I suppose I always knew I was different. The way I behaved; the way I thought; the things that happened around me. It was not normal. I could not explain at the time why I felt this strangeness. I just did. It was an internal feeling; A subconscious awareness inside me that fascinated and frightened me. I could never decipher why things broke when I was angered or why bad things happened to people who were mean to me. They simply happened. I tried to control them, but to no avail.

The question of my sleep pattern concerned some, since they caught me once or twice walking around the castle at night. I wouldn't tell them my dreams were what kept me awake. My dreams haunted me with visions of things in the past, things that were happening and things that would come soon. I would not tell them this, for I feared they'd think me mad. They would think I was a freak. They would hang me. Honestly, I sometimes wanted to hang myself.

But now, I know. Now, I completely understand. I can control. I can explain it all.