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"AHHHHHHHHH" the eight-tailed Naruto roared at Pain.

/ In the seal/

Naruto was being immersed in the malevent charka. The foxes evil will was over powering our blond haired teen. He was thinking of his friends ' Kiba Shikamaru Choji' he was thinking of his comrades 'kakashi-sensei tsunade-baa iruka-sensei' he was thinking of his precious people 'hinata tenten shino … sakura' he was quickly losing consciousness

/in the death gods world/

"The seal is breaking," shouted Minto "I have to activate the fail safe!" when a hand rested on his shoulder

"No" said the death God

"What? Why not? He'll die if the fox escapes the seal!" Minto exclaimed.

"His destiny is about to chose one of two paths one with your help, the other he will forge himself." explained the death god. "Should he lose any more control then and only then can you interfere."

/ Back in the seal/

Naruto was fading fast when memories in the back of his head played themselves' in his mind'only when you protect your precious people can you be truly strong' Haku 'those who ignore the rules are trash but those who ignore their comrades are less than trash' kakashi 'don't worry ero-sensei I wont lose control of the fox and I'll carry on your dream of piece' ero-sensei "I promised I wouldn't lose control I promised to bring piece if I keep losing control he'll win and everyone will have gave their lives for nothing" then something miraculous happened the flow of red charka instead of consuming naruto it was being consumed.

'What? No he should be consumed by my hate! This… is.n't ' thought the fox.

And just like that the great kyuubi no kitsune was no more.

/Back at the fight with pain/

Just as pain was about to use another full power shera tensei the eight tail powered fox disappeared and a completely in control naruto appeared with nine golden fox tails and a cross in his eye due to the sage mode and the youki now flowing freely through his system. "Now I'm in control pain," he said with his fox like smirk " and I'm going to take you down"

So? I know its not the best story out there but Id like an honest opinion and soon I'll put a poll up for naruto having a harem or not and yes tsukune will be in this but not for a few chapters.