"Ma," Alessa stepped into the office and waited for Jane to give her all of her attention.


"Got a sec?"

"For you, little one, always. What's up?"

Confusion on her face, Alessa sat down in one of the visitor chairs as Jane joined her.

"Ma, I want to invite Janie to go on Spring Break with me this year, but… I don't know. I feel kind of weird about it." Alessa pursed her lips in thought, brow drawn down in concentration.

"Why? It's not the first time you two have gone off together. You two went to Cancun last year."

"Yeah, but that was a whole group of us, and I was thinking, maybe, just me and her this year. I figured next year we'd want to celebrate because I think we're both graduating on a three year plan, so we'll want some big bang thing for our spring break. This year, I was thinking some place like San Antonio." The younger Rizzoli made a face. "But… I don't know. Is that weird? To just want to spend Spring Break with Janie?"

"Nah, not if that's what you want to do. She is your best friend. If you two want to hang out together for Spring Break, why not? Well," Jane tilted her head to the side, eyes dancing with mischief, "I do question your choice of places. I mean… Texas? Really?"

"Hey, don't judge!" Alessa laughed, the blush that had crept across her features slowly going away. "I'm going to ask her now, before Winter Break is over. Good idea?"

"Awesome idea. Let me know how that turns out, k?"


"Ally knows," Jane stated matter-of-factly as she pulled on her sleep clothes. "I give them another year, maybe two."

"Didn't we have this conversation about this time last year?" Maura strolled to her side of the bed, setting her book down on the night stand as she crawled in. "I believe I said it will be after they receive their PHDs."

"Ally asked me if was weird to ask Janie to spend Spring Break in San Antonio with her… just her." Jane was smirking as she crawled into her side of the bed.

"Oh? Well, that's progress at least."

"It's something. I wish they'd just hurry up and kiss already. "

"Jane, even if they did 'hurry up and kiss', it's not as though we would see it and, more than likely, wouldn't know about it until well after the fact, if ever." Maura picked her book up to find her page.

"Oh, we'll know. There's no way Ally will be able to keep the smirk off her face when she finally gets around to that kiss. Trust me on this." Jane picked up the sports section of the paper that Maura had left from the morning's paper.

"I believe you. I recall how you looked for the first week after." Maura smiled. "It's hard to believe we were ever that young."

"Or stupid."


"What? Young and stupid go together like… wine and cheese, or beer and peanuts, or…"

"Medical examiners and members of law enforcement?" The doctor chuckled at Jane's surprised look.

"Yeah, like that, too. Or, you know, medical examiners and lawyer… oh, I see what you did there."

"Hmmhmm," Maura didn't take her eyes off of her book, "read your newspaper, my wonderful detective."

"Whatever you say, my little ME."

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