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America: Alfred
England: Arthur
Sealand: Peter
Liechtenstein: Lily

Full Summary: Alfred and Arthur are newly weds just trying to make ends meet. Barely getting by, they don't believe their lives can get any more complicated until they meet Peter and Lily, two run away orphans. They don't have the money to care for them, but the children need a stable home and a family to love them. Through all the struggles and hardships, through all the laughter and fun, they manage to become a close family.

USUK, a few other minor pairings.

This is AU, just so you know~

(Title subject to change)

"Do you have your lunch, love?"

"Come on! When do I ever forget it?"

"Oh, well let's see. How about yesterday, and the day before, and two times last week, and-"

"Okay, okay! I get it! But I have it, I swear! See?"

"Good because I can't keep taking time out of my day to go deliver your bloody food to you. I'm busy too, you know. Now, come here; your tie is all messed up. Honestly, Alfred. How did you ever manage to get anywhere in life without knowing how to tie a tie?"

"I don't like wearing ties!"

"I can see that. But you have an important meeting today, so you have to look your best." … "Oh, don't give me that face. Get your arse over here!"

With a pout, a tall blonde haired, blue eyed man trudged over to other, shorter blonde, green eyed man. He was wearing a suit, though he looked like he had slept in his clothes. They were wrinkled and messy. When the other male noticed, he frowned and scowled, but didn't say anything. He knew he had to pick his battles and he had already picked the issue of the tie.

"Artie, you don't need to fuss over me all the time," the taller male whined. Arthur glared up at him with venomous green eyes, one of the twitching slightly.

"Oh, yes I do, Alfred. For God's sake, you look like you've been in those clothes for a week! They're all wrinkled! Why didn't you have me iron them? Then maybe you could have looked halfway decent. And what have I told you about calling me 'Artie?' My name's Arthur, you insufferable git!" Arthur took the tie and looped it around, tying it with skill Alfred didn't and probably would never possess.

"Aww, but I'm your insufferable git!" Alfred smiled a childish and sweet smile. His blue eyes shone brightly as they always did through his thin wired glasses. His teeth were a pearly white (with help from Arthur, of course. If he had a dollar for every night he had to tell the idiot to brush his damn teeth, he'd be rich and they would be living in a nice house instead of a rundown apartment) and his golden hair was all combed except for one annoying piece that never stayed down. Arthur had tried many times to tame that beast and failed miserably each and every time.

Arthur blushed at the comment. He was British and proud, a very dangerous combination. He was short tempered and hot headed, but was also kind and caring and, of course, the love of Alfred's life. They had their fights and sometimes they lasted days, but one stupid comment like that would get Arthur quiet and blushing like mad.

"Yes, that you are," Arthur mumbled, keeping his gaze on the American flag tie instead of on Alfred's smirking eyes. He finished with the tie and went to pat out as many wrinkles as he could. Alfred sighed heavily, but kept a happy smile on his face.

It was mornings like this that he relished in. He always whined and complained, but he loved when Arthur fussed over him. He loved the fact that he could never tie a tie and Arthur always had to help him. He loved the feel of Arthur's hands over his suit as he tried to brush out the wrinkles. He loved the sound of Arthur's accented voice yelling at him and then growing soft and kind before he left.

There was one thing he didn't love. Arthur's cooking. But Arthur hadn't cooked this morning, so it was all good.

Alfred glanced at the clock on the oven. "I'd better get going, babe. I've gotta good walk to work." He lifted Arthur's chin so the other was forced to look at him. Arthur smiled and willingly leaned in for a kiss on the lips. It lasted four point seven seconds, like it did every morning (that Arthur wasn't pissed off) and ended with five point three seconds of the couple smiling stupidly at each other.

"You wouldn't have to walk if we had a car," Arthur finally sighed, stepping back an inch. Alfred looked at him sadly.

"I know. One day, we'll be able to afford one." Then, his face brightened. "And hey, it's how I keep in shape! I mean, I wouldn't have these awesome muscles if I sat in a car all day!" He shot a winning smile at Arthur. The other paused for a moment before attempting a smile of his own. It wasn't a bright or happy as Alfred's, but it was a smile.

Arthur didn't know how he did it. How was Alfred able to stay so positive when it was obvious they were in a bad situation. They couldn't even afford a car for goodness sakes! Arthur couldn't count how many times the poor man had to walk home in the rain and dry off on the doorstep with a ratty old towel. Still, every night before bed, Alfred would whisper soft and kind, a contrast from his usual loud and obnoxious voice, "Things'll get better. Pinky promise." And Alfred would take his pinky before falling asleep. The craziest part? Arthur sometimes actually believed him.

