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It's been a week since my birthday and in that week I couldn't have felt more scared. I still feel scared. Scared of everything now ahead of me. I've been tired, I've been weak, I've been sore, I've missed my period, and I can feel bruises more tenderly than before. At first I tried to tell myself I was being paranoid, this wasn't anything. I was remission for a solid four years or so. This can't be happening! Everything was just supposed to get better from here and now I fear they have taken a turn for the worst. I'm sitting in the waiting room of my doctor's office and just praying that my cancer hasn't come back.

This won't just kill mom, dad, Jazz and Emmett but now it'll kill Edward, along with the Cullens. I just can't handle that. I can't handle the thought of hurting them all again. Of scaring them all again. It was unfair to them. My heart was racing as I was called in. Please.


I don't like being followed, and I don't like being watched. Especially when I can tell that it isn't for a good reason. All day today, no matter where I've been I could feel eyes on me. And for some reason these eyes have felt familiar. I walked out of Starbucks, with my usual Espresso before the gym, and I could feel someone following me. Fuck this, I thought as I turned down a quick side alley. This was going to stop. I quickly rounded the corner of the alley and watched silently as a hooded figure came out of the alley and looked in my opposite direction. I emerged and balled my fists.

"Looking for me?" I asked, rage flowing through my body.

In a panic, they took off before I could get a hold of them and I didn't want to cause a scene by chasing after them. If they really wanted to get, they'll be back. I hated the feeling I knew them. Too angry to go to the gym, I glanced at my watch and realized I could make it to the hospital to pick up Bella from her appointment. I pulled my hood up on my jacket and headed in the opposite direction of the gym, where I was supposed to meet Emmett and Jasper. They won't care much, if I don't show up.

For the rest of my walk to the hospital I didn't feel watched or followed anymore. I probably scared the fucker off, which is a good thing. I waited in the lobby of the hospital just watching the patents and doctors walk through. I was so proud of Carlisle and I'm so glad he pushed me through all of that school so I could be here now. In one year I'd be starting my residency and hopefully becoming a doctor in two years after that. Soon, this would be Bella and mine's life until we were ready to settle down outside the city with a family. The idea of kids has grown fonder and fonder on me since leaving Forks hospital community service, but Bella dn. I have discussed with all her treatments the odds of her ever having children are next to none.

Pulling me from my thoughts was the voice of my angel. "Edward?" she breathed in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

I smiled and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. "I thought I'd come pick you up and surprise you."

Bella smiled for a second before leaning into me. "Very surprised. Thank you."

"Did everything go okay?" I asked, slightly concerned. I knew she wasn't due for a check up until a couple months.

"Yeah," she nodded quickly. "I know exams are coming up when my check up is supposed to be so I thought I'd go in now and set up another appointment for a couple weeks from now."

There was something behind her voice, but I didn't want to push it. She would tell me when she is ready. So instead of saying anything, I kissed her softly and caressed her face. "Where do you want to go for lunch?"

She smiled again and kissed my cheek. "Any where as long as I'm with you."

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