Chapter 42

New blog entry posted 2/10/12


Hey! Not long til our holiday now. We've probably both said that evetrytime we have updated this blog but we are so excited! I'm ok now after my previous blog, when I thought I was getting attacked by a snake. Mum's been on at me asking why I've been ill cause I hardly ever get sick and I don't think she believed me...It was all Adam's fault I was ill anyway. Wanting to have a bloody water fight in the middle of September. He ended off falling in the pool and started whinging about his hair getting wet and he flounced off into the house.

It was funny though. And Aaron was wearing a white t-shirt so it clung to him just right when he got wet. and before anyone says it, yes I am aware I am a perve and to be quite honest, I really don't care. lol

The reason I have done this update anyway is I want to know where Aaron would normally hide a present. He's at work and I know my anniversary present is in this house somewhere and I really want to find it! I've tried everywhere I can think of and come across nothing but a small bit of wrapping paper...his choice of wrapping paper was awful. Think I'm a bit too old for Finding Nemo wrapping paper! So...Chas, Paddy, Adam...Anyone? ..You know where Aaron hides stuff... Got any suggestions?

J xx


RippedRyan: Why are you so desperate to find it? I'm sure you can wait another 10 days!

JLovesA: Oi get back to work you!

RippedRyan: Excuse me...Just cause you're shagging the supervisor doesn't mean you can tell me what to do!

AdamB: Tried the attic?

JLovesA: Aaron wont go up there. He's convinced there's spiders up there.

ChasD: I dunno where Aaron hides presents...Apart from in the christmas tree last year but that's highly unlikely.

Aaron: You ain't gonna find it Jackson so I'd give up if I were you. Anyway...on to the finding Nemo wrapping paper... I wrapped Leo's christmas present at the same time as I wrapped yours. You don't think I'd be that careless as to leave clues lying around for you?

JLovesA: Aaron if you don't tell me where my present is I shall be forced to put you on sex ban.

Aaron: You put me on sex ban and I'll take your present back to the shop. There's plenty of other people who would want what I've bought you!

JLovesA: But Aaron!

Aaron: Don't "but" me, Jackson Walsh. And there is spiders in the attic, FYI. I saw one. Hence why I won't go up there!

JLovesA: awh you're so unfair! I'm gonna abandon you in Spain!

Aaron: Sounds good to me. I'll just get myself into the nearest bar and chat up the nearest waiter and you my friend will be a distant memory!

RippedRyan: Oi, Supervisor..When you're ready we've got a race about to start here. Get off your bloody phone. Shouldn't have it on you during working hours anyway.

Aaron: And what are you talking to me on? a typewriter?

RippedRyan: Yeah alright Narky Knickers...

Aaron: Oi, don't backchat your boss! ;) Oh and Jackson...I bet I can guess where you're looking and you're wasting your time cause it aint there.

JLovesA: For fucks sake!