Warning!:This has more than 20 Oc's in this story and it is not true and a AU warning was well so don't read if you don't like this stuff and if you do thank you and review and some stuff is true I well put a mark like this * on Enjoy the story.

BY megasoundangewomon

It Begins And It Resumes



It was a normal day at Commerce ele. school as all was telling not so funny was making people laugh at his make-up British .Muahuran was mad at us for not being quiet in class that's the normal day here at school as you can see.

But here I am on the swing set swing,and well a dream I had last was a 'bout me fighting a digimon Myotismon !But that was a dream right,wrong it was not I was a 'normal' girl,well people thought,but I was not in my on way.I didn't know about my real past,but I had dreams about it,but I didn't believe them.

But this day was going to change my life forever...

"Kenzie,how do you go so high?"Taylor is one of my many friends,and she's coming to my house on the last day of school."I don't know practice I guess."I said."Oh,okay,"Taylor said to me smiling.I like it when my friend smile 'cause I know there happy.

Then all of a sudden someone or thing yelled,"Grezzale wing,"and I was not paying a tinchin and this is what happened.

Bats,the blood sucker bats were headed right towards me!"Kenzie watch out!" Johannah yelled at me to get out of it was to late I was flying out of my swing."Ahhhhhhh!" I yelled at the top of my would if to were going the same highth of the top bar.I hit the ground were there was a place dug into the ground ,and that hurt I'll tell you.

Hopefully I was still alive and I'm thankful for that."ARE YOU OKAY!PLEASE TELL ME IF YOUR OKAY!PLEASE TELL ME!"Jayden said is one of my best friends sense 'll me my best friend tell our life fadd awoy from the world and into life are going to be long I know it.(1)

"Yeah I'm going to be alright I ,I'm not that badly hurt so just drop that."I up was hard 'cause my back hurt like knifes was in I had gotten up in the it hurt badly.

Kids were run and hiding all over the were hiding in places like:Under the slides,in metdel tunnels,behind any tree big eneuf,and behind the rock all when's and hide behind on of the was Johannh,Jayden,Taylor,land me behind it.

"Kenzie are you all right,you look pretty bad."Johannah to clean my she was right I did look bad.I had cuts all over my arms,legs 'cause I had been waring a shot sleeve and shorts,and flip-flops.

I winced in pain was Johannah put water from the bathroom on my cuts."Johannah that hurts you know it really does." said to the girl eyes closed from the pain.I know I'm a wimp I hate pain and I really really do.I even hate the doctors office ,and needles I know you do to.

I thank the person or thing heard use over there because it was right behind my friends!"Uhhh...Guys lo-ok be-behind !"I shouted scared right out of my they truned around there was Myotismon!He gaped Jayden by the hair,and what any girl would do was scram and she did just that.

''Puthetck you humans are so weak just like the digi-desntened."He throw Jayden by the hair on the ground.'Digi-desntened but there just in a T.V. Myotismon is from the show to so this must be a dream.'I thought.

Then 'he' gaped my collar to my shirt.''YOU ALL ARE WEAK!''He yelled at he trowed swing set that he thowed me to had a sharp point like knife on it,and right were my heart is,is were I hit my back at.
It hurt as bad as you thank.

"Kenzie!"my friends all of the 5th and 4th grade yell.''She she h-has t-to be d-d-dead.''Jayden said was missoubel know that I was gone from the I wasn't gone,blood was dripping for the metle on to my wound.'This is it I'm going to be dead in seconds I well be watching all of you, my friends.'I thought.I was never to see them all again.

One drop of my blood dripped in deep in my wound.I moved my head up it reched my of the people there was shocked that I was still a eyes mouth lit like a light.A syomble of time and space aperted.(2)

Every thing was moving backwards in time at my mormises.


''Daddy your home!''I said when I was 4.''Hi,How's my little girls."My dad was to JoHannah(3),,And me.''And how is my big boy,''He said to Justin(4)."Good!''We all said in unoin.


"Mommy!Daddy!''We all said all of the legendary angels and that is 16 little was taking us away from our home,on my het our parents and they had cut bruises and went to the home we live in now.

(end mormisores)

"What was that!" Taylor said or shouted."I don't know.''Jayden said shocked.
My wound were healing on there own in an instinct...

Me:I know cliffy But it was good right

Jayden:You still have my worried when your hurt kenzie

ME: I'll Have the next chapter up this week or next or the next

All:SEE you next time!

are vampires and werewolfs or mixed bethon .and I can see the future

2.I'm one of the twins that can go thought space and time or see the future for time

3. Johannah is my twin she is the one that said ''Kenzie you all right you look pretty bad.''

4. Justin is our big you all heard of Justin Bierber that's him

Warning: This is all fake not real !