The Iron Curtain

A Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover Fan-fiction

By Systatic

Blanket Disclaimer

I do not own Harry Potter/Twilight nor am I affiliated with J. K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Warner Bros., Little, Brown and Co., Summit Entertainment, etc. This story is non-profit and purely for entertainment value.

As a warning: This story contains slash, otherwise known as homosexual pairings, i.e. romantic liaisons between two men.

This is a Harry Potter/Edward Cullen story.


The Wizarding World revered him. The Volturi feared him. Edward simply needed him. Harry certainly wasn't objecting.


Edward didn't know how they were going to get out of this one. The Volturi were advancing. Aro's greedy eyes were still resting on Alice's figure, and, not for the first time, Edward cursed the Cullen penchant for trouble.

Bella stood next to him, a sweet smelling oasis in the midst of so much death. He regretted putting her through so much pain, for doubting her, for leaving her. He knew they wouldn't get out of this alive, but he was determined to take down as many of the Volturi as possible before they laid a hand on Bella.

He had little warning before Alice let out a small, "Oh!" of surprise and the doors to the cavernous underground room slammed open, bouncing off the walls with a bang! Tendrils of power wafted through the ranks of vampires and Edward felt them pulse and curl around him in an almost physical caress. He shuddered slightly—he felt warm, alive, for the first time in over a hundred years.

An amused, melodic baritone broke the tense silence. "Aro, Aro, Aro," the voice chided, "Have you been a naughty boy?"

If there was one thing Edward thought he would never see, it was Aro looking like a deer caught in headlights. The Ancient had frozen—even by vampire standards—and his pupils were blown wide in fear. At either side, the other two reigning Volturi mirrored him, even the normally apathetic Marcus.

Sharp footsteps echoed as the mystery man approached the dais where Alice, Edward, Bella, and the three Volturi stood. Demetri, Felix, and Jane had backed off the moment the doors opened.

With each stride, Edward felt the newcomer's presence increase in pressure, until the man's strange power was cradling him in an embrace. He felt the muscles in his legs weaken, and would have fallen, had the invisible hold not tightened at the last moment.

He dared not turn around when he felt a warm breath ghost over the nape of his neck. Even without looking, Edward knew this was not a person he should cross.

"Interesting," they murmured, the voice washing over him like thick molasses. Edward nearly jumped when he felt a strong hand wrap around his left hip. A solid chest pressed into his back, and a warm, heady scent invaded his nose. The feel of the man's lingering hand sent sparks through his entire body, and he shivered noticeably, eyelids fluttering closed. The world faded into nonexistence in the wake of the sensation. "Very interesting."

It was ecstasy, the way the thoughts of those around him had suddenly been silenced, the way this man's power—his arms, his entire being—engulfed him. The stranger's mind, a steady comforting buzz, was a balm to his eternally tired conscience. Mine, it said, You're mine. His head fell back on the man's shoulder, exposing his vulnerable neck, and he released a great sigh as he melted into the welcomed embrace.

Bella, who watched the scene with confusion and slight fear, stepped forward. She had never, not once, seen a vampire purposely expose their throat before, not to anyone but their mate-and only when they were completely alone. She could not see past the hood of the dark cloak on the figure, save for the hungry green eyes that bore into the side of her boyfriend's head and roved over his features. "Edward?" she whispered, hoping to get his attention, to lift the spell this man had him under.

He didn't respond, but the stranger's gaze snapped to her's and she quailed underneath the weight of his stare. It was appraising, judging, and for the first time in her life, she felt utterly inadequate. Throughout this, he still did not let go of Edward, and Edward did not fight.

"So you're what the fuss is all about, hm?" the man asked. His voice wasn't loud, but it was commanding; a smooth, silky tone with a hint of an accent. Bella shuffled her feet a bit, eyes flicking between Edward's relaxed figure and Alice, who was watching the stranger with avid interest. She seemed unconcerned about his proximity to her sibling.

Bella was at a loss at what to say, and choked out an, "I—I guess." Her voice was rough and plain compared to the stranger's elegant lilt and she felt all the more cumbersome for it.

