Kurt looked back and fourth cautiously in the dark hallways of Dalton Academy, crouched down on the floor. He saw no one there, and did a silent little somersault, looking around again. He stood up and pinned himself to the wall, blending in easily with his all-black, tight-fitting outfit. He took a silent breath and snuck a quick look around the corner, again finding it empty. He looked over to his left, and motioned with his head that his friends were safe to come.

Then, six ski-masked, black-outfitted bodies slid up next to him, flat against the wall to match. Kurt high-fived the one next to him, and quickly ran around the corner silently.

Only to run into a wall of ten or so bodies.

Kurt gasped in shock, and jumped back, his eyes locking with evilly mischievous ones. There stood Wes and David, crossing there arms and smirking.

Kurt stuttered for a minute, hoping to God that his friends had stayed behind the wall. "Uh...hello." He breathed as calmly as he could, nodding and plastering on an innocent smile.

"Hello there, Kurt." Wes said, still smirking, and looked over Kurt's shoulder at the group behind him. Kurt squeezed his eyes shut as Wes greeted them. "Kurt's friends."


"Warblers!" Blaine exclaimed, trying to calm everything down. "I am just simply putting that we are merely weeks away from Regionals, and we need to decide on what two songs are primary to-"

A loud slam cut him off as the doors of the choir room were thrown open, and there appeared Wes and David, holding Kurt — swoon — upside down by his ankles, followed by a small group of Warblers, each carrying another squirming person by their underarms, though they all wore baggy black outfits and ski masks, so no one knew who they were.

"Kurt?" Blaine looked at his best friend curiously.

"Put me down!" Kurt yelled, kicking and struggling. "Wesley, David, I'm not kidding! Put me down or else!"

Wes looked down. "Or else what?" He asked, an amused smirk on his face.

Kurt growled up at him and suddenly bent his arms, and in one swift movement he thrusted them back, nailing the two boys in the balls. Kurt was suddenly released as the two teens doubled over in pain, clutching their crotches, and Kurt hit the floor roughly, letting out an 'oof!' The other Warblers watching snickered at the sight, and Blaine just stared.

Kurt twisted around on the floor and stood up, dusting off the tight black spandex outfit he was wearing and adjusting the black beanie on his head before glaring at the group of boys. He crossed his arms and turned up his nose, looking at the confused group in the choir room. "Hello, gentlemen." He said nonchalantly, flicking his hair back.

"Kurt, what's going on?" Blaine asked.

Kurt went to explain, but Wes and David recovered and stood up, each taking an arm to hold him in place, and Wes covered Kurt's mouth with his hand. "We found Kurtie here sneaking around the halls of Dalton with whoever these guys are." Wes nodded at the other black-clad figures, and Kurt was obviously trying to speak through Wes' hand, but it was muffled and very difficult to understand. "Drop 'em." Wes ordered, and the other boys obliged, pushing whoever they were holding to the ground, and Kurt practically screamed through Wes' hand, trying to jerk away. Wes suddenly pulled his hand back, shrieking and wincing in pain. "He bit me!" Wes accused.

Kurt ignored him. "You idiots! Don't just throw them around, be careful!"

"Why?" David asked with a smirk. "They can't handle it?"

"If you knew who they were, you would immediately regret doing that." He snarled through clenched teeth.

"And who are they, exactly?"

Kurt looked around helplessly for a second, then to his friends, and sighed. "Alright, fine." He growled. "Game's up. Take 'em off, ladies."

"Ladies?" The word echoed through the room, as it was repeated by every boy but Kurt, and they all stared in shock as the McKinley girls pulled off their ski masks, their long hair tumbling free and over their shoulders.

All eyes turned to Kurt, who was set free. "What?" He asked innocently. The room of boys just stared, there mouths agape, as the girls ran hands through their hair and Kurt helped them up, growling at the group of boys out of protectiveness. "You push my girls down again and I swear on my grave that I will castrate you; slowly and very painfully." He snarled, and the boys' eyes widened before they looked down in shame.

Rachel laughed and hugged him when she was standing. "Oh, Kurt, stop being so overprotective."

"Yeah, seriously, it was sweet at first, but now it's just plain annoying." Mercedes confirmed.

"I for one, have no complaints." Santana claimed. "I think it's hot. You know, when he gets all Papa Bear." She smirked, poking Kurt repetitively in the stomach.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "You think everything I do is hot, Santana."

"That's because everything thing you do is." All of the Warblers raised an eyebrow.

Kurt held up a hand. "Correction; you think everything that anyone does is hot." The rest of the girls giggled.

