****Author's Note****Due to the slight interest of my fellow fangirls, I have decided to continue the saga of my OFC and her (note the sarcastic quotation marks) "relationship" with our favorite vigilantes. Reading my other fic "One Saint or Another" will give you some background on this one, but it isn't really needed. This one focuses more on Connor, but there is some Murphy yumminess included. My next one (in progress) will focus more on Murphy, then I'm thinking of entering into the timeline of the movies. Let me know what y'all think. Once again this is purely smut (smuttier than the first, I think), if that's not your thing, or if you are looking for some fic with a deeply spiritual insight into the twins, move along, nothing to see here. As always, review are like air conditioning in the south, you could probably survive without it, but what the hell would be the point of going on? Anyway, enjoy!*******

Since I had given my assent to…ahem, "date" both him and Murphy, Connor had gotten, well, different. Not weird or bad or anything, just different. I was actually feeling like a girlfriend for the first time since he and I had started seeing each other. He was making it a point to pay attention to my schedule, find out when I would be off so he and I could actually go on dates. I mean real dates, not the reasonable facsimile thereof that we had been doing before which had involved a lot less clothes and the use of our tongues for things other than conversation.

He hadn't ever been rude or disrespectful before, their mother had raised them better than that. But now…he was opening doors, trying to push in my chair when I sat down (I say trying because I had never really gotten the hang of that particular custom myself (I mean was I supposed to scoot the chair in myself and just let him make sure that I didn't fall out on my face, or was I supposed to just sit there and let him struggle to get me and the chair moved under the table)). Even going to the bar to get me my drinks, which is what he was doing now as I watched him weave back through the crowd to our booth.

He bumped into a girl in a dress that was entirely too tight for her, and he smiled and apologized. She not so casually touched his hand as he passed and she spoke back to him. Quietly enough that he had to lean in to hear her and she placed a hand against his stomach as she repeated herself. Classic move, I thought, watching the bitch. I had used something similar to attract Connor's attention in the first place. He stepped back, nodding at her and saying something else. She laughed excessively as he nodded and walked away. I watched her, watching him, as he made his way over to me. He put my drink down in front of me and took up his seat across from me. She looked at me and I arched an eyebrow at her, staking claim. She dropped the corners of her mouth and raised both eyebrows questioningly. Then she went right back to ogling Connor. I narrowed my eyes and glared at her.

"Lass?" he asked, leaning towards me.

"Yeah," I replied, never moving my eyes from the skank who still hadn't looked away.

"Something going on?"

I broke my stare long enough to look back at him, softening my expression. "Not really."

"Oh, aye? You always sit in a bar ignoring your drink, staring off into space like you're about to rip out someone's throat?"

I laughed slightly, shaking my head, taking a sip of my drink. "I was not."

"Well, maybe not rip it out exactly, but definitely preparing an attack."

I smiled up at him, "Need to work on my poker face, then, I guess."

"What is it?"

I shook my head at him, swigging the remarkably smooth whiskey straight that he had brought back. "Nothing serious. Boundary issues."

"Oh, aye?" he asked, drinking his own pint.

"Yeah, that skinny little bitch you bumped into on the way back to the table," he moved like he was going to turn back, "Don't look!" I near shouted, grabbing his hand. He settled back, smothering a smile. "She's got an eye on you. I told her you were with me, and she said 'we'll see about that'."

"You said all that?" he asked incredulously. "When?"

"It's all in the eyes," I said looking over his shoulder, eyeing her again. "It's a girl thing."

"You want to maybe piss on my leg? Claim your territory, as it were?"

"Don't be a smartass –" I started, but before I could finish my whole sentence, he was out of his side of the booth pulling me to my feet. He pinned me between himself and the barrier between our booth and the next one, pressed hard against me. He slid both his hands under my hair, his fingers on my scalp, his thumbs on my cheeks and captured my lips with his. His kiss was insistent and intense, I couldn't help but surrender to it, slipping my tongue between his lips, tasting him greedily. My hands slid around his waist, my fingers pressed hard into his lower back, holding him to me. He shifted his hips subtly, not enough to be indecent in public, but enough that no one who was watching could confuse the motion for anything other that what it was intended for. I felt my face flush and blood rush into my groin and I moaned into his mouth. He pulled back slightly, pressing our foreheads together, sliding one hand down my arm, resting it on my hip.

I smiled at him, like an idiot, as he kissed me once more lightly on the lips, then pulled one of my hands to his face and kissed my palm. He stepped back then, motioning me into the booth. I nodded thanks at him, and slid in, pulling my drink with me as he slid in next to me. Turned slightly towards me, he laid a hand across the span of skin on my chest exposed by my low-cut blouse as he nuzzled my neck, whispering against my skin "What does she say now?"

