A/N: This chapter will have the normal point of view change however; it is not the usual order. Remember I usually come up with the title of the chapter before I finish or even start the chapter.

Chapter Ten

The Attack


I looked at Scara still waiting for some sort of answer. When I looked at her face I saw her looking out to the back of the room. I followed her gaze and saw Pop and Meat. I knew she had figured out who had helped me.

I looked at her face again and saw she was looking at someone much closer and found the new girls that Scara had spent some time with today; they looked happy. I looked back at her and watched her open her mouth to speak. At first, nothing came out.

"You just love putting me on the spot, don't you? I don't know why I put up with you half the time. Then you …" She suddenly stopped and grabbed me. She pulled us both off the stage and yelled for everyone to get out of there quickly. I then noticed she had one of the micro transceivers in hand and had been listening to it. Clearly, she knew something the rest of us did not.

Scara (or She, still talking about her) began handing out emergency bags and tablets. She gave instructions on what everyone was to do. When everyone failed to get moving, she told them that this wasn't a drill (Since it's action, have dialog to show urgency) and that if they did not want to see what the inside of a GlobalSoft jail cell was like first hand to get moving. There was just Meat, Scara, and myself left when it happened.


I could not speak at first. I just remembered how almost three years ago Gaz had won me back when we were trying to put an end to Killer Queen's rule. I felt put on the spot now as much as I had been then and started to tell him this I did not get to finish. Due to the fact that I had one of the micro transceivers that I had reversed the polarity on and was listening to it when I heard GlobalSoft coming to attack us. I grabbed Gaz and got off the stage as quickly as I could. I went behind the bar and began handing out the emergency bags and tablets. I gave everyone their instructions to get out of here, find a job, and find a place to stay for a while. No one moved so I had to make them realize the seriousness of the situation. Finally, I got them to leave and Gaz, Meat, and I were the only ones left. That is when they came in.