Title - Hold on to life.
Chapter title - Adoption.
Author - OblivionsGarden.
Genre - Romance/Supernatural
Disclaimer - I do not own The Little Vampire in anyway, shape or form. For this chapter I only own, Ellen and Evelyn Blackshaw.

Summary - Tony gains two adoptive sisters, Eve and El. The girls share Tony's visions and willingness to help others, dead or alive. So when Rudolph turns up in Tony's bedroom, the three of them vow to help their new friend get his life back. Literally.

A/n - Just a few things before you start reading. This is my first 'A.L.V' fic, so go easy on me. It starts off, set before the film would start, then in chapter three-ish, the film would start only with my added characters so some of the plot will change. Also the ages in this will differ from the movie, except for Tony.
Tony Thompson = 9
Anna Sackville-Bagg = 8
Rudolph Sackville-Bagg = 14
Ellen Blackshaw = 13
Gregory Sackville-Bagg = 17
Evelyn Blackshaw = 16

Rudolph/Oc + Gregory/Oc - I'll try to keep the fic telling about both pairings, rather than siding onto one.
The title of the fic, 'Hold on to life' is from the song 'Vampire Heart' by H.I.M. It's one of my favorite songs by my favorite bands, so I thought it was appropriate.

"Hold me, like you held on to life, when all fears came alive and entombed me. Love me, like you love the sun, scorching the blood in my vampire heart."


With a sigh, Tony Thompson caught the luminous yellow tennis ball he'd been bouncing against the wall for the past twenty minutes. He'd been living in Scotland for a month now and had hated every second. He'd was bullied at school on a daily basis, meaning he had no friends to play with. Being an only child didn't help either. Tony wished he had a brother to play with, even a sister would be fine. 5 months before they left America, Tony and his parents visited two girls in Scotland. Two sisters who were originally from London but now lived in a children's home, not far from Tony's new house. When Tony first met the girls, he thought them a little off but after spending the weekend with them, he wished that they lived with him.
Evelyn Blackshaw, the eldest was sixteen whilst Ellen, had just turned 13.
Ellen, or El as she was known, had chocolate brown hair that hung naturally straight, reaching the middle of her back. She had dark brown, almost black eyes that she'd inherited from her mother. She was of an average height for her age and was slim. For the most part, she was a healthy 13 year old.
Evelyn, or Eve as she preferred to be known, had dark dyed red hair that hung in slight waved, just reaching he shoulders. She had hazel eyes, light brown with tones of green, that she'd inherited from her father and porcelain white skin. She was a little over five foot, dubbing her short, and had a slim build. She had a few scars that littered her inner forearms from past depression but besides that, which she had now recovered from, she was completely healthy.
The weekend Tony had spent with the Blackshaw sisters was the most fun he'd even had with a girl that wasn't his mother. Now, six months later, he found himself longing for their company more and more.

"Tony! Foods ready!" Tony let his tennis ball bounce across the room rather than catch it and headed downstairs. He walked into the dining room and sat down with his shoulders slumped.
"What's wrong, buddy?" Asked his dad, Bob.
"There's no-one to play with here." Tony poked some of his food around the plate, not having much of an appetite.
Bob looked up at Dottie, Tony's mother, who smiled and nodded. "Well, your mother and I have been thinking..."
Tony looked up hopefully.
"Since your mother can no longer have children," Bob continued. "We could adopt."
Tony stared blankly at his father for a few seconds. "Adopt?"
"Yeah, like letting another kid come live with us. A kid that doesn't have their own family." Informed Dottie.
"Oh...you mean like the Blackshaws?"
Bob's grin widened. "Exactly like the Blackshaws. What do you think of getting two big sisters?"
Tony pondered it for a second. "I think it'd be awesome!"

After Tony had finished eating he had a bath and headed straight to bed, only to end up tossing and turning, far too exited to sleep. Tomorrow was Sunday and the day that he and his parents would be driving to the children's home to pick up Eve and El.
His parents had been planning on adopting the girls before they'd even left America. Tony had thought that they were keeping the two room opposite his bedroom empty for storage. Turns out it was going to be the girls new bedroom and en-suite.
Tony grinned as he rolled onto his back. El and Eve weren't like other girls he knew. El, although very girly looking, she had the soul of a tomboy. No matter how pretty he new pink skirt was, she was more than happy to get on her hands and knees in the grass to play army and she was brilliant at making mud pies. Despite being 13, she was still very much a child at heart. Eve, at sixteen had outgrown her girly phase and was embracing everything on the darker walk of life. Whilst she refused point blank to wear a dress and for the most part had the reputation of being mean, she was one of the nicest girl Tony had ever met. His mother had called her the 'rebel with a heart' and his dad had said she 'swears like a sailor', although he wasn't entirely sure what that meant. Aside from being exited for them to arrive, Tony was overjoyed that he would have Eve around to tell about his nightmares and that she wouldn't think he was a freak.
Eventually Tony fell into a restless sleep, dreaming about the oh-so familiar vampire gathering, only this time two girls were sat at the foot of his bed, one a brunette and the other a red head.

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