Chronicles of Hetalia

Rating: T (for mentions of rape and invading)

Prompt: Guilt

Pairing: Telmar/Narnia ( mutual at first, one sided in the end) [canon]

Summary: He couldn't help it, the guilt was eating him away. He could hardly remember a time when he was on his own land. But as he looks out at both the broken people he once called his wife and son, he utterly destroys him.

He could scarcely remember a time when he was on his own land. It had been a long time since he was the simple pirate turned farm boy. Now, he was something different. He was a mean and spiteful person, the paranoia of not being anymore ate him up in side. And because of that paranoia he hurt the one person he never, absolutely never wanted to hurt.

His wife, Narnia.

In the beginning when he was just that simple farm boy he had looked at her like she was a goddess in her own rite, which she may as well be. He had fallen in love with her at first sight. He had tried to woo her, try to get her to like him and in the end she had fallen in love with him and his heart swelled with pride, accomplishment, and love for the woman he had fallen for.

But it had all gone wrong in a heart beat. A sudden famine had struck his island, crops withered, and the island was unlivable. He could say later time that this was the most probable moment that he had become paranoid.

He and his then fiancée at the time, were not married. Narnia was a big country he had tried to justify at the time as his thoughts turned to invasion.

And so he did, invade that is. He had forced his beloved to marry him, because as he was she had refused to marry him.

He wanted land, he wanted to survive… Was that wrong?

Because of the famine he had lost an eye, losing ones land and trying to get attached to another broke something in him, making him crazy, compelling him to gorge his own dark brown eye out. And so he lost his right eye. And with the move he could not stand the feel of his dark almost black hair on his shoulder, they once long ago representing the bountiful harvest of crops. And so he chops them all off, his hair chucky, in un even lengths. Blood dribbling down from his destroyed eye socket and his cheek when the knife nicked him.

And for the first time, since he arrived in this world, he cried.


It was several years later, the country of Narnia taken over, the country herself submissive. He only need one more thing , an heir.

And even to this day, he could here her screams, her pleas of "No, Enzio, please no! Anything but this, no!"

And he will forever feel guilty.

Nine months later saw the arrival of one Cynric de Telmar, son of Orphelia de Telmar nee Kirke and Enzio de Telmar.


Cynric was a simple boy, with the bright red hair of his mother and the dark brown eyes of his father. Telmar could never be any prouder.

But then, when he began to think of all the wrong he did his son… the guilt still ate him up to this day.

"Your mother is a savage, just like her people." He would still remember saying it to him.

"But Madre is not a savage Padre!" And what he did next, would forever mark his end.

He slapped his son.


If he was Telmar, his wife Narnia, what did that make his son exactly? He could never figured it out in the beginning, but when his son ran away to find that fake King of his he figured it out. He was New Narnia.

He put his hands to his face and Enzio de Telmar, former Island of Telmar cried.


When Aslan told him and his people that they came from another world, he almost wept for joy. He would get out of here, away from all the hurt and the pain and-

"Telmar." Her voice cut him, it was so formal so distant. She stood there a hand on his- no her son's shoulder. Her eyes softened a bit as he looked at her sadly. He looked at the door way, and then back at her one last time.

"I… I'm sorry…" He whispered, before walking into the door, and disappearing.

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