He must have found her fumble entertaining because he chuckled before turning to face Aro, Marcus, and Caius. Bella watched as he squeezed Edward's hip, not even bothering to step away. He walked forward, almost carrying the vampire with him.

She had to suppress the urge to run forward and tear her boyfriend away from his intruder, hurt at the way he allowed this person to touch him.

The stranger, meanwhile, had come to a stop not a foot from Aro. From that distance, Bella could see that the cloak he wore was floor length, pitch black, and made from a light, floaty fabric. He had some kind of leather gloves on his hands, and his feet were clad in heavy boots and she glimpsed a matte black weapon handle attached to the side of one of them. He was tall, taller than Edward, and much broader that her boyfriend's lithe frame.

He towered over Aro, and had to lean down to meet him face to face, his chin almost resting on Edward's shoulder while his hand came up to protect Edward's still exposed throat from the Volturi leader. They were inches apart. "There seems to be a problem here, Aro," he whispered. His voice, at odds with the volume at which he spoke, carried over the entire room. "Would you mind explaining what it is?"

Aro swallowed several times. Bella, who had been terrified by the Volturi leader just moments ago, was thrown by how much the aged vampire seemed to fear this stranger. Even more startling was how none of the vampires present were making a move to defend their leader from the threat. She glanced at Edward again. His topaz eyes were glazed, his face content, and he gazed at the ceiling lazily, unfazed by the hand on his neck.

"It's nothing, my Lord," Aro finally whispered. He did not meet the man's green eyes. Bella couldn't blame him—being under such scrutiny was frightening.

"Dear Aro, I wasn't giving you a choice. Explain. Now." The man's voice had lowered slightly, and was much harsher. It was clearly an order.

"It was a mere quarrel, my Lord. I was about to take care of a few lawbreakers before you entered."

The cloaked figure hummed and leaned back slightly, giving Aro some space. The vampire seemed to relax. "I see. Execution, then?"

Bella sucked in a sharp breath, and the stranger glanced back at her briefly. His eyes were amused. "Yes, my Lord," Aro said. "Edward Cullen, the male, sought his own destruction. I refused, as he has a valuable and rare gift. He planned to provoke us by exposing himself and his secret in broad daylight during the celebration taking place today. It turns out that he's also informed a human—" the word was spat as if it was a curse, and Bella saw the stranger tense, "—about our existence. As you know, the punishment for that is death—for everyone involved."

The Lord's hand unconsciously tightened around Edward's neck at Aro's words, whether to threaten or protect, Bella didn't know. "And the other?" he asked.

"We are hoping to contract her services, my Lord. She is a seer."

If Bella could see the man's eyebrows, she imagined that they would have risen. He looked over his shoulder at Alice, his gaze unreadable. The petite vampire seemed unaffected by his inspection, and she grinned at him. "Hi!" she chirped, as cheery as ever. "I'm Alice Cullen. It's nice to meet you." She stuck out a hand.

The stranger chuckled, before reaching up and throwing back his hood. He moved Edward so the vampire was pressed into his side, a single arm wrapped around his waist. Bella heard Edward's breath hitch and her own caught in her throat. "Harry Potter," the man said, taking Alice's hand in her own and pressing a kiss to the back of it. "At your service."

Harry Potter was human. He was utterly mortal, from the faint flutter of a pulse on the underside of his neck to the scar on his forehead.

Bella was dumbfounded. The Volturi were afraid of a human? Alice looked unperturbed, and Edward was just staring at the man.

Harry Potter's features were sharp, with high cheekbones, an attractively straight nose, arching eyebrows, and a strong jaw. White teeth peeked between coral pink lips, and a shadow of stubble graced his cheeks. Ebony hair fell in messy disarray and the man's intelligent eyes shone with the glow of inner power. He was tall, dark, and just as stunning as any vampire in the room, though obviously still a man, given his bright green eyes and tanned skin.

Dimples formed on his cheeks as he grinned at their reactions. "Don't look so shocked," he chuckled. The humor lasted for a few seconds before his face fell into an emotionless mask. He looked at Bella. "Isabella Swan, I presume."

Bella nodded, not bothering to correct the use of her name. "You've caused a bit of a ruckus here in Volterra. It's not often that a human comes into this room and lives for as long as you have." He stepped forward a bit. Edward jerked in his arms, seemingly wanting to protect her, but not anger this Harry Potter at the same time.

