This is a one shot from my "New Experiences" universe. I'll probably do a few more... sort of snap shots of Maura and Jane's life. I like this universe, but I don't want to do another long series on it. So, you'll probably get one shots here and there.

This one is set after "Snap Shots: Learning"

As always, the characters aren't mine. I get nothing from this but the satisfaction of writing a fun story about two of my fav characters.

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"Is it crazy to say I miss Janie, and it's kind of painful?" Alessa flicked a pea across her plate as she stared down at the dinner Maura had set down for her.

"Crazy? No, I wouldn't think you had some sort of physiological condition, if that's what you mean. If, however, you mean you miss her presence and that missing her is emotionally painful, then I wouldn't say that was crazy either. I miss my best friend when we're apart, too." Maura smiled gently as she sat down across from her daughter to attend to her own dinner needs.

"Mother, that doesn't count!" Alessa rolled her eyes as she took a bite of salmon.

"Why ever not?" Her mother gave her best innocent face.

"Because your best friend is Ma. Of course you miss her. You two are married. Janie is just my best friend. She's not my girlfriend or lover or whatever," the young brunette frowned. "But, I do miss her. It's our first semester of grad school. I figured she'd at least come home for Thanksgiving."

"Janie has every right to want to stay at school and study. Med school is difficult. I respect her dedication." Maura sipped her wine, an air of remembrance about her. "I spent many hours of my life in the library while I was getting my degree. It's just something one must do."

"Thanks, Mother, you're making me feel guilty for not staying at school, too." With an over exaggerated sigh, Alessa glanced around the room. "Where's Ma anyway? I thought she'd be home by now. Nonna's going to be mad if we don't bring all the stuff we normally do for Thanksgiving, and cooking everything takes forever."

"She's still at work, and it only takes 4 hours."

"Yeah, forever." Alessa flicked another pea. "Man, I wish Janie was here."

"Yes, so you've mentioned." Maura tried to hide her smile, but it broke through anyway.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Perhaps you should call her? I'm sure she could use the study break." Maura took a small bite of her broccoli.

"You know, that's not a bad idea. I think I will," Alessa stood to head for her bedroom but stopped short, "Um, is it okay if I leave the table to go call Janie?"

"Of course. Send her our love." Maura's smiled brightened just a smidge.

"Always!" Came the reply as Alessa headed upstairs.

"Either you're happy to see me or something is really funny." Jane kissed her wife hello. "Which is it?"

"I'm always happy to see you," Maura leaned into Jane's embrace. "But, nothing's funny. Alessandra is upstairs on the phone with Janie."

"Yeah? Anything new on that?" The detective pulled back to look the other woman in the eye.

"No, but she did mention – several times – how much she missed Janie and how much she wished Janie was here." With a peck for good measure, Maura pulled back to get Jane's plate from the warming oven as Jane grabbed a beer from the fridge.

"I think Janie should be here. Thanksgiving and Christmas are about family, and she's…"

"Practically family. Yes, I agree." With a chuckle, Maura placed the warmed plate in front of Jane. "You know, she's not far. We could go get her."

"No, if Janie thinks she needs to study, I'm not going to keep her from it. But, I want her to come home for Christmas, don't you?" Jane poked at the salmon with her fork.

"Yes, it would be nice for her to come here if her parents don't request her presence at their Aspen cabin." More primly than she was apt to do, Maura took a seat next to Jane to keep her company as she ate dinner.

"You're reverting. Are you okay?"

"I… yes and no. I feel for her, Jane. I know almost exactly what she's going through. The only difference is that I did not have a best friend nor a family who was willing to take me in and love me for me as she does with us. Her parents remind me so much of my own that I fear something dreadful will happen if she and Alessa… well… you know."

"If that happens, we'll still be here for them both." Jane reached out to hold her wife's hand. "Hey, we got this. Remember? We agreed that we'd take care of them, and we will. Right?"

"Yes, you're right. I think I'll send Janie an email tomorrow to invite her to spend Christmas with us. You're right. She's family, and she needs to know she's always welcome in our home."