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"I like trains" - person thinking

"i like trains" - normal dialogue

I like trains - normal writing.

I like trains - Flashback

"Huh what am i doing here?" asked a very soft voice coming from a very young and beautiful girl,by the name of Hinata Hyuuga, who had woken up alone in the woods as the sun's ray's had hit her face. "Oww, well were ever i am i have to go and quick i can feel a strong chakra near by" she thought to herself as she tried to get up but her shaky feet wouldnt let her. And by a very mysterious wound on her left thigh which hurt really bad and felt like if it was burning, just burning down into her skin, and it didnt let her move even an inch. She used to always have shaky feet especially around a certain boy named Naruto Uzumaki but that all changed. Two months had passed since she finally got the guts to ask Naruto out on a date.


"I wonder what Naruto-kun will say" asked Hinata aloud as she walked to Narutos house carrying a single fire lily (A/N: there really unique n pretty check them out)

"I hope he says yes, oh my gosh should I really do this I dont think I should anymore what if-what if he laughs at me for asking and then tells the others and t-then...NO I CANT DO THIS I CANT!" she yelled as she dropped the fire lily and went down onto her knees in the middle of the street.

"Hinata are you okay?" asked Kiba as he ran over to Hinatas side.

"Yes, Kiba- kun im okay, sorry j-just had a lttle p-panic attack thats all" she said as she got up rubbing the dirt of her pants as Kiba handed the fire lily to her.

"Let me guess, your going to see Naruto arent you?" asked Kiba with a smirk on his face.

"How did you know?" asked Hinata with a frown on her face.

"The lily..." was all Kiba said knowing he shouldnt say anything else or he would pay for it later.

"Ohh, well you caught me, hehe yeah im heading over to talk to him" Hinata said trying to cover up her sadness with a fake smile that she has been showing almost the whole month.

"Ohh, okay well i'll see you later Hina-chan bye!" said Kiba as Hinata ranaway holding the lily by her chest.

"That was close" Hinata thought just as she got to Naruto's house.

"Okay, you can do this, dont runaway like the shy little girl you once changed, you can do this!" Hinata told herself as she finally knocked on the front door. But as she knocked she realised the door was already opened.

"Why is the door open, did something happen to Naruto-kun? I cant just barge on in but... what if Naruto REALLY IS IN DANGER? Fine i'll do it for Naruto!" she thought finally deciding. She came into the messy building finding wrappers and soda cans on the floor. "Well i'll make him clean it up later" Hinata thought as she danced her way to the stairs until she started hearing moans and rappid movement. She soon started to panic but calmed back down. She started going up the stairs until she saw a big BIG mess halfway on the stair case, like if there was an attack, she started thinking the worst but hoped it wasn't true.

Hinata finally got to the second floor. When she was about to knock on Narutos bedroom door she heard moanes and what sounded like... no it couldnt be... it sounded like...TenTen! ( A/N: O.o)

She couldn't believe what she heard. Her cousin was madly in-love with TenTen and her she was, sleeping around like the slut she really is and with of all people she was the one to sleep with Naruto. Just to even make it worse TenTen even knew that Hinata liked, possibly even loved, Naruto. As Hinata kept thinking about that, she didnt notice she had fallen to the ground and had fallen into the bedrooms floor, with the lily falling too. TenTen and Naruto had finally seen that they were not alone as a shocked Hinata fell to the bedrooms cold floor.

"Hinata!" Naruto and TenTen both yelled as they saw her fall. Hinata soon got her hands infront of her and lifted herself up and was just sitting on the floor looking at Naruto and TenTen. TenTen covering her chest with blankets and Naruto running to Hinata in his boxers almost stepping on the lily.

"Hinata are you okay?" asked Naruto with a worried look. Hinata just looked at her hands that were on her lap.

"Hinata answer me! Naruto yelled putting his hands on her shoulders making her look into his eyes, but she tried so hard to avoid him and kept on looking(or at least tried)at her hands.

"Hinata did you... see anything?" asked TenTen.

"OF COURSE I DID, YOU BITCHY SLUT!" Hinata yelled finally looking up her eyes staring directly at TenTen.

"Hinata don't say that!" yelled Naruto at Hinata as she just stayed there staring at him with hurt in her eyes.

"No, he's not who i taught he was, he's not the guy i loved not anymore he slept with that... that slut! and her... Neji loved her and she... she just took that for granted and slept with him! we both are better off without them" Hinata thought to herself finally getting up.

"I can say what ever i want to say to that slut!

Wow whats gonna happen next thanks for reading my first story.