Uryu Ishida left the 'Sunflower sewing shop' with his bag of new sewing equipment. He was a skinny pale teen with raven colored hair and royal blue eyes behind rimless rectangular glasses. He wore his school uniform of a white button up shirt, grey slacks, and a blue and gold tie. It was dark out as the sun had already set, with all the street lights out. He walked along the dark path when he suddenly heard a laugh. "So, you're the last quincy." The voice said. Uryu through his bag down.

"Who's there!" he shouted. In a second his bow was in his hand with the string pulled back.

"You're much younger than I thought you'd be, in fact you're only a child, but fate has chosen to be cruel to you." the mysterious figure said. 'Got him' Uryu thought firing an arrow. "That was close quincy, that grazed my arm, if I wasn't on my guard that would have killed me. Anyway, I want to play a game." the voice said.

"Well I'm not interested." said Uryu, trying to locate the strangers new location.

"The rules are simple, you need to find out who I am and find me before I can find and kill you." Uryu panicked. Was this man going to kill him right now? "The game will start first thing tomorrow morning, but it will be rude of me to leave you without even the slightest hint, so hear it is." Uryu froze, then he was suddenly slashed across the chest and arms in one strike. Uryu fell down onto the pavement, bleeding, not knowing what to do. The voice gave a soft laugh before disappearing. 'Was that his hint? Or did he try to kill me?'

Early the next morning, Ichigo Kurosaki slid into the classroom. He had spiky orange hair and was well built. He wore the same uniform only left the tie behind. "Ichigo!" shouted Orihime Inoue running over. Her and Chad were also ready for school. Orihime had long burnt orange hair and brown eyes while Chad was tall and dark with tan skin and brown hair. They all tock their seats and Miss Ochi came in.

"Good to see no one is absent today." she said. No one said anything, then the door opened. Uryu stood in the doorway, both of his arms were covered in bandages.

"I'm sorry I'm late Miss Ochi." He said. She gave him a puzzling look. Then she smiled.

"You must be the new student. That's not a good way to start your first day of school by showing up late. Will you be so kind as to tell us all your name?" she asked. 'First day, new student? She doesn't know me? And the others didn't say anything either. What is going on here?' Uryu wondered.

"I…I'm Uryu, Uryu Ishida." He said. She nodded.

"Well Uryu Ishida, you may take that empty seat and I will get you a book." she said, pointing at Uryu's seat. Uryu went and sat down. 'Why didn't the others say anything? Are they playing a game on me? Or do they really not know who I am? But how is that possible? How can everyone forget me in one night?' Uryu thought to himself. Then he gasped, gathering a lot of attention. 'That was the man's hint! When he slashed me, everyone forgot me, so is it a shikai ability? Does that mean that it was a soul reaper?' Uryu thought. "Uryu, are you alright?" asked Miss Ochi. Uryu nodded and tock the book from her. What was he going to do?

After class, he remained in his seat. "Excuse me." Came a voice. He turned to see Orihime. "Your name is Uryu right?" she asked. He nodded, dumbly. "I'm Orihime Inoue, This is Chad and Ichigo Kurosaki. I was wondering if you would to join us for lunch." Orihime said.

"I'm sorry Orihime but…" Uryu started but Rukia and Renji came in. 'Damn, not them at a time like this.' Uryu thought.

"Rukia! Renji!" shouted Orihime, forgetting the new student.

"Whats up, who's he?" asked Renji pointing to Uryu.

"Just a new kid that Orihime wants to make friends with." said Ichigo. Uryu pushed up his glasses. "Anyway whats new?" Ichigo asked the two. Uryu got up and went to leave the room.

"Where are you going?" asked Renji. Uryu looked back.

"To eat lunch." he lied. 'I can't stay here, if they knew I had any spiritual pressure, let alone they find out I'm a quincy.' Uryu thought. He was really shaken up, but all he could do was find the man who did this to him and force him to reverse it. He came up to the ruff. "It's a good thing I've been suppressing my spiritual pressure since last night or else they'd be suspicious of me." He said, then a giant hollow appered. 'Shit.' Uryu then saw a student in its hand. He couldn't wait for Ichigo. He pulled back his bow and fired, killing the hollow.

"What the hell was that!" shouted Ichigo, and Uryu turned to see Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, Rukia, and Renji. 'Shit!'