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I was watching the tablet and the moving, blinking dot flash across the screen, getting closer and closer. I knew from checking the tablet earlier that Five had been in Jamaica, so we had looked at the list of incoming flights and found that one was landing here from Mexico, after a layover in Jamaica before that. The plane was designated to land in five minutes, and we were all very antsy.

We were attracting several weird looks, covered in blood an dust as we were, and a group of rag-tag kids ranging from 11 years to nearly 18 years of age. The buzz of planes over head, and the large quantity of people, did nothing to dispel our worries. Ella and Five had been talking mentally, but all Five had done was make strange requests. It made me worry that maybe a Mog had found out how to tap into Ella's telepathy.

So far, Five had requested that Seven and I not be allowed in to see her until later, and she hadn't offered any information about herself.

"I've met Five before," Eight had offered. "She's cool. She looks pretty weird, though."

Of course, Nine had jumped on that: "Weird? How weird? Like, hot weird, or weird weird?"

"Like, have you ever seen a Lorien with red hair?" Eight had replied. "Not like that orangey color you see on humans, but actual RED hair."

"I'm up for red," Nine had said, grinning. "She hot?"

"I guess," Eight had said, looking awkwardly at Six and Seven. I rolled my eyes and hugged Sarah close to me, even though - let's be honest, she had been trapped in a Mog cave for a while - she stunk.

"Damn, man, you're as much a wuss as Four!" he declared hotly. "I guess I'll have to judge for my self."

"Four," Ella says, tugging on my shirt to drag my attention back to right now. "The plane is landing. You and Marina have to stay here, ok?"

"Can you ask her why?" I ask, blinking down at her. "Otherwise, we shouldn't split up."

"It's Five, I promise," Ella says. "I can tell. And she says it's a surprise."

I want to object, but I know they'd just drown me out and do it anyway. "Fine," I grumble. "Just make sure you come back here quickly." I look up in time to see the wheels of a pretty big plane touch down right on the runway. It rolls to a stop, and men scramble to put those expandable hallways up next to the door. Ella, Eight, Six, and Nine all head through security and disappear around a corner to meet Five at the terminal.

Six's POV:

Leaving John behind made me anxious, but I don't show it. I rest the palm of my hand on Ella's shoulder and ignore Nine and Eight exchanging comments about whatever girls they happen to pass. Sarah stayed back with John and Marina, leaving the four of us walking awkwardly through an airport. I was very conscious of the fact that my dyed-blonde hair was filled with soot and caked with blood and cracked black rock, and that everyone around us was wearing clean cut-suits or proper-fitting jeans.

The gate sat before us and we walk towards the seats that surround it, and the door opened. Through the sound we couldn't hear what the announcer said, I assumed that she was announcing the arrival of the flight. People began to trickle through the door, until finally I see a bobbing red head come from the door.

The girl wasn't short or tall, small or large, and probably on the young side of us. She was probably 15 or so, by the look of her. Maybe 14, or perhaps 16; I wasn't the best judge. Her hair looked like a dyed bright red, and her eyes were a weird shade of grey that glittered sort of like metal. She looked stunningly average to me, aside from her queer eyes and the fact that I knew her hair wasn't dyed red. She caught sight of us, and over her shoulder I saw three adults clustered close. Her eyes widened and she grinned. I examined the adults behind her and, shocked, I recognized one of them.

"Henri?" I say loudly. I see Ella has stiffened behind me, too.

"Adelina?" she calls out, making eye contact with the woman over the sea of heads in the airport. We begin pushing our way through with "excuse me"s and "pardon me"s, and suddenly Five's bright red head disappears. The same second I see her fall, a horrible pain sears through my leg and I barely contain a scream. I fall to the ground, fire racing up my nerves, and a knot fills the pit of my stomach. I know this pain; this is the pain I experienced every time one of the Garde die. My heart pounds and my fear overwhelms the pain, and I push myself up and run towards Five. She was the only one I saw collapse; was she dead? Or was it John? Or Marina?

When I make it to Five, she's staring blankly at the ceiling and slowly focuses in on my face.

"I knew that would happen," she mumbled. "But maybe I should've taken an asprin first." Immediately, I slap her. She knew one of the Garde would die? And she didn't DO ANYTHING?!