"And you," he said, his voice deepening. He looked down at Edward's face. "You must be Edward Cullen. An interesting talent you have. Mind-reading?"

Edward nodded. "Yes," he breathed, mystified. No one present had mentioned the specifics of his talent; how did this man know? Harry reached up to grasp Edwards chin and tilted his head to the side, once again exposing the pale neck beneath.

"Rather pretty as well, aren't you?"

Bella's eyes widened in disbelief. What? She thought. As if he could hear her, Harry glanced at her. "Are you not in agreement, Miss Swan?" he asked. "Do you not find him attractive?"

Bella flushed at the question and several of the vampires in the room stirred at the smell of blood so close to the surface. "I—yes. He's my boyfriend," she said, and then cringed at how juvenile that sounded.

Harry's lips twitched upwards. "Aro," he called.

"Yes, Lord Potter?"

"You will release the Cullens and Miss Swan to me. You will forget that they were ever here. That goes for your little minions as well. Should I hear of you pursuing them in the future—" He paused, and turned to look at Aro with dangerous eyes, hand still cupping Edward's face. "—I will eradicate you and every one of your followers from the face of the Earth. Are we clear?" Harry said all this as if he was discussing the weather.

Aro cleared his throat. "Yes, my Lord. We're clear." His eyes roamed over the assembled vampires, obviously implying that the orders were to be followed to the letter.

"Good," Harry said, finally releasing Edward's chin. "I should think it's time for us to leave. The residents seem to be ready for their dinner. We wouldn't wish to intrude." He gestured the trio to the still open doorway, "After you."

Alice smiled at Bella and skipped out of the room, stopping only briefly to assure her with a quick, "It'll be okay." Bella followed, reluctantly leaving Edward behind when he refused to move. Edward, who had gathered himself enough to stand on his own, stood there, waiting.

Harry chuckled again, the sound washing over Edward like a tidal wave, released Edward's waist and took his hand instead. The teenaged vampire looked back briefly, his eyes connecting with Bella's, before returning his attention to Harry.

Harry grinned, gave one last dangerous look to Aro and his lackeys, and led the delicious copper-haired man out. The doors slammed shut behind him.

A collective sigh of relief was released, and Demetri uttered a quiet, "Shit. I think I pissed my pants."

The four traveled in silence through the bowels of the Volturi stronghold. Harry, who had taken the lead the moment he left the main hall, led his three companions through gloomy, twisting hallways and up uneven stairs. The hood of his cloak once again obscured his features, and blended in with the surrounding shadows. He took each corner at a sharp turn and it was all Bella could do to keep up.

She kept close to Alice and Edward, wary of this stranger that had rescued them from certain death. They continued on until Harry abruptly stopped, and the three nearly ran into his back.

The tall man turned and felt along the wall with gloved fingers before he made a low noise of success and twisted his hand. Apparently, he had been searching for a handle, which was invisible in the darkness that encircled them.

"Out you go," he said, waving them forward through the doorway. As soon as they were through, Harry turned back to the wall and Bella heard a lock click into place. "We're almost to the surface."

Bella felt more than saw her companions nod before they fell back into step behind Harry's imposing figure and began to scale twisting stairs. They climbed for what felt like ages. Her legs burned with the effort.

Harry glanced back at her, not even winded at the exertion. "You should exercise more," he commented. Her face burned with embarrassment, but she nodded to show her understanding. He had a point; given her tendency to attract trouble—especially that of the supernatural, more stamina would go a long way to prolonging her life. His eyes flared with amusement.

Bella glanced up at Edward, hoping for some sign of support, but her boyfriend looked as if he barely registered the world around him. His hand was still gripped in Harry's.

Edward walked as if in a daze. The feel of invisible arms around him was enthralling, but also baffling. This man, this human, had some sort of power over him and it scared him. Who are you? He silently asked.

He'd gone his entire unlife hearing the mental voices of those around him. Loud and quiet, good and bad; nothing was private. Privy to the inner workings of thousands of minds, he'd aged in ways that even his sire, Carlisle, could not claim. Not once had he experienced the soothing quiet that Harry Potter brought. It was as if the man's mental presence overwhelmed all others in his proximity, drowning them out, while also keeping his own thoughts private. Silence, utter and complete except for the lulling buzz of Harry's mind—almost like a heart beat or gentle humming—was all he heard.

