Uryu looked at Orihime's tear streaked face, the horror filled looks on everyone else's faces, and heard the fear and power in her words. "DON'T GIVE UP URYU!" he couldn't let her down. It tock what was left of his energy to block the attack and push Akuma back. He stumbled at first, then dropped to his knees. Slowly he pulled himself back up, covered in blood and his body erupting in pain. He nearly fell when Ichigo and Orihime appeared in front of him. Orihime grabbed Uryu as his legs gave out again, giving Chad a reason to run over. The two tock Uryu back to the others so Orihime could put her healing shield around him. Ichigo meanwhile glared Akuma down.

"Now I'm gonna kill you." Ichigo said. Akuma grinned.

"I want to see you try." he said. Ichigo drew Zangetsu and the swords clashed. Akuma tried to stab Ichigo in the stomach. Ichigo knocked Akuma's blade aside. Akuma used flash step to come up behind Rukia. She turned to stab him with her zanpakuto when they all heard a flat voice.

"Scatter, Senbonzakura!" Byakuya said. Akuma fled from the thousands of blades. He paused a good distance away.

"You can't reach me hear." he said with a smug grin.

"Try me then, growl Haineko!" Rangiku shouted. Her blade turned to ashes, and the ashes and blades came at Akuma again. He dodged both, and crossed blades with Ichigo, only to have to flee again from the ash and blades.

"Rangiku, that's enough!" Toshiro said. The lieutenant looked at her captain for a second. "Ichigo has this under control." Toshiro said.

"He's not going to do it alone." came a strained voice. Uryu got to his feet and went to go help Ichigo.

"No Uryu, get back here!" Orihime yelled.

"Yah, you're only going to get hurt more!" Rukia shouted.

"Let him go! It is a fight of pride. Uryu blames himself for this whole mess, dispite the fact that it is not his fault. In response, he wants to end this himself." said Byakuya, bringing back the pieces of his sword, with Rangiku fallowing suit. Uryu pulled back his bow and stood by Ichigo's side. Then the fight commenced. Akuma came at Ichigo, only to get an arrow fired at him from Uryu. Then Ichigo stepped forward to swing at him, missing by an inch, but Uryu's next arrow did not. Then SoiFon intervined. Arresting the man, she left to take him to the Maggots nest. Orihime through her shield over Uryu again.

"That was stupid and pointless!" Ichigo shouted at Uryu. Uryu turned red and looked at the ground. "Look Uryu, we're sorry, about everything and…are you mad?" Ichigo asked. Uryu glanced at him with large eyes.

"Why would I be mad? It wasn't your fault, but the next time I try to tell you something, maybe you'll listen to me." Uryu pointed out. The others were laughing as it was Ichigo's turn to turn red.

"That wasn't half bad fighting kid, maybe we can spar some time." Kenpachi said. Uryu sweat dropped. 'Not even if hell was to freeze over!' he thought. Ichigo gave him a sympathetic look. Kenpachi never 'spared', he fought with everything he had to the death.

"So what are you going to do now?" asked Shunsui with a small grin. Uryu shrugged.

"I guess we'll be going back home, my father will want an explanation. Not that he cared or anything, he'd just want to know what was going on." Uryu sighed.

"Not yet, you and the others are going to stay for dinner!" Kukaku said in a menacing voice. All the others nodded in agreement, more from fear than anything.

Uryu snuck out of Kukaku's house, noises from the party could still be heard, and he sat down by a brook. 'What would sensei think of all this?' he wondered. "You alright there?" came a voice. He looked up to see lieutenant of squad nine, Shuhei Hisagi.

"Yah, I'm fine, just thinking." Uryu said.

"I know what you mean." said Shuhei sitting by him.

"I was wondering if this could ever happen again. I mean people coming after me for being a Quincy. It's not like I chose this. Well in a way I did, and if it was fully my choice I would be a Quincy all over again, it's just that he tried to kill me for something that I couldn't help." Uryu said.

"Yah, people can be so cruel." Shuhei said. Uryu nodded, Shuhei would know, he was after all betrayed by his Captain. "But not all people. If you ask me, you shouldn't worry about it. Just wait and see what happens." Shuhei said with a grin. For a punk-like appearance, Shuhei was a very calm and smart young man. "I mean, if you spend all of your time worrying about what can happen, you'll miss everything that's right in front of you, like that Orihime girl." Shuhei said standing up and leaving. Uryu gave a small smile. That was true after all. He stood up and was ready to go back to the party. It would be a lot more enjoyable now.

I'm sorry for the crappy way i ended the story! I will try harder in thr future. Thankyou for everyone who has read it, especially PureRain-Lily, ReadReedRed, Sokulski, karin taicho, margo-pol, Neko1995, and Monk Gyatso. You were all very supportive and encouraging. I thank you all suggestions and comments as well as the constructive critism. I promise i will work harder as well. Thankyou!