Chapter 9: The Ending

"We did it!" Silvia said when the plant was finally out of the roots grip of the building.

"Alright, now let's get this thing out of here!" Pierre smiled as the eagerness of seeing everyone that was taken back again.

"I have already sent an order for the team to receive the plant, all we have to do is take it back," Reika said then smiled at the others, "With this, we can finally be free of fear."

"Well let's get going!" Silvia commanded and drove the Aquarion out of the hole that they made earlier, and towards the dimension gate. Though she wanted to look over to see if Apollo was alright she knew that if she did she would never finish the mission. "Besides he promised," she muttered to herself gripping the handles a little more tightly feeling the ring around her left ring finger.

After they went through they were met with the government made vectors and were guided to the safe point, where a bed of cushions of some sort took the mass of the plant. Once they had placed it down safely the plant seemed to have disassembled, as if realizing that it was of no use anymore, scattering millions of people around in the area. The Aquarion did the same, unexpectedly causing the pilots to control their balance.

"What happened?" Silvia said once she finally got control.

"The Aquarion has finished its mission," Commander Gen said appearing on screen, "The Vectors will lose power soon so come back to base."

"But what about Apollo!" Silvia said looking over to the opened gate with no red head in sight.

"Come back to base, that is an order."

Biting her lips to hold back anymore retort she and the two did as they were told.

Two Days Later

The people that were released from the plant were crying joyously as they reunited with those they thought they would never see again. The many emotions of joy filled the area of DEVEA. Pierre reunited with his family and friends; Reika with her grandparents; and many others returned with tears of happiness. The celebration continued on from yesterday and probably onto tomorrow.

But there was one who was watching helplessly up at the dimension gate, which was still mysteriously open, from her room.

The Government wanted to get rid of it immediately, but Commander Gen asked them to let it remain intact for a while. They didn't complain, since they couldn't talk back towards the organization that saved the world and saved the harvested people.

Silvia was glad, however, the fear of the time that has already passed was eating at her.

Was she never seeing him again? Despair, sadness, and regret ran through her heart and mind like clockwork. The worry wouldn't stop, making her unable to sleep and eat as she waited. Her brother came by and bugged her to eat, but she refused. She just couldn't…

Memories of being with him projected like it were a film as she watched the sun go down. The day they met, the days they fought, the days he saved her, the day he finally confessed to her… all of it. She always wanted to cry when she thought of them, but held them back as if it was a bad omen that would come true. However, when his handsome face smiling at her so beautifully popped up, the threatening tears start flowing from her eyes.

"Please Apollo…" she clasped her hands together shakily over the locket on her neck as the tears continued to pour, "Please come home…"

"Silvia!" a screen appeared on a nearby location. Sophia's face appeared surprising her, "Look at the gate!"

Hesitantly she did and her eyes widened.

Something came out of the gate. A figure with wings, the sun dyed the feathers red and brightened his blazing hair. At first she thought it was just an illusion or a dream that she would wake up from. But as she continued to stare it didn't fade… the figure didn't fade.

"Apollo…" she whispered forgetting the tears altogether.

She quickly unlocked the balcony door, not caring if people saw her, and started flying with tears flowing behind her.


The memories from before played again as she flew towards the figure.

They met; she thinking that person was disgusting and denying he was her lover from 12,000 years ago; and he thinking that she was there to attack them.


They fought; arguing about how she had Amazonian strength and ended up getting hit.


He protected; shielding her from the rays of the oncoming attacks from the Shadow Angel Toma.


He confessed; "I love you Silvia. I don't care about the lives of our past. I just love the 'you' now."


She was within a foot from him as she opened her arms and quickly wrapped them around his waist. "Where were you?" she cried desperately gripping the person in a tight embrace.

"I'm sorry, I made you wait," Apollo's voice reverberated in her ears as she continued to cry, "It seems that I was floating in-between the dimensions."

Silvia broke her embrace and looked up at him with worry, "Are you alright?"

"Never better!" he smiled but it didn't stop the worried gaze. He sighed and explained, "Aquarion… appeared and helped me. I was almost dead in there, but…" he placed his forehead on hers holding the gaze, "It told me that I can't die and healed me. The wings will no longer be able to kill me."

Silvia finally broke into a smile then went back to holding him tightly, "Baka, always making me worry."

"Sorry," Apollo said hugging her back with his chin on her head.

"OI! Lovebirds come back down to earth so we can grapple ya'!" Pierre yelled as he waved from the roof of DEVEA where everyone had started to gather. Everyone was cheering and smiling back at them. Reika was holding Sirius's hand, for the first time and was blushing but waved at them with Glen nearby. Rena sat in her wheelchair holding her book on her lap as always. Tsugumi was also holding hands with Jun as they waved happily. The twins, Kurt and Chloe also smiled in unison, taking some pictures occasionally. Gen smirked at them, Sophia was crying. (Jean was nowhere to be found as he was drunk from the celebration.)

Apollo and Silvia smiled at each other. Apollo quickly took her hand from his waist and started to drag her down to the roof, but only stopped when he felt the resistance.

"What's wrong?" Apollo asked seeing that she wasn't following him.

"I… I have to say it…" Silvia blushed as she looked at the linked hands.

"Say what?" he asked curiously going back to an even gaze.

"I… I LOVE YOU, APOLLO!" she yelled, allowing everyone to hear.

Apollo was taken aback but quickly laughed getting a glare from her, "What's so funny? That was really serious!"

"No, it wasn't, I know but…" he stopped looking at her again with his smile making her blush to the edge of her limit, "I have always known that."

"Then do-" she was cut off in surprise as his lips pressed over hers. Silvia melted immediately to the kiss and closed her eyes pressing up to him to deepen it. After what seems like forever, they broke apart.

"I love you, Silvia. Always… Whatever the day… Whatever the lifetime… I will always love you," he said to her. Apollo's gaze of gold continued to stare into the blue sapphire orbs.

"I too…" she said back.

Again Apollo tugged her to the roof, she complied. Once they landed they were indeed pulled into hugs.

And then the celebration continued as the dimension gate finally faded.

"And everyone lived happily ever after," a woman with blind eyes and bluish hair said closed the book and gazed at the children of the orphanage.

"Ne, ne, Obaa-chan, is that a true story?" a boy said looking at her with fierce gaze.

"Yes," she said patting the boy's red hair.

"Then- then the reason for the statue of Celiane and Apollonius is because of that scene?" the young girl with sandy blond hair gazed at her with oceanic eyes.

"That is also right," the young woman said.

"Awesome!" a boy with brown hair said holding his soccer ball.

"I wish I could have seen the real thing," another girl with navy hair sighed romantically.

"I know! Let's do a play!" the red head boy said.

"That's a good idea," another boy agreed with the same hair color as the one with blue eyes.

"Agreed!" two kids with glasses raised their hands with a set of twins.

They conversed with each other and decided on what to do. When they were done they all ran off. The old woman smiled at them and only watched happily. Especially with two children stayed inseparable; the boy with blazing red hair and the girl with sandy blond hair, holding hands and smiling happily at each other. But in her eyes were of an angel and one he will always be with.

"I love you, Apollo…"

"I love you, Silvia. Always… Whatever the day… Whatever the lifetime… I will always love you."


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