He found himself reluctant to give that up.

"We're here." Harry's voice was like a beacon, and they all crowded around him, eager to leave the dreary world of the Volturi behind. They emerged onto a shaded pavilion. The afternoon sun beat down on the city square beyond.

Bella groaned. "Edward and Alice can't go out in the sun, they'll draw too much attention."

Harry hummed in agreement, "Oh dear, I suppose that'll be a problem, won't it?" He sounded entirely unconcerned. He shrugged off his cloak, revealing tight, black, molded armor beneath, and threw the delicate fabric over his arm before pulling off a single glove. His hands were large and strong, and an expensive-looking ring rested on his middle finger. "I'll just have to fix that, then."

Bella watched in bewilderment as he approached Alice with Edward trailing behind him. The pixie-like vampire watched with an excited smile on her face as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

Harry reached up and touched both of her cheeks, one after the other, his fingertips grazing over the smooth, marble skin. Alice giggled at the feeling of what felt like fingers tickling her insides. Harry turned to Edward next, quite obviously skipping over Bella in the process. He smiled softly at his fellow human in reassurance, trying not to alarm her.

When he came to Edward, however, instead of a touch on the cheeks, he grabbed the back of Edward's neck with a firm hand and looked him straight in the eyes. Edward stared back, delirious at the feel of the man's power cocooning him. He relaxed in Harry's hold completely, coming to lean against the broad chest. What do you want with me? He wondered.

Harry's lips twitched into a small smirk and he leaned in until his nose brushed against the side of Edward's head. "Soon," the tall man murmured, and then released him.

"Where do you reside?" he asked. His eyes came to rest on Alice, as Edward was quite obviously in no shape for intelligent thought.

"Forks, Washington."

Harry snorted. "Rainy, I presume?" Alice giggled and nodded. "Alright then. Follow me." He turned without another word and set off across the plaza.

The crowd, so tightly meshed that they looked more like a sea of blood than people in red robes, parted before Harry's confident stride. Without hesitating, Alice and Edward followed him, one considerably more lucid than the other. Bella gasped audibly when the sunlight hit the two vampire's skin and... nothing happened.

She was jolted from her thoughts as she noticed the trio getting farther and farther away. Obviously Harry wouldn't be waiting for her. She wondered at Alice's easy compliance and Edward's apparent fascination with the man, and she herself couldn't deny being curious about this stranger. She had to run to catch up and, to avoid being swept away by the crowd, Bella situated herself between the tall Lord and her vampire companions.

They walked for several minutes, down one street and then another. It was a seemingly random pattern and Bella briefly wondered if Harry knew where he was going at all.

Meanwhile, Alice enjoyed the feel of the sun on her skin. She hadn't been in a crowd in such wonderful weather for many, many years. Her laugh echoed off of the old buildings as she strode along, her face upturned to the sun. Even Edward had broken from his trance long enough to gaze at his skin in amazement.

Oddly enough, their presence wasn't drawing any attention. Bella noticed how people's gazes seemed to almost slide over them, as if they didn't register her party's existence. She put it down as one of Harry's odd powers.

Once again, Harry gave no signal before he stopped abruptly. Turning to face them, he smiled at the obvious delight and amazement on the faces of the two vampires, before he motioned to the open door of a small antique store. "Inside, please," he said.

Bella was hesitant to enter. It was starting to irk her, how Edward and Alice simply did as Harry said. As far as she knew, neither of them had ever met the man before, but they acted as if his word was law... and they were happy about it.

At least, Alice seemed to be. Edward was just acting strange. More than normal, at least.

Harry smiled at her knowingly when she glanced at him, wariness written all over her features. "Don't worry," he prompted, "I'm not going to hurt you." He had the urge to make a quip about being an axe-murderer, but then again, she was travelling with two vampires, who were significantly more dangerous than a homicidal maniac with a sharp weapon, and he didn't think she would appreciate his humor at the moment.

With one last, long look, she entered the shop.