"Hang on," I said, my eyes on her, raising both eyebrows at her. Translation: 'Told you so.' She opened both eyes wide, lowered her chin and looked away. "Translation: defeat acknowledged," I said out loud to Connor, who scooted back slightly, sliding one arm around my shoulders and grabbing his pint with the other.

"You're welcome," he said, looking out at the crowd, like nothing had happened.

I grinned. "Didn't do me any favors. You're the one who would have gone home with piss stains on your leg."

He laughed, "Good for me then." He waved a hand, motioning someone towards us. Looking up I saw a mop of unruly dark curls making its way through the crowd, smiling I waved at Rocco as he approached. He slid in across from us, tapping a cigarette out of his pack. Greetings all around and I looked up watching for Murphy who was crossing the room drinks in hand, weaving the same path Connor had just taken, right past the same whore and a half, who watching him approach, stepped deliberately into his path to bump into him.

Murphy also apologized as she leaned into him, her body making contact with his in all the right places. "This bitch just doesn't quit," I muttered under my breath.

Connor glanced at me before following my stare. His eyes widening as this girl got awfully hand-sy with Murphy, who holding two drinks had very little means to protect himself. "She has got quite an appetite, this one," Connor confirmed.

Rocco turned to follow our eyes. "Damn," Rocco said watching the scene straight out of a mating special on National Geographic unfold. She had one hand fisted in his coat collar, holding him close to her mouth while she breathed words into his ear as her other hand roamed freely over his body. She hadn't gone quite so far as to grab his junk, yet, but she had brushed it with the back of her hand a few times already. "She does seem to have an evening planned."

"The lass, here," Connor said, squeezing my shoulders slightly, "already had to pull some female eye magic to get that one to move her sight from me."

"Looks to me like she's got some kind of McManus fever," Rocco said never moving his eyes from Murphy and the girl.

"Poor Murph," I said biting my lower lip, "he almost looks scared."

Murphy was, in fact, definitely not enjoying himself. He was trying to pull away from her gently without shattering his manly image, but she wasn't having any of it. In fact every time he moved, she seemed to take it as an invitation to get even closer. She was practically molding to him, now, both her hands around his waist under his coat, and if I wasn't completely insane, judging from the tug on the front, it seemed like she was working his shirt up in the back to get to his bare skin. His blue eyes went wide and cast around the room for anyone to help.

Connor, of course, found this highly amusing. "Why not use some of your eye-talking to save him, then?"

"I think we're a little past that stage now, besides, I can't exactly piss on both of your legs, can I?"

Rocco turned to look at us, confusion clear in his face. As I watched, Murphy visibly started, jumping enough that a little bit of each drink, slopped to the floor. I didn't know what the hell she was doing, but Murphy looked absolutely panicked now. "Aren't you gonna go save him?" I asked Connor, who was barely suppressing laughter. I rolled my eyes and turned to Rocco, pleading. "Roc, come on, please? Before she rapes him?"

Rocco grinned brightly, before standing and sauntering towards the mating pair. I watched as he quietly extricated Murphy from the situation, peeling the girl off of him and taking one drink from Murphy's hand and throwing an arm around his shoulder, leading him away. As they moved towards us, Connor gave up on holding in his laughter, and I looked at him, shaking my head. "You're horrible."

Rocco slid in next to the wall, across the table from me. Murphy slid in beside him across from Connor. "Did she molest you, then, Murph?"

"Shut it," Murphy snapped, taking a steadying swig of his pint.

"You looked in fear for your virtue, there," Connor pestered.

Murphy slammed Connor's shot, rocking his head back as he swallowed. "I'm fuckin' warnin' ya," he said pointing a finger.

Connor opened his mouth to continue needling his twin, but I took the opportunity to take a direct hold of his crotch, squeezing slightly. The words caught in his throat and his eyes closed, soon followed by his mouth. I could feel him hardening through the denim and he rubbed a thumb across the bare skin at the base of my neck. "Enough," I whispered to him. "We were worried about you, Murphy," I said, eyeing him suggestively, as I continued my undertable stroking of his brother.

"I think you could have taken her, Murphy," Rocco said lighting a cigarette.

"Taken who, where?" came a drunk, squeaky voice from beside the booth. Looking up I saw the girl had followed Murphy to the table and was now standing there unsteadily in her high heels. I wasn't aware that my hand had reacted to her presence as well, until Connor's fingers bit into my neck and he cried out "Fuckin' hell!" beside me, and I made a conscious effort to loosen my grip. Just to be safe I laid my hand on Connor's thigh, nothing to damage there.

"Taken…my girl, there," Murphy started, nodding at me, "to a different place tonight."

