"Today's the day! Today's the day!" Peter and Remus were singing, skipping down the corridors.

Now of course, Sirius and I wanted to shove them in that vanishing cabinet and see when they ended up but noooooo… Remus had to go along and use his stupid voice of reason.

Sirius was grinding his teeth beside me, making me wince every five seconds.

"Stop that!" I punched him in the arm and he glared at me.

What? You say I have no heart? Psh, I got plenty of heart, but this is the guy who made me miss out on my date with Lily in the Three Broomsticks anyways.

"Don't let nerves get to you." I sighed.

In all honestly, the nerves were beginning to get to me too. I mean, I've been waiting to kiss her FOREVER, and now that I get the chance I get nerves! Bloody hell, what kind of sick world is this?

And we're NOT childish.

"Oh Merlin! Go!" Sirius shoved me in the nearest classroom; luckily it was an empty one.

Just as I flew in, I saw the Lily and Melody walking our way.

I repeat: NOT childish.

"We're going to have to do it eventually!" I hissed as Sirius closed the door, backing away as if it was going to leap out and attack him.

Sheesh, doors these days.

He clapped a hand over my mouth, muffling the rest of my words as voices and footsteps went by.

"That's it!" I told him, pulling off his hand and running for the door.

I needed to kiss Lily before I got cold feet. I needed to kiss her to show her how much I really loved her.

Instead of bolting gracefully out the door like I'd hoped, I collapsed into a heap in the corridor because bloody Sirius had tackled my legs.

"Good luck mate." I felt him release my legs and heard the clatter of running footsteps.



I turned and saw Melody and Lily had stopped, watching me oddly.

Well shucks…

"I- I'll see you guys later." Was all I managed before I began speed walking away.

I heard giggles behind me and was glad they couldn't see my face. No doubt it was red as a tomato.

Curse tomatoes… Why must they be so red and delicious? Wait, James, stay on track here. Kissing. Lily. Express deep love…

And I just chickened out! I'm turning into Sirius! Call the Ministry! The Muggles! Bloody St. Mungo's Hospital, I'm turning into a madman!

I realized I was actually having this whole thing going on inside my head. Daaang, I must look crazy.

"Stop stalling." I turned and saw Remus standing there, looking incredibly smug and slightly un-Remus-ish.

"You're killing me mate." I said wearily, trying to resist the urge to bang his head on the wall a couple times.

Remus sighed, looking at me as if I was a student that refused to learn and he was the determined, patient teacher. "C'mon, I've got two Galleons on you!"


"Two Galleons." He held up two fingers. "You can't let me lose to Wormtail!"

I scoffed. "Yes, I really want to help you win, even though you started this whole thing, putting us through hell!"

"Au contraire." He smiled pleasantly. "You'd love to help me. Then you don't have a hurt pride, I win the bet, there are two more couples here at Hogwarts, and everyone's happy! Win-win-win-win!"

I curse his voice of reason again as I speak. "Fine, deal."

I ran off and almost ran straight into Lily coming around the corner. Before I could chicken out, I moved to kiss her.

And she put her hand up.

"I- I have a date."

My jaw dropped. "Date?"

"Don't act so shocked!" She snapped.

Her face softened and she looked at me for another fleeting second before turned and walking away.


Leave it to them to confuse me just when I thought I had things sorted out…


Trust me. I like James. Wait, I didn't just say that.

Forget that whole part. I like Brett, my date. Yeah, he's from Ravenclaw, he's attractive, it's all going to be fine.

I should stop worrying about James.

Anyways, Brett is nice. He's kind. He doesn't lock me in bathrooms either.

He invited me to the next Quidditch game.

"You!" I heard a voice shout, and turned to see an angry Melody storming towards me.

CRAP. "Ahhhhh!" I shout, taking off running down the corridor.

I hear Melody's battle cry behind me as she begins to chase me. "He was going to kiss you!" She shouted. "You should have done it!"

"I don't like him!" I shouted back, breathing hard as I weaved through a group of students coming out of class, hoping to lose Melody in the crowd.

"You do!" She screeched. "You blew your chance!"

I snuck a quick glance behind me and saw she was still after me, shoving people out of her way instead of moving around them.

Hell, what is with my friends these days?

Finally I ran out of breath and she caught up to me, grabbing me by the shoulders and pushing me against the hard stone of the corridor. "Get rid of that Brett guy and date James!"

I squirmed in her grasp, desperately trying to escape, but nothing worked, it was like fighting a stone statue. "Let me do this." I finally sighed. "It's my life, not yours."

She scowled and finally released me. "You're going to regret it Lily." She said firmly. "I know you, and you will."

"Maybe." I said, walking away before she could confuse me more, before I could get even more messed up than I already was.

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