This is a Beck-centric Beck&Cat story with Beck&Jade and some Beck&Tori friendship. For some reason I really love Beck but I'm sure it has nothing to do with his gorgeous face and awesome hair and whatnot. Bade lovers please don't hate me for writing this.

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[A good guy with good intentions.]



Beck left school early to go visit Cat.

The facility where they kept her was so fancy and pristine, with white walls and beautiful paintings that decorated them. Beck almost felt out of place walking down the clean, spotless corridors in his scruffed up jeans and dark boots, like he should have dressed nicer or something. But looking around at all the characters he passed by, he realized that it didn't really matter what you looked like in a place like that. Everybody looked out of place and everyone was treated exactly the same. The patients either looked too sad or too weird to be be in a place so lovely and the nurses were all too friendly and welcoming. He realized this was a good thing though, that they were keeping her in a place so non-frightening. Maybe she could feel safe here. Maybe these people could actually help her.

He followed the nurse down the brightly lit hallway, past the recreation area until they reached a set of numbered rooms. The young, blonde-haired nurse then paused in front of a door and glanced down at her clipboard.

"Caterina Valentine," she said. "Well, here we are."

She opened the door slightly and peeked inside. "Cat sweetheart, you have a visitor."

Beck stepped into the room and waved. Cat had been lying down apparently asleep, but she sat up when she heard them come in. She looked tired though, not quite as perky as she normally did.

The nurse turned back to Beck, "Visiting hours are over at 4."

He nodded, "Thanks."

When he looked at Cat she was smiling, that same ditzy smile. "Beck, what are you doing here?"

He scratched the back of his head. "Isn't it obvious? I came to see you, kid. How are you?"

She shrugged. "I've been better," but then she blinked and shook her head. "No, actually I'm good. I'm really good, so much better now. This place isn't so bad."

"Yeah? That's good to hear."

And there was an awkward pause of silence. And then he said, "Sorry to wake you up like that. I didn't mean to interrupt your catnap."

It was a stupid joke, but the familiarity of it sent Cat into a fit of giggles that he was grateful for. Cat's laughs had the power to ease any tension in any situation ever.

"It's okay," and she laughed some more. "Is anybody else coming?"


She cleared her throat. "Tori, Andre, Jade and Robbie...and Rex. Are they coming to see me too?"

Probably not, he thought to himself. But he didn't have the heart to tell her that. He didn't want to tell her the truth, which was that they were all probably a little too freaked out after witnessing her episode.

"Well they're still pretty wrapped up in the play and stuff. You know how hectic that can get."

She looked down. "Oh, right. Of course."

"But it doesn't really matter though because you'll be outta here in no time right?"

And she lit up again. "Yeah, totally."

After that Beck kept the conversation easy and light, talking about things that would take her mind off of everything that had happened those past couple of weeks (which was easy because Cat was probably the most easily distracted person ever). He filled her in on everything she was missing at Hollywood Arts and Cat entertained him with stories about the random happenings at the hospital.

"The people here are so different. Sometimes I meet someone and then I fall asleep at night and the next morning I can't remember if it really happened or if they were just a part of my dream."

"That's wild."

"I know right!"

Beck hung around for maybe fifteen minutes, but then it came time for him to go pick up Jade from rehearsal. When he told Cat he had to leave, he could tell that she was a little disappointed but no matter what she kept up her cheery disposition.

"I'll see ya around Cat," he said ruffling her hair playfully.

"Sure...Beck, hang on a sec. Could you do something for me?"

He paused and turned around. "Yeah?"

"Could you, umm...just tell everyone that I'm okay. Tell them that what happened was an accident and that I didn't mean to scare them away."

Beck sighed. "Cat, you didn't scare them away. They're just busy. Like I said."

"You're a bad liar Beck Oliver."

And he sighed again. "I'll come back okay? Maybe tomorrow if I have time."

She got up off of her bed and hugged him. "Thank you."

Beck left the hospital that day feeling a strange mixture of guilt and sadness. He was glad that she appeared to be doing better, but a part of him couldn't help but wonder how much of that happiness was real and how much was just a front she put on to try and fool everyone into believing she was okay. And he knew it wasn't his fault that he was the only one who had come to visit her, but somehow he felt responsible for it like it was his duty to try and convince the others that it would be okay to see her, that she was still the same Cat Valentine they always knew. He couldn't blame his friends for being traumatized though. What happened with Cat was so unexpected and...sad.

A couple weeks ago Cat had had a mental breakdown.

