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"So this is the costume trailer." Merril said brightly as she, Reed, and Katherine led Kurt to a silver trailer attached to a red truck. "It's got all of our costumes, along with fabrics, sequins, sowing machine-"

"The whole schebang." Katherine finished with a grin.

Kurt grinned back as Reed pulled a key out of his pocket at unlocked the trailer. He held open the door with a flourish. "After you!"

Kurt shook his head with fondness and stepped into the trailer. It looked like a dry cleaners; neat racks of costumes, covered with plastic, lined along the walls. On the right was a table and chair, with a sowing machine on top. Various fabrics were scattered across the floor.

The girls and Reed stepped in behind him. "Yep, this is it." Reed said. "Our shows are every other night. Every night after them, we hand wash them and hang them to dry, so that they're ready for the next night show. And so that there's time to fix tears or anything like that.

Kurt smiled. "This is cool…where are your costumes?"

Merril smiled and walked over to the far left of the trailer, choosing a vibrant dress from the rack. Everyone winced. Kurt's eyes widened. The dress was skimpy, with a miniscule waist and a short puffy skirt. It was fuchsia colored, with a turquoise underskirt made of lace beneath. Kurt bit his lip. "…yeah, that's bad."

Merril laughed fleetingly. "Definitely."

Katherine shrugged and moved to the rack on the right. "Some of ours aren't so bad." She said, pulling out her costume, a canary yellow dress with a mass of sequins. Kurt shrugged. "That's not so bad."

"Yeah, I like the style-" The dress was a halter-top, with a flowing skirt that ended just above the knees. "-but the color doesn't suit me. I think red would be better."

Kurt pursed his lips as he thought. "That sounds good." He grinned. "So, what should I do first?"

Reed shrugged happily. "You're the designer!"

Kurt thought for a moment. "…I'll get everyone's opinions on their costumes, see if they want them changed or not. If so, we'll collaborate to make them perfect." He clapped his hands, satisfied.

Merril nodded in agreement. "Sounds like a plan!"

The blindfold on his eyes was ripped off and Logan blinked, preparing to adjust to the light. But it was dark, with some sunlight peeking in through a curtained window. Around him were strings of garlic hung from the ceiling, a cabinet filled with vials of water, and a pack of tarot cards on the table.

Oh great.

A bright fluorescent light was abruptly shoved in his face and he winced, turning his head away. A pair of icy blue eyes glared at him with forced cheer.

"So Knave," Ethan began.

"We've been watching you lately…" Evan continued.

Logan snorted. "You're all creepers."

The twins ignored him. "And it seems you're warming up to Kurt. Are we right?"

Logan shrugged. "So what if I am? You going to stop me?"

Evan shrugged, sitting down opposite Logan and resting his chin on laced fingers "Depends. We all remember what happened last year Logan."

Logan scoffed. "I know that. Shane gives me death glares every time I see him."

"And the Little Bat does so for good reason." Ethan replied. "We all do."

Logan shook his head. "Listen you two. I like him, and there's nothing you two can do that's going to make me stop liking him." His voice was controlled, but the twin's saw through it.

"Knave have you been taking-?"

"-your meds?"

Logan lowered his smoldering eyes. Evan pursed his lips. Exactly as they'd thought. "Alice has had a rough time Knave."

"You've named him already?"

"We all think it would be best if we gave him a little time to adjust."

"I've had one conversation with him." Logan said monotonously.

"A lot can be said in one conversation."

"You guys are getting worked up."

"Perhaps for a good reason."

Logan rolled his eyes and stood up, hands on the edge of the table, head low as his cat green eyes pierced Evan's icy blue ones. Neither gaze wavered. "You guys aren't going to stop me. So I like Kurt. I don't think that that one fact is necessary for you to throw me into Houston's trailer with a blindfold on like I'm a criminal!"

Logan stood up, eyes dark. "Just chill, okay?"

Logan walked smoothly out of the trailer, hands shoved carelessly in his pockets, a high and mighty look in his eye. Dwight peered out from the other side of the camper biting his lip, eyes dark. I swear, one of these days, I'm going to exorcise whatever demon lives inside him.

Two arms wrapped around his waist on either side. Dwight sighed and leaned into Evan, letting himself become sandwiched between the twins. "There's something inside him, I swear." he muttered into Evan's shirt. Ethan chuckled behind him, vibrating. "We know, little Knight." he murmured.

"Don't call me little."

The twins and Dwight weren't the only ones watching Logan. Julian peered over the top of his shades, watching the blonde stride away from Dwight's trailer. He sighed, pressing a hand to the side of his head.

"You can't hide from him forever."

Julian scowled. "Lay off, Mom."

Derek merely shrugged and sidled up to him, leaning against the trailer opposite Julian. "Look, the three of us have been together for three years. You've been crushing on him for two of them. He's going to find out sometime."

Julian was silent, thinking of the past the trio shared. All runaways, meeting up and miraculously putting him with each other the whole time. Finding the Cirque, sticking it out together. And maybe, Julian thought, he'd be able to tell Logan how he felt.

But then Gelhead showed up, and he stole Logan's heart and eyes. And for a while, all hope was lost.

They were a strange couple, for the rest of the Cirque. Blaine, the dapper, shy singer, who quickly became Harvery's apprentice – and Logan, the tall, smooth, temperamental sword-swallower. But it seemed to work. No one liked the pairing, though no one said anything about it – not even Shane, who moved out of Blaine's trailer when he and Logan started getting…frisky.

But then came the fights. The late nights where yells radiated around the campground, making the performers shove pillows over their ears and wish they'd fall asleep, so they couldn't hear. The mornings where Blaine would show up to breakfast with either small bruises on his arms (which caused disturbance amongst the boys) or limping (which caused disturbance for a completely different reason) Julian couldn't bear it. It was the dark period where he wouldn't speak to anyone, pouring himself into his craft.