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" she said angrily, rubbing her face.

"You knew someone was going to die?!" I yelled,, voicing my thoughts and anger. "WHO WAS IT? WHO DIED?"

"Damn you're psycho," she said crossly, removing her fingers from her cheek. "No one died. Look at your ankle, dumbass." She pushed herself to her feet, limping slightly. I hiked up the corner of my pants, and to my relief didn't see another scar. At least, not one of those scars. There was a strange blue looking spiral going around my ankle that looked almost like a tattoo the color of Loralite.

"What is this?" I demand, glancing up at her.

"The charm is broken," she replied.

"The charm was already broken," I scoffed, getting to my own feet. Nine was limping slightly towards us, with Eight right behind him.

"Six," she sighed. Then she paused. "Yeah, you're Six, right? I think so. I think I have your faces straight, anyway. ANYWAY. When does the charm break?"

"When we meet up," I said, a DUH tone in my voice. "John and I met up, and so it broke."

"No, no, no," she said, hauling her bag off the ground where she must've dropped it. "It breaks when we meet up, but we all have to meet up. I had been seriously worried only half of us would have to meet up for it to break, but luckily it took all of us. When you and John met up, WE didn't meet up. We refers to the Garde in general, I think. Or at least, that is what it seems like is going on, right?"

I frown at her, but considering I already slapped her when I shouldn't have I decided to refrain from any snotty remarks. Nine whistles slowly, having heard the explanation. I glance at him, but know he wasn't whistling from what she said. I turn just in time to catch him in a terribly flirtatious eye-brow-wiggle. I turned to see how she'd react, and saw she had arched an eyebrow at him.

"Let's see. Arrogant, annoying, and perverted," she said. "You must be Nine. It's absolutely a PLEASURE to meet you." She did not offer her hand, and I could tell by her facial expression she didn't view it as a pleasure.

She then caught sight of Eight, and a grin broke out on her face. She skipped to him and hugged him. Eight was rather tall, so she barely came up to his shoulders, and when she stepped back he was grinning too. I bit my lip, hoping that was just a friendly hug, otherwise Marina would be devastated.
I caught sight of Nine pouting slightly, and smirked at him over Five's head. He glowered at me, then looked at the three adults who thusfar had done nothing.

"Henri," I said, stepping closer to him and inspecting his face. I hadn't gotten a good look at him, nor could I really remember him because I had only met him in the middle of a fight with Mogadorians. But I DID remember he was dead, considering John had held him while he died. I glanced at the woman, who Ella had identified as Adelina, Marina's Cêpan. I wondered who the third adult was, and realized he must be Five's Cêpan. I looked over their shoulders, hoping desperately that another "dead" Cêpan would appear... but I already knew Katarina wasn't there. My shoulders slumped a bit, but I hid it mostly.

"Six," he replied, touching my dyed-blonde hair. "This is new."

"Yeah," I nodded. "I had to dye it to blend in, you know. How are you alive?" I asked. He laughed.

"Very straight forward of you," he said. "Five had a hand in that. She has a Healing Legacy."

"Like Marina?" I ask. "But, then how is Adelina alive?"

"That was more recent science," Henry admitted. "We tried CPR."

"CPR," I said, my jaw slacking a bit. "Like, hitting on her chest a few times CPR." I felt stupid for not thinking of it earlier.

"Yeah, it was enough to bring her spark back," Five interjected. "And therefore enough to heal her."

"But how did you get there?" I asked.

"You know the Loric caves?" she asked, looking at Eight and I. "Where you guys teleported to someplace else?" We both nodded. "Well, you don't have to have a teleportation legacy for that. They're like short cuts to everywhere else, all you have to do is yell out a location and jump through the Loralite. Nifty, huh?"

"What about Crayton?" Ella asked, pushing between Eight and I to look up at Five. Five's face suddenly softened, and she kneeled in front of Ella. Ella had reverted to her six year old self for the time, and so were on eye level.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "CPR wouldn't have worked. He was too... broken." Ella's lip trembled, and her eyes filled with water. "He didn't hurt, and he loved you dearly." Five patted Ella awkwardly on the arm, then got to her feet.

"So," she said briskly, looking at me. "How do think John will handle this? Should we give him a heads up, or just go straight outside with his dead Dad in tow?"