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The New Job

Galileo's POV

Once I had all of my things together I headed out. I started walking back to the town that Scara and I were originally from. I knew that it would take some time to get there so I started thinking of plans that could possibly work to get Scaramouche out of there. It was impossible to know what the best option would be because I did not know where she was being kept. The layout of the building was something I needed to know before I could make the best plan of escape.

It was morning when I got to town because when I was traveling at night he had to be careful that he was not caught and arrested since that would ruin any plan that we might come up with. Plus if I was captured as well than who would come and rescue the both of them. So I took short naps in alleys and in bushes to keep me from being exhausted the next day when working the new job. I made it to GlobalSoft Headquarters at 8:45 the next morning. I pulled out the message I had printed the day before and looked at what room I was supposed to report to.

I walked in the building and was greeted by a friendly receptionist GaGa Girl. I walked up to her as she said "Can I help you with something?"

"Yes. I am looking for room 348C." I said as I consulted my message again. "It is my first day and I would rather not make a bad impression by being late."

"True that would be a bad idea." She said as she started typing what I assumed were the directions. "What is your name?"

"William ."

"Alright I sent the directions to you. You had better get going you only have ten minutes before you are supposed to be there."

"Thank you." I said as I looked at the message on the screen that I had strapped to my arm. The directions were easy to follow. I followed them and got to the room at 8:57. Once I got there I sat down and waited for further instructions.

At 9:00 the door opened again. The person that came in was none other than Khashoggi himself.

'Well crap' I thought when I saw him. I stood up once he fully entered the room since I had to act the part to save Scaramouche. "Good morning sir."

"Good morning. I assume that you are William ."

"Yes sir."

"Good then follow me. As we walk I will tell you more about your new job." He began to walk down the hall towards the elevators and I followed him. "Today you will be informed of what you will do and shown the apartment that you get with this job. You will be working with a very special prisoner for your first assignment. We believe that this prisoner knows the location of the two rebel leaders known as Scaramouche and Galileo Figaro. She was found near a location that the two have been at before. She claims that she does not know who they are or where they are but she will not tell us who she is or where she is from. Your job will be trying to get the location out of her. You can do it by any means that you determine necessary. We have been working with electric shock to get her to talk."

"How does that work sir"

"She came in sedated so we simply inserted some electrodes into her flesh. When she does not answer a question or takes too long to answer it she receives a shock. We had expected her to give us the information after we wore her down. However she seems to be stronger than we originally thought. This is where you will interrogate her." Khashoggi pointed to a door on the right side of this hallway. "Someone else is questioning her today but tomorrow she will be yours. You will be shown how to work the equipment tomorrow. Now let me show you to your new apartment." At this we left.

We went back up to the main floor. When we came to the reception desk Khashoggi asked for the key to my apartment. She gave it to him and then gave me a flirty little wave. I smiled at her and followed Khashoggi out the door. He showed me the way to my apartment.

"He is your key. Make yourself comfortable. You have the rest of the day to become familiar with this apartment. Before I forget you will be receiving a document with the rules and such for your job please read it before you come in tomorrow. You should report at the same time tomorrow. Have a good day."

"Thank you sir you have a good day as well."

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