And then one day, it was over. Logan moved back into the trailer that he shared with Julian, and things seemed to go back to normal – except for the fact that most of the boys wanted to maim Logan now.

Julian sighed. "Maybe I'll tell him…right before I die."

Derek rolled his eyes. "That's cheerful."

Blaine knocked on the door to the costume trailer. "Kurt? You in?"

Kurt opened the door, giddy. "Hi Blaine, c'mon in!"

Blaine stepped in, gazing around. Merril was sitting at the table with Kurt, looking over pieces of paper that held various designs of dresses.

Blaine smiled as Kurt sat back down with Merril. It was the first time he'd seen Kurt like this. Not worried, not anxious, simply…Kurt.

"We're looking over ideas for a new costume for Merril." Kurt explained. He grabbed a pencil at tapped it against his temple. "So, you like the puffy skirts, and you like…?"

Merril thought. "Lavender or periwinkle."

Kurt nodded, and suddenly the pencil was on the paper, furiously sketching. Blaine stood politely while Kurt continued, going on for another two minutes before pulling back. "How's that?"

Merril peered over his shoulder and gasped delightedly. "Perfect!"

Kurt grinned at the result and then snapped back to reality. Oh yeah, Blaine with his triangular eyebrows and chocolate eyes and dapper smile…okay Kurt, take it easy, Blaine was standing in the corner. "You were saying?"

Blaine laughed. "Just making sure you were adjusting. Seems we're good to go."

Kurt nodded and laughed. "Definitely."

"Well, I just wanted to say that we're packing up the tents and everything. We're leaving tonight at ten-thirty."

Merril gasped. "Oh yeah, I have to go help Spencer! She got up, but not before giving Kurt a grateful hug. "Thank you!"

Kurt grinned. "Not a problem Merril! I'll get started right away!"

Merril bounded out of the trailer, a spring in her step. Blaine smiled before taking the empty seat beside Kurt, resisting the urge to reach out and hold his hand. "So, you wanna know how the traveling thing works?"

Kurt nodded.

"Well, everyone who shares a camper or trailer together drives together. We drive in shifts so that we're always moving, while the other can catch up on rest and stuff. And we don't stop until we get to our destination."

"Which is?"

Blaine grinned. "Indianapolis."

Kurt nodded, smiling. "Should be fun."

Blaine shrugged. "It is! Have you seen the show?"

Kurt nodded. "You can bet I'll be watching again."

Blaine grinned. "Good."

For a few moments, there was simple, comfortable silence. Then Kurt cleared his throat. "So, should we get packing?"

Blaine nodded, not letting his eyes leave the sky-blue ones sparkling with life.

Within a few hours, everyone was in their cars and campers, humming to life as they drove out of the campground and on to I-70 W.

In the 1967 Chevy Impala pulling the Fortune Teller's caravan, Evan was at the wheel, chatting with his brother about the talk they'd had with Logan that day. Dwight was in the middle seat, curled up again Ethan, fast asleep, left hand laced with Evan's free one.

In the car behind them, Reed was at the wheel, having a laughing argument with Shane about his style – or lack thereof. Shane defended his position on how the nice clothes that Reed wore simply didn't suit him. Reed kept his eyes on the road, afraid of looking over and letting Shane's eyes capture him, like always.

Behind that car, Merril was talking about her new costume while Spencer nodded in agreement. After a few minutes, she smiled teasingly and said, "You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?" Spencer bit his lip before shaking his head. "Sorry love, I don't." Merril simply laughed, a sound Spencer would never get tired of.

David and Katherine followed them, talking about the new act they had come up with. Katherine was being a little more reserved than usual, and David tried to wheedle the matter out of her, but she wouldn't budge. So he let it slide, letting her cuddle up to him as he followed Spencer.

Drew and Saturo were driving their camper behind them, chattering about the new firework show they had concocted. They weren't sure yet if it was completely harmless, but, if it wasn't, it was close. In one of the camper bunks, Han, the special effects controller, was asleep, thick glasses askew on his face as he snored.

Logan and Julian were behind them, words controlled carefully. They had made up from their fight the night Kurt arrived, but the tension wasn't completely gone. Julian asked some questions about Kurt, letting Logan relax a bit before beginning the sarcastic banter that was usually present. Before long, Logan and Julian were both somewhat relaxed.

Derek and Bailey followed them. Bailey was an illusionist in the show – he did a few tricks like Wes and David, but his were more complex. The two got along amiably – not the best of friends, but still, they got along enough to be able to room with each other. Bailey was asleep, the seatbelt strap making a mark on his face, while Derek sighed and thought about the drama between Logan, Julian, Kurt, and Blaine. It was not going to be pretty.

Charles Amos and Justin Bancroft, the animals tamers, followed them. They were the oldest of the teenagers that performed in the Cirque; they had both graduated from an elite private school right there in Westerville. They'd had experience working with rowdy animals, seeing as they were both prefects in their houses, having to deal with the chaos the place was under. When graduation came, and the two were expected to take control of their family empires, they had run off, joining the Cirque. They were both liked and well-respected.

Wes and Danny, the high diver, were behind them, Wes talking about the new act he and David were going to perform on their first show. Danny was admittedly jealous of the time that Wes and David spent together, but he always brushes it off. Wes would always be his friend.

And behind them, Kurt was smiling as Blaine talked about the show, a huge smile lighting up his face. It was wonderful how excited Blaine was about it, and Kurt's mind was swimming with ideas for costumes for his fellows. But mostly, it was filled with Blaine's voice.

And so it begins…

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