"Give me back my jacket Evans!"

"Then give me back my homework Potter."

"But that's my favorite one!" He whines.

"Get over it, I need that paper for Potions."

"C'mon, lemme copy half?" He gives me those pitiful eyes. Like when a dog just knocked over the garbage and wants to make up for it by looking cute.


"A quarter?"


"A sentence?"

"No Potter, just give me back my bloody paper!"

He's giving me that look again. That sly smile that says he's up to something. I can't place it; he's always trying to trick me to get what he wants.


I'm attacked from behind by something and feel the jacket ripped out of my hands and see James catch it.

Then I feel myself being turned on my back and see Sirius Black on top of me, grinning down at me.

"Black!" I scream.

James is laughing. Grrr, I want my homework back. It took me forever to do and now it's about to be taken credit for by a moron.

"You got your jacket, now give me my paper back!" I scream under Sirius.

Remus and Melody walk in. Melody's curly black hair is in a high ponytail, neat as always while Remus looks… I don't know, like he was playing in a rose bush? As always.

They laugh.

Everyone laughs.

No one pities the poor girl being crushed on the floor.

"Let the poor girl go!" Melody laughs.

I feel the weight lifted off of me.

Now's my chance.

James shouts as I tackle him to the ground. See, James Prick Potter? I've proved I can tackle you, haha what will you do now?

"Oh my, I've been attacked by a five foot three girl! What ever shall I do?"

"Shut up and stop being dramatic." I bounced on his stomach once, making him let out a huff of breath

"Give me my money Prongs!" Sirius shouts.

Did they really make a bet on me? Well better that Sirius won than James.

Of course I'm looking down at him oddly, and only James takes this as a sign that I like him.

"Now Lily, shouldn't we go on a date first?" He jokes. Grrr, such a prick. Biggest prick I've ever met actually.

He thinks I like him. I don't like him, he's James Prick Potter. He acts like he likes me too. Impossible on both… Right?

Then I snatch my homework back. Haha, who's looking so smug now?

Wait, why is it still him?

Why so smug Potter?

Oh wait…

"Why so smug Potter?"

"He just liked that you were on top of him." Melody smirks.

First time I've ever seen James blush like that.

"Go snog Sirius or something." Haha, take that Melody.

Sirius drags me into another room. "You like James." He accuses.

James? James Prick Potter? No way, never. "Not in a million years." Oh, did I just really say that last part out loud? Dang, at least James isn't here, that might hurt his pride a bit.

He gives me that look. Not the one James gives me, but that, you've got to be kidding me look.

Guess what Black, I'm not.

"You like Melody."

He scoffs.

And he calls me the liar.

As we go back to the common room I have a feeling Melody and James had a conversation similar to ours.

That's probably because when we walk in Melody's shouting, "Sirius? Sirius Black? Why would you even say that?"


"Er- Hey Lil." James says, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

Lil? What am I supposed to call a prick like him then? Jame? Pot? No, I'll think of something.

"Some day I'm going to lock you two together in a closet." Sirius threatens.

James actually pales. Just earlier he was blushing.

Do I look that bad today? I know my hair is down and a bit messy, but it's not my fault! Melody let me use her shampoo, and it's for curly hair not straight like mine!

Curse Melody for her curly purpose only shampoo.

Curse Sirius for thinking I like James.

Curse James for being James.

Curse Remus for…. Wait, where is Remus?

Hmmm… Never mind that.

"Stop looking at me." I glare at James.

"I'm not looking at you."

"Then why are your eyes facing me?"

"I-I was looking at something behind you."

"You're a horrible liar Prongs." Melody pipes up.

Yet still he's looking at me. Like I just grew a third eye out of my forehead. Or maybe he's just looking at a pimple.

I try to look at my forehead.

Bad idea, it's basically going cross-eyed, just looking up. Yeah, I'm sure I looked like I belonged in St. Mungo's or something.

Then James pulls Sirius over and they start whispering… And looking at me.

Again with the staring.

Then that's when Sirius throws his arms up and shouts, "LILY BO-BILLY!" And runs at me like he's about to tackle me.

That's when I'm simply engulfed in Padfoot stink.

He hugs me so I'm facing James who is laughing. Then before I can do or say anything, James points his wand at me and I'm hit in the face by a spell.

Once again I say…

Curse James Prick Potter.