Interview with Duke Nukem

Warning: This fanfic contains strong language

This all takes place on a talk show named "The Robert Micheals show".

"Hello everybody, I'm Robert Micheals. And tonight on our show, to celebrate how Duke Nukem Forever is finally being released after so many years, we have an interview with the Dukester himself. Duke Nukem!"

Duke Nukem came in and sat down on a seat near Robert. The audience cheered as Duke entered the camera.

"Glad to be here." Duke smiled to the audience.

"So Duke, what do you have to say about Duke Nukem finally being released?" asked Robert.

"It's about fucking time. That's what I have to say." Duke replied. "Hey are you allowed to curse on this show?"

"You certainly can." Robert replied. "Thanks for being on this interview, you are prepared to answer these questions right? You saw what the questions were in the papers we sent out?

"Fire away." replied Duke "I have nothing to hide."

"My first question." asked Robert. "Is how come you're named Duke Nukem? I mean how come your family has such a macho surname?"

Duke sighed. "Well I guess it's time everybody knew my secret. It's not my real surname. My real name is Duke Davis."

"Duke Davis? That name sounds familiar."

"It is, Have you ever heard of a horrible game from the 1980's called Bad Street Brawler*? The game appears on NES,the Commodore Amiga, and a few others I can't quite remember the name of."

* This is a real game. Look it up on the internet - Author *

"Bad Street Brawler? I think I know that title. One of the few games that used the NES Power Glove?"

"Yep. That was my very first video game. Notice that the main character happens to look a lot like me, and even has Duke for a first name? In fact maybe you could show the footage from the NES version on that TV screen?"

A TV near Duke Nukem flicked on, showing a short view of the first few minutes of the game. The audience then saw a much less muscular Duke in yellow, fight really horribly.

Robert had his mouth open in shock. "My god."

"I know. A really horrible game ain't it?"

"Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you? What the hell does that mean?"

"Beats me. Anyway after that game failed miserably. I sent out to change myself, I earned some muscles, changed my last name, and sent out to make a perfect comeback which I eventually did in the 1991 game, Duke Nukum. God I'm still pissed that they spelt my last name with two U's in the title."

"Wow Duke, thanks for sharing your secret."

"No problem."

"We'll be right back, folks." Robert said to the audience.