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Chapter 1 Prison break


After all this heart break and drama, I thought it would be over...but I was wrong. It has only merely begun. It feels as if I am now able to understand myself, alters, child and husband. I love my husband so dearly and I miss him so much it is unimaginable. Once I touched the button on the orb, everything that involved my world died out and became a mere myth. now i have to start from scratch...the whole begining...

I have taken on a new look, once more, but my daughter hasnt. I saw a merchant whom was selling a vile that was told to heal any illness. i was so sick that once my daughter gave it to me, i changed and took on the apperance of when i was 17. It all starts over again I guess. But this time with new answers and with less questions.

My name is Rashell Jackson. I am a highly wanted fugitive with a list of multiple crimes that go on forever. I have ginger red hair that warms to an orange yellow and I have red eyes. I channel eco like my father whom has passed away, and like my sister, who went missing many years ago. Right now, I have one thing to do. That one thing is to get rid of the Baron. After that I will do a little bonus project: eliminate that beast!

7 years later...

My feet rushed beneath me as I stormed my way through the streets of Haven. My ginger red hair done up in a braid, whipped my back with every step, leap, bound and pained breath I took. I held a sling over my shoulder and tried to evade their hawk eyes; their crimson hawk eyes.

"THERE SHE IS! GET HER!" one cried as they cocked their gun. I merely caught my breath as I rounded a corner. Breaths of the deep and heavy forced their way in and out of my lungs rapidly as I stood pressed against a wall. I heard a 'click', then a 'buzz'.

"Where is she?" the voice asked as they obliviously neared my direction and hiding place. I cursed under my breath.

I took off once more in the direction of the hideout. My feet patted loudly against the cracked and ruined cement beneath me. "There!"

"No!" I breathed and momentarily closed my eyes.

I felt the rush again. The rush that daddy warned me of. "The speed of it could mean the end of you." he'd always say. I never understood it until I grew older. I saw what it could do. What it was…how it felt.

I lowered my head and darted at an alarming speed around a corner then through a back ally. Everything around me was a blue blur. Then I arrived at my destination. Skidding in my tracks, I came to a halt; looked around then entered the building without anyone noticing me.

As I entered the dimly lit room my eyes strained, and tried to focus on all the obstacles in front of me that might be in my way . I took one step forward quietly. I tried to not make a sound for I needed stealth; it was my only allie at the time.

I crossed the room in a descent amount of time carefully.

I headed for the old stairs just up ahead. They creaked eerily under my weight.

The lights snapped on scaring me half to death.

"What the in the hell are you doing here? How the hell did you get out?" a husky voice asked me. I twirled around and saw my boyfriend, Locura. I gave him a sheepish smile and gingerly walked up to him slowly as I fiddled with my hair. He crossed his arms and gave me a look of displeasure.

"Lu, you know that guy I was telling you I had seen-" I cut myself short.

Locura gave me a funny look as he shifted his weight to the side. "I'm listening." he smiled slyly.

"Well before I got arrested…I had talked to some other people about the palaces security system and all-"

"Ya ya ya, just get to the point will ya, Shell?" he groaned.

I smiled at him. "Of course dear. I found a weak point, but I got arrested. When I was in there I found brother!"

Locura's head shot up and his eyes grew wide. "Y-you found him? He's there?" I nodded with a huge smile. "The man named Chris, helped us out but I don't know if he got out…" I said as I looked to the side. I was ashamed with the fact that I couldn't have helped Alex.

I glanced over to Locura's figure quickly. "Damn it!" I held a tense expression as my boyfriend extended his loving arms to embrace me. "Its okay Rashell." he soothed as he wrapped his arms around me and made soft hushing noises. "Its alright." he slowly rocked from side to side. I sobbed as he held my head with his right hand and the other wrapped around me. "Its alright sweetheart, I'm here." I was still sobbing as I buried my face in his shoulder. "Shell, you know it will be alright…" he trialed and I looked up at him with teary, bloodshot eyes. He made a small smile and lightly brushed away a few tears from my cheeks. "as long as we stay low and under the radar we all will be safe. You remember that okay, hun?" I smiled lightly at him and nodded sheepishly.

