Chronicles of Hetalia

Rating: K

Prompt: Father

Summary: Narnia was a daddies girl, through and through.

The little girl skipped as she danced through the trees, the tress dancing in tandem with her. The sun beated down on her orange hair showing off the red and blonde high lights. Her hair was wavy and her light green eyes grinned as a talking mouse talked to her, she greeted him back.

She finally arrived to her destination, grinning widely at the large lion that stood there.

"Daddy!" She squealed out, hugging him.

Aslan smiled.

I wanted to do this. I am living at my grandmothers right now so all other stories of mine are on hiatus except this one as this one will be easier to write if its just prompts and drabbles and maybe some one shots. Btw, I accept requests. But mind you at this time I have only read the first two books, but don't worry I am starting on the other ones. Also, you can request Narnia in pairings with people in TCoN or APH. It matters not.