Everyone was after school working on different parts of the musical "Into The Woods," which was the show that they were currently putting on. Beck and Robbie were mostly doing behind the scenes stuff, while Andre was working on music and Tori and Jade had actual parts in the play. And Cat had a role too, a minor one but she had seemed pretty content with it.

Beck had been working near the dressing area and he could hear her practicing one of the songs from the play in the mirror like she normally did. He listened to her humming and singing the words thoughtfully to herself but then things got quiet, all of a sudden she just stopped. And the silence was followed by a loud crash that he seemed to be the only person to notice. He ran to the back to see what it was and froze when he saw her, crouched on the floor and crying surrounded by broken glass, a smashed mirror lying in pieces in front of her. Her hand was covered in blood.

"Cat what did you-"

"Please don't tell anyone," she begged him. "I didn't mean to."

"Alright, just calm down," he said, taking a towel from on top of the vanity table where the mirror once sat. He put his arm around her and held the cloth down onto her bleeding hand.

"It's gonna be okay," he told her, even though he knew that wasn't true.

"Please don't tell," she tried again, but then it was too late. The whole crew had filed into the room to see what was happening. Sikowitz came in first and took control over the situation, sending a student off to get the nurse. He was followed by Robbie, who almost fainted when he saw all of the blood and Jade, who just stared in disbelief. Tori covered her mouth and started to cry when she saw what was happening and she buried her face in Andre's chest, unable to watch.

And then it was all over for Cat. Her parents were called immediately and she was sent away to the Evergreen Care Center where apparently she had been admitted to in the past, before her first year of middle school. But none of them knew about that because Cat never told anyone about it. That was the year when she was supposedly staying in Calabasas with her aunt Caroline. But now he and his friends and basically the whole school knew where Cat really was and there were all kinds of rumors circulating around school about her. Everyone knew that Cat was a bit odd but nobody knew that her simple eccentricities were taken to the extent where she was downright unstable. Beck didn't like that people were gossiping about her now, but that was to be expected at a school like Hollywood Arts that happened to have its own gossip blogs and news reporting team.

Beck and Cat had been friends since elementary school so they'd always been sort of close. He even considered her to be one of his best friends. So of course after what happened that day he knew that he needed to see her, at least to make sure she was alright. He waited awhile until he got the okay from her parents and then he had gone to the hospital. But after that first visit, even though he'd told her he would try to come back, the next day that she was allowed to have visitors Beck had gotten roped into staying after school with Jade. He'd hoped that Cat would understand and not take it personally, but then again it was Cat and she took everything personally and he ended up feeling incredibly guilty. So that night he couldn't get Cat off of his mind; he kept picturing her sitting alone in that empty room wondering whether or not he was gonna show up. Cat was the only person he knew who could make a person feel bad for not doing something they weren't even obligated to do in the first place. Nobody could stand to hurt Cat's feelings. That was the last thing anyone wanted.

So the next visitor's day and the next one after that Beck went back to the hospital and spent time with her and pretty soon it became a weekly occurence for him. The more she progressed the more time she was allowed to have with visitors so after school instead of working on the play, he stopped by the facility to check up on Cat. Sometimes they'd go down to the recreation room and play ping-pong or play cards with the other patients and other times they'd take walks outside within the vicinity and just talk about whatever. Beck liked talking to Cat because with her you never knew what unexpected turn the conversation was going to take. Cat always knew how to keep him entertained so it wasn't like their visits were a chore for him or anything like that. But then Beck started to realize he showed up to the hospital more than Cat's own parents did. He pointed this out to her during one of their walks, but Cat made excuses and rationalized it like she always did.

"They're just busy is all. Like you said, everyone's always busy, busy, busy. Just because I'm stuck in here doesn't mean the world doesn't keep moving without me," she told him.

"But they're your parents, Cat." He shook his head. That didn't seem right to him.

"Well my mom's got her hands full with Michael. And my dad works so they can afford to send me to this wonderful place. Did you know that this is one of the best inpatient facilities in California?"

"Umm, no I didn't know that."

"It's also one of the most expensive...oh my gosh! I just remembered something!"


"I forgot about Harry," she said, cupping her hand over her mouth.


"He's my guinea pig. He's blonde and white and his hair is all curly," -pause for giggling- "and I just remembered his first birthday is coming in four, no three days."

Beck put his hands in his pockets, "Oh. That's cool."

