Okay so I get a little nervous everytime I decide to write a FanFic for something that I haven't ever done before, But I really LOVE Dramacon and Emily is so mistreated, she isn't even in the character list so I wrote this from her point of view. I dont normally write oneshots so yeah. Its a bit angsty.

They go together... Like peanut butter and jelly. So different yet so good together.

We were more like eating Peanut butter straight from the jar. Good at first but not the kind of experience you want to go on forever.

She brings out the good in him, He supports her.

We were always fighting...

He has grown up alot since he fell for her too.

If he screws up and acts like a jerk, he has the balls to apoligize, If she screws up and treats him badly, he has the heart to forgive her.

It wasn't like that for us.

I really liked him, He was amazingly gorgeous and so smart, and funny and sweet when he wanted to be.

But he obviously didn't feel the same for me, the second he saw her, he still wanted her, I was just someone to fill his time I was just a girl to hang out with while the girl he really loved, was on the other side of the country. I guess I understand, knowing that you have to be able to move on if she decided she didn't love him too.

I guess he liked me a little.

But Liking me a tiny bit... is nothing compared to how much he loves her.

And I can see why, she is cute, smart, funny, and sweet beyond compare.

She is chocolate and I am crackers... If given the choice wouldn't you choose Chocolate over crackers?

I understand, but that doesnt make the pain any less.

It's not like I never see him or don't talk to him, he is still a good friend.

And I don't hate her either.

But to be around the two of them makes me feel like a third wheel.

And I'm not the kind of girl who gets all suicidal evertime a guy breaks up with her... I've got a boyfriend and everything... It just hurts to see how well they go together... and how badly we went together.

I could get over that.

What I hate the most, is how he could be with me when he loved her so much...

I felt used, that is the best way to describe it, Used.

I was just the in-between girl.

The one you don't really get serious about.

The Girlfriend you have, simply to have a girlfriend.

And to be that girl...


Especially, when you really like the guy.

But, she totally deserves him, she is better for him than me in a lot of ways.

I will pick a fight... She will try to stop one.

I will get too pissed... She will hardly get pissed at all.

I won't forgive easily... She will forgive anybody.

I Am Over-protective... She needs to be Protected.

And I guess, The two just fit better together.

They have my blessing.

Good luck,

Matt and Christie.