Hey guys! Thanks for stickin with me! I decided to do a Parental RoyxEd fic this time, not Royai, but don't worry more of both will come! So pretty much it is about Roy taking Ed to the zoo because I doubt Ed has ever been and it seems like something he would like!

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Colonel Roy Mustang picked up the newspaper sitting on his desk. Work had been pretty slow since the Promised Day. Once he had returned from the hospital he went back to work, but not much had been happening. On top of that the office seemed almost eerily quiet since Fullmetal gave up his military license and returned to Risembool. He would be visiting this week and Roy hadn't realized how much he had missed him until he found out he was coming back. Whoa scratch that did Colonel Roy Mustang, the great Flame Alchemist just admit to missing the short, angry, brat that was Edward Elric?

Something must be seriously wrong with me, Roy thought, maybe I should have stayed at the hospital awhile longer….

Roy shook off his odd moment of unmanly feelings and turned the page of his paper, no big news, nothing interesting had happened at all lately.

Crap, I have to find something to do with Fullmetal because he is in town! Darn you Riza, why must you make me spend time with the shrimp!

He flipped to the next page of his paper still pondering what to do when a little ad in the corner caught his eye…


Edward Elric let out a sigh as he flopped onto the bed in his hotel.

Back in Central…..

Sure he was happy to be back, Central meant he could visit Gracia and Elysia, have tea with Lieutenant Hawkeye, and mess around with Havoc and Breda, but Central also meant having to see that bastard…..the Flame Alchemist…Colonel Roy Mustang. Ed sighed again, just thinking about the egotistical pyro maniac with a god complex annoyed him. He was the only one who knew just what buttons to push to send Ed into an argument that would never end.

Still….it has been kind of quiet without someone to fight with, and our intellectual debates are kind of fun…..

Realizing what he had just said Ed jumped off his bed and slammed his head on the wall a few times, successfully scaring the people in the room next door.

Did that really just go through my mind? Nothing I do or will ever do with that bastard can be considered fun!

Now that his mind was back in order Ed got back on his bed to go to sleep. Just as he was about to rest the phone rang, the shrill noise cutting through his peace.

"What" Ed grumbled into the phone. Who the hell would call him at this time?

"Fullmetal?" came the voice on the other end….that's who, the only person dumb enough to still call him by his military name.

"It's Edward, Colonel Bastard; you of all people should know that title can only be granted to a state alchemist." Ed retorted.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever Fullmetal" replied Roy Mustang, Ed face palmed at the repeated use of his old military name. "So I was wondering if you would accompany me somewhere tomorrow…."

"What are you serious? Are you asking me on a date you perverted pedophile, cause you know I don't swing that way!" yelled Ed into the receiver.

"Not even close Fullmetal, although you had me fooled, still haven't asked the Rockbell girl out I hear, better get to that people are starting to get suspicious…"

"Shuttup bastard like you have room to talk! Its been like 20 years and you still haven't confessed your undying love for Hawkeye, yet alone ask her out." Roy sputtered at this comment

"I'm taking my time!"

"You aren't going to be that young forever you know, you are pushing 30 now!"

"Quiet Fullmetal!" Roy said, and then let out a sigh, "anyways, like I was saying we are spending the day together tomorrow so I expect you at my office at 09:00 sharp!"

"Yeah? And what if I don't want to Colonel Bastard?"

"Then I order you!"

"You can't order me! I'm not your stupid subordinate puppet anymore! So I refuse!"

"You will be at my office at 9 o'clock and you will be happy to be there!"


"That's an order Fullmetal! Goodbye!" finished Roy, slamming down the phone. Why did the kid have to be so frustrating! It was already hard enough to ask him, did he really have to put up such a fight?

Ah well, at least I did it and hopefully he will be mature enough to show up….I hope so because I am actually looking forward to it.

At this Roy hit himself in the head with a book. He couldn't have his brain betray him like that again now could he!

Ed stared at the now dead phone in his hand.

That bastard! Not only does he order me to his house without telling me why, but he hangs up on my before I can even reject! Dang it, I guess I have no choice but to show up tomorrow and tell him to go die in a hole straight to his face. I wonder what he is planning….maybe he really wanted to spend time with me…..

"What is wrong with me?" shouted Ed, thoroughly confused at why such obvious lies kept floating through his head. If Ed knew one fact for sure, it was that the Colonel did not care for him, the only reason he helped him out all those years was because he didn't want to lose a valued subordinate.

But then….why would he invite me out, I am no longer of any use to him….Ed lay down and pondered this as his body slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

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