Yay, I edited everything that required editing! For the record my writing style has changed a bunch in the past few years since I wrote those, and these next chapters are going to be very detailed in comparison. :D If you haven't read the second and third books, this won't make much sense so here's a summarized explanation:

Five can see what's happening with the others through a mirror in her Chest. This is when Adelina dies, killed by a Mog by getting stabbed through the heart. UNFORTUNATELY, well, she's the last woman Cêpan, so you understand how this cannot be permitted to happen. She has to live or, well, the whole point in saving any of the Cêpans is gone. So, thus, she is saved!


I trusted Four to do the right thing. I whipped out my phone and glanced over at Jarek, but just found him talking in hushed tones with Brandon. Their faces had lit up and they were talking happily. I caught snatches of conversation and realized how long it must have been for Jarek, with no one to talk to who remembered Lorien. Then, with a second revelation, I realized it had been equally long for Brandon.

My phone buzzed in my lap, getting a belated text message. I stared down at the blinking screen, recognizing Four's number across the top.

Who are you, and how did you get this #?

You're easier to track than you would like to think, I responded. I couldn't very well tell him his buddy Henri had told me, now could I? My short red hair fell in my eyes and I brushed it impatiently out of the way, waiting for my phone to buzz again. The truck bounced roughly along the road, Henry's shoulders jarring into my own. I rolled the window down, when my phone buzzed in my lap.

What number are you? John texted. I could practically hear how impatient he was in his tone.

Psshhh. Wouldn't you like to know, I reply. I can't help but smirk slightly, hoping I was driving him batty. I love driving people batty. It's one of my favorite past times.

We need to meet up. Who are you? he asks.

You can't reach them, they'll die. I texted. I didn't want to explain more, because it would reveal information the Mog's could tap.

But why?

Good bye, Number Four. We will meet shortly.

I flip my phone shut and turn it off. I imagine how frustrated he must be with me, and allow myself a small giggle. Frustrating people is so much fun. But on a serious note, I honestly do have things I ought to be setting off to do down in South America. Right this second, I know that Seven is in Spain sitting in front of her computer, trying to find as much as she can about John Smith. And I know mysterious Number Ten is disguising herself as a six year old, and getting incorporated into the very orphanage in which Seven is sitting right this moment.

There's only a matter of time before John finds out how to work that adorable white tablet of his, and he'll know where I am. I have to get as far away from him as possible, without getting on a plane. Prefferably, I would like to go meet up with Seven and Ten, or perhaps go meet Eight again. I wonder briefly where Nine has gotten himself to, considering I haven't got a clue where he is, but figure now is not the time to worry about him.

Days pass slow and quickly at the same time as we drive down through Mexico, and into Central America, all the way down to Columbia. There was a hidden cave there, with the walls intricately painted in never fading Loric colors, with a gorgeous floor and a spiral, with a huge blue rock called Loralite in the middle. I pulled out my chest and Jarek reached over, so we could open it together.

One of the tools in my chest is a mirror, but it isn't quite a mirror. It's a black iron ring, and filled with mercury. If you've ever seen a bubble blower, the way the soap stretches around the ring, it was like that. The liquid mercury moves and swirls, and when you stick your fingers through it a sort of blue light shimmers and it'll show you something. I can see what happens to the others through it. If i stick four fingers through it, I see John. If I stick through seven, I can see Seven, and so on.

I have tried seeing where Three was before, and it was the scariest thing that had ever happened to me. The mercury burned my fingers and my entire mind went numb, my heart thudding in my chest. The mercury turned hard and black, then exploded in a cloud of silver dust that rested in the frame of the mirror. Slowly the dust had beaded back into a mercury mirror, but it had taken hours.

I shoved through seven fingers, and saw the world through the mirror in the eyes of Marina. She was staring at a Mog, with a small child and a full grown woman. There was a Mogadorian, which the woman charged. The Mog grabbed her around the throat and threw her to the ground, then stabbed her through the heart. I gasped, my heart thudding in my throat. I could hear Marina scream, and watched her kill the Mog's and run to the woman's side. She tried to heal her, but she was already dead. I cursed and watched Marina and the child leave, then put the mirror down and scrambled to my feet.

"Do I seriously have to save ALL of you?" I growled, directing it at Brandon. I sighed, took a deep breath, and stared at the Loralite by my feet. I closed my eyes, then yelled "Spain, Santa Teresa, CONVENT!" The Loralite shimmered, and I dove through it like a pool of water, rising half way out of liquified stone tiles on the floor of the convent where Seven had been moments before, just feet away from the woman's dead foot. I debated scrambling out of the floor for a moment, but decided I better not be crawling around a convent filled with Mogs with a dead body, and I wasn't sure how I'd get back without more Loralite, so I just grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her through the stone with me and back to the cave.I hauled her onto the spiral gravel, and Jarek leapt forward.

He had on latex gloves from only God knows where, and leapt on the woman the second she hit the ground. He shoved his fingers through the hole in her chest, plugging the hole in her heart and then squeezing it slightly to get her blood pumping. Brandon leaned her head back, and pushed air from his lungs into hers. I put my hands on her stomach, and felt a tiny spark of life flicker up. She had only been dead for a minute max, though it was probably closer to fifteen or so seconds. I drew energy from the Loralite that was just solidifying behind me, and poured it into her body, slowly filling her up with life.

When she finally opened her eyes, I sat back on me heels and sighed, utterly exhausted.

"You Cêpans have been entirely inconsiderate the past couple days," I huff. "You need to stop bloody well dying. You are the last female Cêpan alive, how are we supposed to make more of them without you, huh?" I cross my arms and glare at her. "We can't JUST have Garde to save Lorien!"

"What the..." she mumbles, sitting upright and staring at me wide eyed. "Who're you?"

"Number Five. Lovely to meet you," I say, and reach out to shake her hand. "What is your name?"

"Adelina," she says. "Sorry, how did I get here?"

"Jarek, Brandon and I had to bring you back to life," I said. "Because you were so royally inconsiderate as to get yourself killed. Entirely improper, by the way, because NOW you can't help Seven and Ten anymore."

"Wait, Ten? There are only nine," she says, staring at me in confusion.

"There was a second ship. The little girl is a Garde, too."


"Enough questions," I say, a wave of exhaustion hitting me. "Or, ask one of them. I'm going to take a nap." I shove my fingers back through the mirror and hand it to Jarek. "Please keep an eye on them and make sure they don't get in any more trouble, or wake me up," I say as the image materializes. I scoot away from the others and fall into a deep sleep on the edge of the cave.