Alfred picked up his briefcase as he headed to the door. "Be back tonight, dude!" He smiled again at Arthur before pulling on his favorite bomber jacket. He always wore the stupid thing. Neither he not Arthur knew where or when Alfred had gotten it, but for as long as either could remember, the American always had it on.

"Alfred! You're going to a meeting! Don't-" Arthur cut himself off as the door slammed and Alfred's feet echoing down the hallway died down. He sighed and rubbed his temples, but smiled as he removed his hand from his face.

Arthur went to the kitchen table and sat down heavily. The morning bliss was officially over and now it was time to find out if today was the day they wouldn't be able to pay their bills. He took his check book out along with the horrid white envelopes that came in the mail almost everyday. It was one thing after another. Gas, lighting, water, cellphones. The list stretched on and on to Arthur.

Today's latest was a bill from his medical school. He was attending classes so he could get a medical degree.

Both he and Alfred were young; Alfred was twenty and Arthur was twenty one. The two had known each other since high school where they quickly became best friends. Soon, the friendship turned into something more and they started going out, secretly at first. Then, they started becoming more open with each other (much to Arthur's displeasure at first). Alfred proposed on their graduation day when Arthur was nineteen and Alfred was eighteen. They were married the very next year.

One could probably say they rushed into things too quickly. That person is probably correct. They were both heading off to college, so it was not the best time to tie the knot. Still, what was done was done and now they had to do their best to support themselves.

Alfred, though dim in other areas, was actually a rather smart boy. He was by far the top of his class and graduated a few years earlier than he was supposed to with the promise of an internship at a law firm that would soon turn into a job. He probably would have declined the offer had he known that the job paid almost nothing and he never got any good paying cases. Usually, he dealt with the petty crimes. Money owed for fixing a window on a car a few kids busted, exes arguing over which things were theirs, juveniles who vandalized abandoned (or seemingly abandoned) buildings. Those kind of cases. He never got the custody battles, the rape cases, or the murder trials. He never got clients who were wealthy. Somehow, those cases seemed to "pass over" him. But, as previously stated, he wasn't stupid. He knew his superiors were screwing him over.

Arthur, on the other hand, had wanted to be a writer. He wanted to write and publish book series for all to read and enjoy. Unfortunately, that dream was sent to a crashing halt when he figured no one would buy his works. A bout of low self confidence even Alfred couldn't help sent him to medical school where he decided to find a more "practical" job.

Now they had bills up to their ears. They didn't own a credit card, so it wasn't that they drowned in that kind of debt. Actually, they were just barley managing to stay out of debt for the most part. But with Alfred's low paying job and Arthur's medical school bills, times were hard. They were still paying off the wedding. It hadn't even been a large wedding, but they had to pay for it all themselves. Arthur's parents had died when he was young and Alfred's parents refused to help or even come because they didn't agree with his life decision. His twin brother would have gladly helped had he had money himself. But Matthew was in Canada trying to find his own way and simply didn't have much money.

Arthur held his head up with his hand as he sat at the table, brushing through his shaggy blonde locks, a pen tapped thoughtfully to his lips. He started to write, but unconsciously. He wasn't writing numbers or mailing addresses. Instead, it was a summary of yet another story he would never actually write or publish. When he was finished, he blinked back to reality and looked at the napkin. He sighed to himself and got up, placing the scrap of paper in a tiny kitchen drawer filled to the top with many others like it.

Alfred sighed with relief as he loosened his tie and walked down the streets of the city (of course he had learned how to loosen a tie instead of learning how to actually tie one). Work had been brutal. Yet again, he had a shot at getting a huge and well paying case, but had been shot down by those who "knew better than him" and "were more experienced." He didn't know what it was about him that made the others treat him this way. He knew he was as qualified, if not more in some instances, to take on the bigger cases. Someone was obviously trying to pull him down and they had been doing it for a year now.

It could be worse, he figured with a sigh, trying to keep up his ever optimistic attitude. At least he had been assigned a case today. Finally. After three weeks. It was just some kid who thought it would be funny to spray paint "Your liver's made of plastic" on each wall of his school. He already knew what the defense would be.

"Oh, he's just a child. Children don't think straight sometimes."

"Surely he can work it off."

"He only has another year of school. Maybe place him under strict super vision until he graduates."

Alfred didn't really care if the kid went to Juvie or was released. It wasn't his problem and he would be paid the same either way.

As he walked, he felt a small drip on the tip of his nose. He tilted his head back and looked up at the sky. Hmm... When had it gotten so cloudy?

Just as Alfred thought this, the sky opened up and a downpour cascaded down with a rubble of thunder.