I widened my eyes at Murphy, wondering if maybe this chick was drunk enough that she wouldn't remember me making out with Connor, not ten minutes ago. "Really?" she said, a cruel ring in her voice, hoping to bust me with her knowledge. "Cause I saw her making out with that guy, there, not ten minutes ago." Hmm, guess she wasn't that drunk.

I raised eyebrows at Murphy as I felt Connor start to tremble with suppressed laughter beside me. "Oh, aye?" I nodded at him, wondering if maybe he should just take the direct approach with this girl and tell her he wasn't buying what she was selling. "Aye," he continued, "that's because she's sleeping with both of us."

Well, I wanted the direct approach. I'm not sure which of us looked more shocked, me, Rocco, or the girl. Connor, for his part, continued laughing. The bastard. Rocco's cigarette hung forgotten from his lip and the girl was blinking hard, like she was trying to decide if she had just heard what she thought she just heard. "I'm sorry," she asked.

"Oh yeah," Murphy continued, sliding out to stand. "Come on, girl," he said practically pulling Connor out of the booth to grab my hand, "I don't think she believes me." I felt like a deer in the headlights. Connor, still thinking this was incredibly funny, slid out of the way and helped me to my feet. He then passed me over to Murphy, who slid an arm around my waist and pulled me tight against him, locking his lips onto mine. I was resisting a little, not quite sure if I should think this was really funny or really degrading.

Murphy, sensing resistance, doubled his efforts on my mouth and slowly worked a finger under my shirt, sliding up to my sweet spot, just at the base of my spine, stroking gently. My toes curled up inside my shoes and I felt my face flush. Totally not fair, going straight for the one spot on my body that when touched turns me on instantly, but his plan worked. Any rational thoughts marching through my brain short-circuited, and I returned his kiss, fervently, clawing at his shoulders through his coat, arching my hips against his, and sliding one leg around his calf. He drew back then, catching his breath, and slowly untangled our limbs. Connor slid up behind me, one hand under my elbow, supporting my wobbly stance. "See, we're twins, right?" Connor said, pressing himself against me from behind. "We share everything."

"Everything," Murphy agreed, sliding into our side of the booth and pulling me in after him, slipping an arm around my shoulders. Connor followed us in, sandwiching me between them, a tight fit, but not altogether unpleasant, as he took my hand in his and brushed his lips against it.

I looked up at the girl, who was staring at me, still somewhat abashed. At this point what the hell could I say really? "Everything," I agreed, relaxing into them both.

"No shit?" Rocco said, his cigarette burned almost to ash, still dangling from his bottom lip.

The girl looked over at him and sized him up. She looked back at the three of us, then slid in next to Rocco. "I think that's kind of hot," she squeaked, pressing her breasts against his arm as she nuzzled up to him.

Rocco looked almost scared for a second, then mellowed. "I'm Rocco."

"I'm Christa," she said, wetly into his ear.

I'm going to be sick, I thought to myself as I took another sip of my drink. I rolled my eyes and glared at Murphy and Connor, grinning on either side of me. Rocco and Christa continued conversing on the other side of the table as a hand slid up my bare thigh, well under the hem of the long skirt I was wearing. I nearly choked, before another hand slid under my blouse and caught the same spot on my back. "Oh Christ," I breathed, my hips arching, curving my back and thrusting my breasts forward. I could feel my nipples hardening and was sure that they were clearly visible through my top, but then Murphy got my earlobe between his teeth and nothing else mattered. Connor slid a hand over my stomach, slowly inching up the material to get to bare skin as he licked small circles along my collarbone, then breathed on them, sending shivers down my spine. My rational mind was saying that I should really make them stop, that people were staring, but about then Connor took hold of my face and turned me towards him, locking his mouth onto mine and Murphy turned his attention to the expanse of bare skin where my shoulder met my neck, nuzzling and biting, so then I stopped caring.

In fact I was blissfully unaware of anything else happening in the bar until, I heard a screech and suddenly Rocco's Donna was making her way towards the table along with that chubby slutty girl that she hangs with whose name I can never remember. Rocco, who at the time had a hand that wasn't his, pressed to his groin had the sense to look embarrassed, but I didn't get the feeling that that was going to help his cause at all.

There was a lot of hair and nails and bad makeup, a lot of screaming and yelling and something about someone named Skippy. I couldn't follow it all, but about the time that Rayvie (that's her name!) pulled Christa out of the booth by her hair, the three of us decided it was time to head out. Connor stood between us and the melee as I slid out, followed closely by Murphy, who led the way out the back door and into the alley. Connor came up behind me, a hand on my hip as he and Murphy exchanged some words in Italian, punctuated by bouts of laughter, no doubt at Rocco's expense. "You two are terrible," I said shaking my head and lighting a cigarette. Connor and I were headed to a movie, and Murphy said he would see us later, back at the flat. They exchanged a few more words in Gaelic, then we both headed our separate ways.