"There's my girl." he smiled.

The door behind us suddenly blew open and things from all around us came flying at us. I screamed in fear and gripped onto Locura. He shielded me with his body even further as he directed us down a hallway. He grunted lowly as he was being pelted harshly with multiple flying objects that probably stung beyond pain.

"LOCURA! RASHELL!" we heard a male shout panicked. I looked over my boyfriends shoulder to see a dark figure standing in the door way. "Come on, we need to get the others out of here before they come!" it was Woren. What could he possibly be talking of?

"Woren, what is it?" Locura growled.

"It's the KG man! They know where we are now and are gonna come any minute!" he exclaimed as he clambered up the stairs. "Come on! Help me get the others!" his voice was so calm and demanding at the same time. That's our Woren; under these circumstances he always pulls through with a clear head…sort of.

I nodded and unpinned myself from Lu and headed up the stairs with Lu as my shadow. We all got the others up except for Opex. She wouldn't wake up and we didn't have any type of time for delays. Josh scooped her up, still half asleep himself, and headed out the back with the rest of us.

"Where are we going?" asked Demonica with her headphones around her neck, like always. "Ya. That was the only place we knew of that no one would call us in for." Casandra piped up.

I groaned as I couldn't think anymore under this pressure and was getting far to dizzy for some reason.

I stopped dead in my tracks and stared straight ahead towards nowhere and suddenly started to fall. the last thing I ever heard was Quinn calling my name and asking if I was ok.

I woke up so later to find that we were in a place that I rather not be in. The Bazaar. I looked at Quinn weakly as he held me in his arms, running with the others, and I looked ahead to see that they were heading for a hotel. 'These guys seriously think that we can get in that fancy place? That will only happen when hiphogs grow wings and fly!' I thought flatly.

Once we got inside, I noticed something was different when we entered the room and when Surieen closed, then locked, the door. The atmosphere was off for I felt like I wasn't alone anymore and there was someone I knew near by. 'That's it…I need to stop thinking to myself from now on.' I frowned dramatically.

"How do you feel, Rashell?" asked Opex, who had woken up. Her rainbow hair, with bits of white, gleamed in the small bit of sunlight that dared to pour into the small crack of a window that was covered over with large boards of wood. I groaned and held my head as I sat up and pressed my back to the paint chipped wall. "How does 'I feel like I've been hit by a smart ass' sound?" I lightly laughed. Opex joined in on the light laughter. It was nice to see her smile, and laugh for that matter. It was hard to get her to laugh sometimes.

"Josh, we need a few eyes and ears to tell us what's going on around here. Think you can handle that without being seen?" asked my boyfriend. Josh only smirked with a giant boast of ego that my Locura helped inflate. "Of course. That should be easy for me."

I sighed heavily. "Opex, you think you could help me up?" I asked with a small grin and she obliged by extending her hand and nodding with a smile. I clasped her hand and she heaved me up. She acted as if I weighed a tone by exaggerating her large exhale. "I don't weigh that much, Opex." I said whilst rolling my eyes.

"I know. I just think it would help if someone around here would help me with my acting. You and everyone else know how badly I wanna be an actress!" she grinned as she clasped her hands and held them close to herself.

I grinned as I rolled my eyes. "Well ya, but we need to take down the Baron…then we can discuss acting. Alright?"

She clapped her hands like a child would, excitedly close to herself. "Ok."

I heard a 'thud' from outside the door and I peaked outside through the crack in the wooden boards. It was some lady around eighteen who was with a child that looked ten. They were fleeing from something. I couldn't get a better look until it was bluntly put before me. "Its here! Everyone, get our arms ready!" I commanded as I looked at the creature. It looked so ruthless and hateful. No love, no life, no humane things could possibly cross it's mind at all. 'It probably doesn't even think. Or have feelings.' I thought as I loaded my eco pistol.

I wonder who the woman and the child are. i also wonder who that beast is. a Metal Head perhaps?