Ciel my master I doubt you could comprehend how the sweet smell of your soul tempts me. In all my
existence I have never faced such bittersweet temptation.

One day your soul will be mine. Yet lately there has been another yearning another temptation
pulling at my very essence almost equal to my desire for your soul. Something within me craves your
body…and your heart.

I do not understand it as of yet but I have concluded that it is somehow tied to the quickening of my
heart beat. How fast it marches when you enter the room or when I can tell you are happy. How I
long for you to be happy enough that your rare smile will grace such perfect lips.

Hmm, I shall have to improve my deserts for it seems you gain some semblance of happiness when
you eat sweets. That is the time when your true smile may be seen.

Ah, now I see. The reason my heart beats so fast. Would you believe me if I told you I would easily
forgo taking your soul if you would but spare me some crumbs of affection? Well, you must for I do
not lie. But I might have not interpreted you correctly. Could it be that your desire to see me fail is
your way of showing affection, showing that you believe in me above all others?

Yes that seems correct. It is difficult for a person of your stature or background to just easily come
out and say the words so you must find other ways to show it.

But no matter. Chain me to the wall if you will master. Beat me senseless if you will. But allow me the
chance to taste your skin but once, to bring you to the heights of ecstasy rivaling heaven itself.