"Woah, bro, you totally, like, went all gone from me for a second there," Gamzee said, placing a hand on my knee. I probably wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't also grabbed onto my right horn; I mean, I didn't mind, 'cause he did that a lot and stuff, but I was actually enjoying myself in my daydream, "what's up, brother?"

"Oh, uh, nothing really I guess," I said, stumbling over my words; but this wasn't anything new, "I was just, uh, looking out the window, or something."

"No my brother you were thinking up a motherfucking budding idea weren't you?" I looked into his heavy-lidded eyes, and his slopping half-smile. How could he be so distant but also so...observant? I smiled at him because he was staring and I wasn't sure what else to do. Replaying my thoughts in my mind made my face turn brown; I could just feel my face getting really hot and I looked back out the window, hoping Gamzee wouldn't notice. Of course he did, though. I guess matesprits are meant to notice stuff like that.

"I was just, uh, daydreaming," I said, "thinking of a good story, uh, yeah, that's all."

"Oh yeah," I giggled watching one of Gamzee's eyebrows soar high above his eye, "well, tell me, motherfucker!"

"No. I, uh, refuse!"

"Why not, little buddy?"

"It's embarrassing!"

"Oh," Gamzee's brows knit together, which was the most emotion I had seen out of him in a while...I mean, when he wasn't being all clingy and stuff or hanging off me...not that I mind that! He smiled goofily, "so? Why you gotta be all motherfucking self-concious and shit? Fuck, bro, I thought we were past this."

"I, uh, I guess," I stuttered, my face flushing all over again when Gamzee took my hand in his with a manic smile on his face, "G-Gamzee!" Whatever it was, and I'm still not sure why, but I can never say no to him, especially when he does stuff like cupping my head in his hands and smiles like that, "okay, okay, I was, uh, daydreaming about a story I, uh, I read once."

"Go on, little buddy."

"Oh, uh," I looked around the room frantically, hoping to find something that would maybe distract him; where was that pie when I needed it? Or a nice pile of, horns or, something? "well, I was, uh, switching out the real characters for, uhm, like you and me and Eridan and Karkat and stuff," I felt a smile crack across my face, and I soon I couldn't stop smiling, imagining Eridan in the wizard's outfit, "uh, it was just silly."

"Well, fuck, bro, who was I?" He cocked his head to the left. I stumbled around for words for a minute.

"Y-you were, uh, well it's not really, uh, important or whatever, but you were, uh, the main love interest," I felt as if I was about to melt into a puddle. This was probably really stupid, "uh, and I was the princess, but not really cause I'm a guy and stuff, but, uh," I cleared my throat, even though there wasn't anything in it, "uh, I guess I can tell you the story if you want."

"Go ahead, my favourite little Taurus." He said, ruffling my hair with his broad hand. I blushed and cleared my throat: this was going to be a long story...