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Kurt sighed as he adjusted the strap of his messenger bag over his shoulder. He pursed his lips, staring up at the caravan. It advertised a colorful mural – there were pictures of elephants, clowns, and muscular men lifting weights, spread out amongst a colorful ring. There was a single picture of a man, wearing a top hat and a tux, with a rainbow-colored tie, smiling widely, in the middle. The words around him read:


Animals, Stunts, and Acts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Well, Kurt thought, it's now or never. Blowing a breath through his lips, his straightened his shoulders and walked around the caravan. When he reached the back, he noticed that most of caravans belonging to the show were parked in a huge circle. A fence surrounded them on the inside, pressed up against the caravans, so that nothing could get out, and no one could get in. There was a door in the back of the main caravan and he reached up to knock.

After a few moments, a kindly looking woman answered. She had platinum blonde hair that was pinned up in a chopstick bun and silver-rimmed glasses. She smiled widely.

"You're Kurt Hummel, right?" Her voice was sing-songy and motherly. Kurt nodded. "I'm Sylvia Harvey, the ringmaster's wife. Please come in, this autumn wind is freezing."

Kurt stepped into the caravan, feeling slightly more at ease. The inside of the caravan was very small and decked out. A scarlet oriental rug covered the floor and there were posters and newspaper articles pinned to the walls. A few photographs adorned the wall behind the antique desk, showing pictures of the man on the caravan and Sylvia, along with some younger people Kurt assumed were apart of the circus as well. The man that grinned on the mural outside was sitting at the desk, talking on a cell phone. He turned in his chair and his eyes alighted on Kurt. He smiled kindly and raised a finger, mouthing, one minute.

Kurt nodded and stood somewhat awkwardly until the man flipped the phone shut. He sighed heavily. "Murdoch again. Bugging us on our budget." He rested his head in his hands for a moment and then looked back up at Kurt. "Kurt Hummel? Job Interview?"

"Yes sir."

"Oh pssh, don't call me sir. Harvey will do just fine lad. Please, please, take a seat." Harvey waved his hand at the seat in front of the desk. Kurt sat down, setting the bag down at his side. Harvey took a few papers out of his drawers and his eyes scanned the papers. "So, you'd like to apply for our open position as a costume designer, hm?"

Kurt nodded.

"And what makes you think you can handle that?" Harvey raised his eyebrows expectantly.

"Well, I've always had an interest in fashion since I was very small," Kurt began, "and I've always admired the outfits that the circus made for their performers. Some of the circuses I've seen in the past, their costumes didn't really, well…" Kurt struggled for a good word. "…flow, you know? So I would design my own outfits for them.

"I've actually seen your circus a few times when I was younger." Kurt smiled at the memories of his parents and himself, walking around the fairground, eating cotton candy and gazing at the antics of the performers. "It was always one of my favorites. And I went to see your Tuesday show, and I came up with a few ideas of my own." He pursed his lips.

"Interesting…" Harvey murmured. Sylvia noticed his nervousness and asked kindly, "Did you bring your designs with you?"

Kurt nodded excitedly. He reached into his bag and pulled out a well-thumbed sketchpad. He handed it to Sylvia, who took it and began to flip through it. "…these are impressive Kurt." she commented. Kurt blushed and smiled.

Harvey looked over his shoulder. He hummed in satisfaction. "I like your style Kurt." Then he turned back to the papers. "But, you're only seventeen. You're underage, and should be in school. And you show up asking for a job at the circus?"

Harvey realized that that had been a bad way to phrase his question. Kurt shifted and went pale, staring into his lap. Sylvia nudged Harvey motioning to Kurt and giving him a death glare. Harvey shrugged helplessly and turned back to Kurt. He cleared his throat and said, "I'm sorry, that was an insensitive way to ask. But, why are you applying for a job."

Kurt was quiet. Then he began, "My mother died when I was eight. My dad and I, we struggled on expenses, and then, he died too, just a few months ago." Kurt sniffled. "I was sent to live with my grandparents, and, well, they're very strict Christians. I…I'm gay." Sylvia nodded, and Kurt was relieved to see that they hadn't shown any sign of homophobia.

"Well, let's say that they went pretty far to straighten me out. I couldn't take it. So when I heard that your circus was coming, I thought…maybe I could get away from all of this." Kurt shrugged.

Harvey smiled gently. "Kurt, you won't be the only underage performer here. Lots of people are. A few of them are gay, and they all have stories to tell. Hey, if you've got talent and spirit, you make it. And you, Kurt, have just been accepted as our new costume designer."

Kurt looked up with wide, robin's egg-blue eyes, and grinned. Sylvia laughed at the look and stood up. She walked to a door that Kurt had not noticed and opened it, stepping down from the caravan and closing the door. Harvey smiled. "We're leaving for Wisconsin on Friday. You come at noon and we'll get you settled down. In the meantime, my assistant will show you around so you can get yourself comfortable with everyone."

Sylvia returned, followed by a lean, tan boy, with chocolate-colored eyes. Black curls were tamed down by gel and he flashed Kurt a dazzling grin. Kurt felt himself melt slightly under those eyes. Oh wow…

"Kurt, this is Blaine, he's the ringmaster's assistant." Sylvia said. "He's going to show you around the grounds and introduce you to everyone."

Blaine grinned and held out a hand. "A pleasure to meet you Kurt." he said, voice like velvet. Kurt shook his hand, smiling back. "Nice to meet you too Blaine."

Sylvia smiled at their interaction. "Blaine, just show him around a bit and show him where he's going to stay, okay?"

Blaine nodded. "Okay, Miss Harvey. C'mon." he said, grabbing Kurt's hand and leading him out of the caravan. Kurt followed, attempting to match his eager step.

New life, here I come.

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