This is it everyone...the final chapter! Now I know some of you wanted to see Mater's involvement some more so don't fret, he is in this one. Please enjoy!


The cake had been saved for the evening and now that the sun was down everybody was back in town. They clustered outside of Flo's V8 Café eager to see it. After a short time, Mater emerged from the shop towing the four-tier cake on a trolley.

"As your best-car I took the liberty of makin' the topper mahself!" Mater grinned proudly and moved so they could have a good look at the cake. Sure enough, on the tallest tier sat a McQueen bobble toy alongside a model of a Porsche that had been painted an off shade of blue.

"It's wonderful, Mater! Thank you so much," Sally gushed.

McQueen couldn't help noticing a small smear of icing in the corner of his friend's mouth and commented, "I see that's not the only thing you took liberty in doing."

Mater licked around his lips until he found the icing, "I had to be sure it wasn't poisoned!"

McQueen laughed, "Well, thank you, Mater."

"No problem, buddy! Now you's two hurry and eat 'er up! DJ says I can do the first cruise announcement and I can't wait much longer," the tow truck winked and drove backwards out of Flo's.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say that Mater might just be having a better time than us!" Sally chuckled.

"You can say that again! But he's got a good point; I'd like to get cruising."

"You do, huh?"

"Yes, I've had enough of sharing you with the guests…I want you all to myself," McQueen's voice drawled with a hint of seduction.

"Stickers!" Sally smiled foolishly, "I ought to tell your mother!"

"While you're at it, tell her I did this too," McQueen hooted and swung his tire through the lowest portion of cake.

Sally screamed in surprise when she was hit square in the bumper with the soft pastry. Like a chain reaction, there was cake being flung among all the cars in seconds. And just as fast as it had begun, it was over just as quickly. Sopping excrements of cake ran down the pumps and icing splattered the windows. Mater, who had stayed at a distance during the fight, now flew forward to indulge in what was still left on the platter. "If I'd-a known this was gonna happen I woulda taken seconds earlier!" he cried indignantly, devouring the leftovers.

After they were all hosed down by Red it was finally time for the dance to begin. As promised by DJ, Mater was given the microphone. He cleared his windpipe and horked a little too close to the mic before announcing his part, "Ladies and gentlecars! Fer their first cruise, please welcome the neeew Mr. and Mrs. McQueen!"

DJ cued the music and McQueen and Sally snuggled closely together as they drove leisurely down the strip. The neon lights flashed brilliantly and the notes of a piano poured out from around them. More couples linked up and cruised romantically, listening to the smooth lyrics…

There was a time

I was everything and nothing all in one

When you found me

I was feeling like a cloud across the sun

I need to tell you

How you light up every second of the day

But in the moonlight

You shine just like a beacon on the bay

And I can't explain

But it's something about the way you look tonight

Takes my breath away

It's that feeling I get about you, deep inside

And I can't describe

But it's something about the way you look tonight

Takes my breath away

The way you look tonight…

As the song ended, McQueen parked at the end of the street, and with Sally beside him they sat in tranquil silence, observing all the happy cars around them. These cars are my family too now, McQueen reminded himself. It was hard to believe that they were now truly bonded to one another for eternity.

He could already imagine a future for the; one full of fun times, children, a house and plenty of undying love. And next season Chick would be banned from racing with 20 well-deserved years of jail time. Then he'd win a Piston Cup for sure. But there was so much time before that, time he could spend with Sally, and hopefully his parents too.

He felt Sally rest her weight against him, followed by the touch of a cool liquid. "Sally? Don't cry, babe, it's our wedding day…you're supposed to be happy."

She smiled sweetly and whispered back, "I am."

~The End

Well, it's the end until the sequel comes out at least. The lyrics featured in this chapter are from the song "Something About The Way You Look Tonight" by Elton John, so credit to him for those! Beautiful song, you should look it up ;) I hope everyone enjoyed this and if you were a reader I would really appreciate one last review. You guys have been great to me and given me so much positive energy it is really unbelievable. You guys are what keeps me working hard! My next story about Holley and Finn should be out very very soon and will be titled "Dangerous Keepings" so keep an eye out for that. Thank you so much for reading everybody!