several first place finishes. Nobody knew what it was. A new trainer? Modifications? He was still the same cocky jerk as before but he suddenly had effortless wins. He hadn't even pulled one dirty move. This made Sally's oil boil. It didn't seem right. Time after time, he beat McQueen out. If anyone deserved to win it was McQueen, but Sally had a gut feeling that Chick would be this year's winner. The race continued and she watched in misery as Chick crossed the checked flag before McQueen. He was going to be so upset…

"Ugh!" McQueen scowled. They were back in Radiator Springs and Sally couldn't have been more right. McQueen was frustrated with himself and Chick again, this time more than usual. It was nearing the end of the season which was probably adding onto his stress she figured.

"Lightning," she said firmly, "you can't keep beating yourself up over this!"
"But what am I doing wrong? It isn't supposed to be this way! Chick can't win this time around!" he shouted.
"If you're giving it your all then there is nothing you can do about it. There will always be someone bigger and faster than you," she tried to reason.
"Sally! You're really supporting me I see!"
"I'm just trying to help! You can't keep acting this way. Chick won that race fair and square."
"He's finished before me every single race this season! How can you expect me not to be mad? It's not about winning Sally. I assumed you of all people would understand that. It's about Chick; I want him out of my life! You...you just don't understand."
"Look, all I'm saying is-"
"NO! I don't need to listen to this!" And with that McQueen zoomed angrily out of the motel lobby.

Sally sighed. She personally couldn't wait for the season to end so she wouldn't have to deal with this anymore. Time after time, the same old fight. Sometimes she even wished that he would quit racing. She cringed at the thought of that last race which was quickly approaching, she could only imagine his response if Chick won. Yet she still felt a pull in her heart. Perhaps she was being too hard on him? Maybe she wasn't involved with his career enough? Did she really know how he was feeling? And that's when the guilt poured in. I should go apologize...she thought. Then she decided it was probably a good idea to let him cool down first.

She looked down at her desk and began sorting her paperwork. That's when she heard it. The most recognizable engine she had ever known. She heard it coming closer and the sound struck her. She knew it, knew it so well, like the tread on her own tires. At the same time though, she couldn't put a name to the engine. Not until he rolled into the lobby did she realize who it was. She slowly lifted her eyes from desk meeting his eyes at the same moment. He was a flaming orange Lamborghini. For a second her heart stopped.

"Justin..." she breathed. Looking into his eyes was like watching the first twenty years of her life flash by.
"Sally?" he asked. Hearing him say her name again sent her reeling into a memory...the fateful night she left Los Angeles.

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