Her voice started to get all high pitched like it always did when she went into freak out mode. "No, it's not! Beck, his birthday is coming up and I'm gonna miss it! Oh my gosh, I'm a terrible mother! What am I gonna do? He's gonna think I don't love him. He's gonna-"

Beck placed his hands on her shoulders. "Cat...please calm down, " he said. "I'll take care of it."

"But how are you gonna-"


Beck had to bribe Cat's younger brother to get him to sneak out the little animal, but it was surprisingly easy. All it took was a bag of Red Vine candy and a glow-in-the-dark frog keychain. And the day of Harry's first birthday, Beck smuggled him into the facility in his jacket pocket. Cat squealed with delight when he presented the little rodent to her, clad in a make-shift party hat.

And there was another surprise for Cat that day too. He had tried to convince the others to come and see Cat also, but it was sort of a failed mission. But he did manage to convince one easily guilted, sweetheart to come along...

"Tori!" Cat exclaimed when she saw her. "What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't miss Harry's birthday," the brunette said with a smile.

The three of them celebrated in Cat's small room with granola bars and Tropicana punch (courtesy of the vending machines) and Cat and Tori spent some time catching up. But afterwards Cat was sad to see them leave.

"I'll tell everyone you send your love. We all miss you Cat, " Tori told her.

Cat smiled and hugged her briefly. "Thanks Tori." Then she turned to Beck, "Do you think you could take Harry home and look after him for me? Just until I get back."

"I'd be honored," Beck said. And Cat threw her arms around him so suddenly, he stumbled back a little. She held onto him, maybe a little too closely. Beck patted her back stoically and Tori raised her eyebrows at them.

"Thank you so much for doing this Beck," Cat said, muffled into his shirt.

"It's no problem." He loosened her arms. "I'll see you next time okay?"


Afterwards Beck had to give Tori a ride home, but quickly before Jade found out because he was under strict instructions to not be left alone with her (or any girl for that matter). Beck had to meet up with Jade later anyway and he wasn't really in the mood for an argument.

He parked outside of Tori's house.

Tori held Harry, who she had been holding in her lap the whole car ride, up to her face and kissed him goodbye on the nose. "He's just too cute," she said.

Beck grinned as she handed the animal over to him. "And he's so well-behaved," he noted as the little fur-ball settled calmly in his lap.

Tori laughed. "Yeah. And that was really sweet what you did for Cat."

He shrugged, "Yeah well, somebody needed to do something."

Tori paused, "Well, I'm sure we all want to help Cat, but we just don't know how to. You can't blame us for being a little freaked out by all of this."

"I never said I blamed you."

"It's just really hard for us, and kind of scary. We really care about Cat and that day was...traumatic."

Beck nodded. He understood that they all had their own reasons for being uncomfortable over Cat's situation. Robbie, Tori, and Jade had never had to experience something like that before. And Andre, well he had his own experiences with the mentally unstable, so the whole thing with Cat probably hit him way too close to home.

Then Tori told him that anyways it didn't seem like Cat needed their help anyway because apparently she had Beck. "So you go see her a lot?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. Whenever I can. Visitors are only allowed a couple days a week and during the day there's school, so it's usually just for an hour or less."

"Ohhh, so that's why you quit the play."

"I didn't quit...I don't even have a part in the play," he pointed out.

"But you've been helping out with rehearsals significantly less than usual since Cat left... And does Jade know about this?" she asked, implying that he was keeping secrets.

Leave it to Tori to make mountains out of molehills. So Jade knew that he went to visit her every now and then, but he didn't see the need to tell her about it every time, especially since she didn't seem to care whenever he brought the subject up. And it wasn't like it would have bothered Jade anyway because Cat was the one girl she never got jealous over Beck hanging out with. He and Cat had been friends for the longest time before he even knew Jade.

"She knows me and Cat are friends," he said, casually.

"That's not what I meant," Tori said.

"Tori you're meddling."

Tori put up her hands. "Alright, alright I'll stop. I just want to make sure you know what you're doing is all."

Tori's implications and advice were unnecessesary as far as he was concerned; there wasn't anything to talk about because everything was simple. Cat was his friend and Jade was his girlfriend. Simple as that.

"And don't worry, I won't tell Jade about you and me..." she said referring to the whole 'them being alone together' thing. And then she playfully added, "...or you and Cat," with a grin.

Beck shook his head. "Goodbye, Tori."


Beck didn't think anything of the things that Tori had said to him but he did think about them and it started to make sense to him why she would say those things. Leave it to Tori to put an idea into his head and have it be stuck there for days.

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