Jackson's life in blog form! as requested by several readers and tweeters. Enjoy

*strong language and sex refrences*

Chapter 1

Jackson Walsh - The Blog that's better than Aaron's.

New Entry posted: 12/5/11 - 13:45

New Life, New Start

Hello! Well, I decided to start a blog. Of course my blog is gonna be much better than Aaron's! Well, you'll all be pleased to know, I can now fully move my arms. Still not as strong as i used to be, but I'll get there one day.

Managed to lift my first pint last night! Needed Aaron to get me a straw towards the end, but I finally feel like i'm getting back to some kind of normality.

I'm afraid you wont be hearing any stories of me falling into swamps, chasing Cameron or my interesting skills of how to wash a nissan micra.

No, I'm far more classy than that. You'll be getting blog updates of life in the office instead!

Also, I haven't told Aaron yet, But he's bound to find out now...I had pins and needles this morning...in my toe. It was one toe, on my left foot, but mum whisked me down to the hospital - they're amazed at my progress. :)

Can't believe this is happening to me! I hate saying it, but I guess Aaron was right. I might be getting out of this chair after all!


Aaron: You got feeling back and you didn't tell me?

JLovesA: I wanted to surprise you!

Aaron: Well you definitley did that!

JLovesA: I figured. :O)

Aaron: And Oi, My blog is far better than yours!

JLovesA: We'll see about that. And can you have a username more interesting than "Aaron" please?

JacksonsMyBitch: How about this?

JLovesA: NO!

GreaseMonkey: Fine. This then.

JLovesA: Better. Love you. xx

Greasemonkey: I love me too...i mean i love you too! xxxx

JLovesA: Not short-cutting through any swamps today, babe?

GreaseMonkey: Oh will shut the fuck up about that?

JLovesA: Make me. :oP x