"Really?" Alfred shouted at the sky, glaring at the clouds or God or just simply everything. With a sigh and a stop of his foot, he pulled his bomber jacket up over his head and used his briefcase to further shield him as he ran down the deserted streets. Arthur better have a towel waiting for him at home.

He ran down the sidewalk, turning left, then right, then right again. He was a few blocks from home when he heard something. It was a soft cough. Had the cough been sounded a second later, it would have been drowned out by the loud thunder and flickering of light as lightning lit up the dark sky. There was a small shriek and then the sound of someone crying. Then, someone's voice.

"... On. Don't cry. … Nothing... be afraid of..." Alfred blinked and stopped. He found himself following the soft whispers, trying to make them out better.

"Don't cry, Lily. It's just... Uh, well... It's the angel's bowling! Yeah! And they're having lotsa fun bowling right now, but they wouldn't want you to be scared!" There was a pause, interrupted only by a heavy sigh. "Just rest, okay? You need more sleep." Alfred couldn't tell who was speaking. The sound of rain and thunder completely drowned out any pitch or accent the speaker might have. He could only make out the words, but he could tell they were comforting.

The voice continued to say soothing words and Alfred used that as a trail. He followed the voice to a small alley jammed in between an apartment building and a bank. There was a trash can in the corner, but that wasn't what made him jump back in surprise. He wasn't even looking at some stupid trash can. Instead, he was looking at two small children huddled against the wall. The taller one, a boy, was trying to shield the shorter, a girl judging by the dress, from the rain that fell mercilessly on them.

Neither noticed as Alfred approached, the rain drowning out his footsteps. He didn't want to scare them so, for once, he was quiet. He was about three feet away, trying to make himself look not so menacing, when the boy turned around. His blue eyes were wide with fear and a hint of exhaustion. He clutched the girl closer to him.

"Who are you?" he demanded. Now that Alfred was closer, he was able to detect a thick British accent. It was high pitched, matching the boy's size. Honestly, he didn't look much older than eight, but Alfred couldn't be sure. The boy was obviously trying to show no fear, probably for the sake of the little girl in his arms. Her green eyes were glazed over with tiredness and fear. Alfred could tell with the help of a light from a kitchen window of an apartment that she had pale blonde hair a shade lighter than the boy's.

"I'm Alfred. What are you doing out here in the rain all alone?" Alfred looked down at the two with concern. The boy glared and scooted himself and the girl further into the alley. Alfred sighed and knelt down, keeping himself elevated on the tips of his feet while his bottom rested on his heals.

"We're playing!" It was a horrible lie, but the boy was obviously trying to get the strange man to go away. Alfred nodded as though he believed him.

"Right. So, you're out here in the middle of a storm 'playing?'" he asked with disbelief. The boy then realized how ridiculous it sounded when Alfred said it. He was silent and only clutched the girl tighter.

They sat there for a few more moments before the girl let out a few harsh coughs. She was asleep, but her eyes were shut tight in pain. Alfred glanced over at her with worry.

"What's wrong with her?" he asked.

"Nothing! Go away, jerk! Just leave us alone!" the boy shouted.

"Shh," Alfred said softly. "You shouldn't shout while she's sleeping." He met the boy's glare with a smile. "Come on. I'll take you guys home and get you all cleaned up. Then we can call your parents."

The boy opened his mouth to shout a response, but when he felt the girl shiver and cough in his arms, he closed it. Hesitantly, he nodded and looked up at Alfred. Alfred smiled softly and slowly stretched out an arm until he was against the girl's forehead. She shivered unconsciously at the touch. Though she was shivering, Alfred noted, she was burning up and needed to get dry and safe soon.

"May I pick her up?" he asked. He figured it would be best to ask first before he just carried her away. The boy paused, but nodded, loosening his grip a little. Alfred took off his bomber jacket and wrapped it tightly around the girl before standing up with her in his arms. She was shaking violently which worried Alfred.

"Come on," he said kindly to the boy and outstretched his hand. There was another pause, but the boy took it and Alfred pulled him up. "I'm only a few blocks from my place. You two will be safe and dry in no time!" He shot a winning smile at the boy, but he just frowned and walked alongside Alfred.

"By the way, what's your name?" Alfred eventually asked when they were a block from him. The boy didn't respond for a long moment. Alfred was about to ask again, but he was interrupted.

"Peter. And that's Lily," he said shortly. Alfred nodded. It was obvious the boy didn't want to and wasn't going to answer any more questions. Besides, it wouldn't be fair to him to bombard him with questions before they even got home.

Together with Peter, and Lily in his arms, Alfred walked the rest of the way home. Either way, Arthur was going to be in for a huge surprise.


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