David tapped him on the shoulder. "Care to introduce us to the girls that you just so happen to be breaking the rules with, Kurt?"

Kurt rolled his eyes, and turned back to the small group of girls. "Boys, this is Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Tina and Quinn." He said, pointing at each girl as he said their name, and they each waved.

"We wanted to have a girls' night." Kurt explained. "However, you all managed to ruin it." He glared.

"Well, we didn't know you had a bunch of hot girls with you." Wes defended, winking at Santana.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Yeah, Hummel," A boy named Gabe said, "how come the hot girls are here to visit you?"

"Because he's sexy." Rachel joked, and they were all surprised when Blaine and a good amount of the Warblers snickered or snorted. "Wait, w-what's so funny?" Rachel asked when she saw Kurt blush.

They all looked at her. "Uh, it's just...we-we find it funny that you think he's sexy." Blaine answered.


Blaine raised an eyebrow, clearly confused that they didn't know. "Well, we've seen his...sexy faces." He tried, and Kurt started stuttering.

The girls only blinked "And your point is..."

"I say we change the subject, who agrees?" Kurt interrupted.

"Kurt, what are they talking about?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, anyone would think you're sexy after seeing videos of you when you were on the Ch-"

"OK!" Kurt called, placing a hand over Rachel's mouth and plastering on a smile. "I think that's enough input from Rachel!" He gave a nervous laugh.

Mercedes raised an eyebrow. "Wait, you never told them?" She asked, a smirk growing across her face.

"No, I never told them." Kurt said lowly from behind clenched teeth.

"Never told us what?" Blaine asked.

"Nothing, I-"

"Did you show them any of your old performances?" Rachel asked.

"Well, no, but-"

"Well that explains it." Santana said. "Well, I guess we'll just have to show them. Which one should we look up? 'Push It?'" She smirked.

"'4 minutes!'" Mercedes said, smiling.

Brittany and Tina looked at each other and nodded. "'Single Ladies!'"

"Uh...no, no, and," Kurt pointed to Brittany and Tina, "hell no. You're not showing them anything, we're going to my room right now." He turned to the boys. "Oh, and if any of you rat me out, I'm taking my lucky wrench to your headlights." He gave a bitchy smile and winked. "Night, boys..."

"Sweet dreams, Kurt." Blaine said, and the other Warblers wretched while one said 'Lucky wrench?'.

Kurt looked at him and blushed, smiling a shy smile.

"Sweet dreams, Blaine." He said, and shut the door behind him and the girls.

Once they were gone, Wes groaned. "Oh my God, Blaine." Blaine snapped out of his trance and looked over at his friend. "We know you're in love and all, but do you have to act like a freaking lovesick puppy dog whenever you're around him?"

"I do not act like a puppy dog." Blaine scoffed, moving across the room to sit down on one of the couches.

"Oh really?" David challenged.

"Oh, his eyes."

"And his hair."

"And that flawless skin."

"And his voice, it sounds like an angel's."

"His fashion sense."

"When he cries...it's beautiful."

"And that body."

"Those hips."

"The way he walks."


"You guys." Blaine interrupted. "I get it. And yes, I admit it;" he sighed and let his head fall into his hands, "I am hopelessly and irrevocably in love with Kurt. But so what? It's not like he feels the same way..." Blaine looked down at his hands, and the other boys groaned.

"Oh yeah, because the way he gets all nervous and blushy around you means absolutely nothing." Thad said.

"How can you be so sure?"

Wes groaned. "God, if there was only some way to show you..."

"I bet right now he's talking off those girls' ears about you and how it," David clasped his hands together and raised his voice several octaves higher, trying to imitate Kurt's voice, "was so sweet of him to say goodnight to me like that!" The boys all laughed while Blaine rolled his eyes.

"Oh? Prove it." Blaine challenged.

"Wait." Interrupted Brett, Kurt's very quiet roommate, drawing a surprised audience to look his way. "I-I have an idea." He looked down at his feet.

Wes blinked. "Well, go ahead."

Brett looked up shyly. "I think I left my web cam on by mistake when I was talking to my best friend earlier. So, I think we might be able to see what they're doing...i-if you want." He looked down shyly, and everyone's eyebrows shot up to their forehead.

Wes smirked. "Should we?"

"No, that's a total invasion of their privacy," Blaine said. "We shouldn't-"

Wes was already hooking up his laptop to the flatscreen.

"You guys!" Blaine exclaimed.

"What?" Wes shrugged. "Think about it; we get to watch hot girls, and you get to watch Kurt." Blaine blushed. "Everyone's happy. C'mon, watch it."

Blaine sighed, but slowly moved with the other Warblers to gather around the big screen.