Several days later –

Alex, Pete, Georgie and Dim are at the Police Station, again. No, nobody's in trouble. They are at a meeting with Julian and the other detectives at the other precinct. The boys are out of costume, and are dressed as civilians. They look dapper and handsome.

Alex is minus his 'eyelash'. On occasion, he might give his familiar smirk. But he's actually behaving himself. His wedding ring is visible on his left ring finger. So are the wedding bands of Pete, Georgie and Dim. Officers Georgie and Dim are wearing their Police badges on the lapels of their jackets. Alex and Pete don't have any, and are the obvious visiting guests.

The Boys/Droogs listen closely to Jules and the detectives explaining a new criminal assignment for them to look into, involving hoodlums.

Alex excuses himself (momentarily) to use the rest room. Finished, he prepares to re-enter the office to return to the meeting. He pauses, and reaches into his inner jacket pocket. He pulls out something small and flat: a photo. It is the photograph of Peggy in her black slip and stockings, looking winsome and seductive at the same time. Her smile is soft. She is seated near the vanity – and Alex Jr.'s bassinette.

Alex blissfully smiles at his wife's picture. Like before, a voice disrupts his reverie:

"Careful, Droogy! You might get a pan-handle viddyin' your Leggy!"

The warning is followed by foolish laughter. It's none other than Dim, who stuck his head out the door.

"Shut up!", Alex tells him, in jest. He chuckles.

Alex puts away Peggy's picture, and returns to the meeting.