Jack smiled as he opened the front door, stepping into his finished house for the first time. Slipping his arm around Ianto's waist he whispered into the man's ear, "We're finally here, Ianto Bug."

Ianto shot him a withering look before a smile tugged at his lips. "It feels like it's been forever."

The three years they'd needed in order to complete the process of making their island inhabitable and building their home and two cottages had crawled by, but they'd needed that time in order to pay for the process out of pocket as much as possible. Incurring a large debt on top of their normal expenses wasn't necessary, as long as they took their time with construction. Their loan was now manageable, which left them money every month in order to save for their wedding and a small nest egg.

Walking into the lounge Jack sighed, loving the floor plan they'd chosen. "It's so open and airy," he commented, waving his hand around. "Perfect for entertaining."

"Planning to do a lot of that, are you?" Ianto teased him, nudging him gently.

"Well, between your family and mine…"

"Very true."

All that was left to do on the island was to move their furniture in, and that would be ferried across in a few days. With their wedding ceremony only a couple of months away and their move to Flat Holm nearly complete, Jack felt a large weight being lifted from his shoulders. All of their plans were coming to fruition and they could truly begin their future together.

Ianto's family wouldn't be moving in with them for a few weeks yet, as they were still finalizing the sale of their home and arranging for his mother's care. Jack couldn't wait, however, as he was used to having them so close by. It would be strange to live too far apart for very long.

"I'm glad you convinced me to go with paint instead of wallpaper," Jack said, stepping away from Ianto's side and running his fingers down the pale green, textured wall. "So much more we can do with it this way."

"Have you decided on the portrait to hang over the fireplace?"

"I'm thinking a wedding shot. Maybe us in our tuxes, looking dashing and debonair."

Ianto's eyebrow crawled up his forehead. "Debonair? You, Jack?"

"Sure, why not? I can be debonair when I want to."

"Not sure you can pull it off. You are dashing, though," Ianto said. "I'll give you that."

Jack chuckled, pulling Ianto into his arms and kissing him softly. "Pretty soon you're going to be Mr. Harkness."

"I think there's already one of those running around here somewhere."

"Mrs. Harkness?"

The glare Ianto fixed him with could cut diamonds. "I shouldn't even dignify that with a response."

"And yet you did," Jack replied, smirking.

"How about I just remain Mr. Jones? I really don't think it's necessary for me to change my name."

"No, not necessary. It could be fun though. Mr. and Mr. Harkness. Or Mr. and Mr. Jones, perhaps?"

Rolling his eyes, Ianto pressed a quick kiss to Jack's mouth. "I'd prefer not to confuse everyone," he told him when he pulled away. "We should head back soon."

Jack's brows furrowed. "Already?"

"Dinner with your family, remember?"

"Ah, yes," Jack acknowledged, nodding and turning to wrap his arm around Ianto's waist once more. They locked up the house and Jack took a moment to admire the view outside their front door. "This is all ours, Ianto."

"Yes it is."

"This weekend I'll have you all to myself on this little island."

"Just the two of us, on this little island, for as long as it takes. Terrifying."


"Yes, shivers down my spine."

"You don't look scared."


Jack made a fist and shook it menacingly, then broke into a grin. "Let's get out of here."

tw tw tw tw tw

Settling into one of their overstuffed chairs Jack smiled. He watched as Ianto finished unpacking the last box, carefully placing a framed photo on the shelf above the fireplace.

"Perfect," he told him, holding out his hand.

Ianto turned toward him, taking his hand and letting Jack pull him onto his lap. "Well, not yet. We need a fire in the hearth and we'll be all set. It's rather chilly today."

"Mmm, I can think of better ways to get you warmed up, Ianto."

"Is that so?"

"Oh yeah."

Jack moved his hand to cup the back of Ianto's head, guiding him closer until their lips met in a messy kiss. Jack moaned into Ianto's mouth when he shifted to straddle his lap, and Jack pressed up into him, eager to get more contact. Several minutes later they were both breathing hard.

"Maybe…we should…move this…someplace…comfortable," Ianto said, between kisses.

"I'm…comfortable," Jack retorted, sliding his mouth to Ianto's neck and sucking on his throat.

"Unf," Ianto replied. "I meant…bed."

Jack reluctantly pulled back, eyes dark with want. "Alright. Lead the way."

Jack watched as Ianto extricated himself from his lap and clamored to his feet, heading down the hallway toward their bedroom. Jack followed close behind, shutting the door quickly before drawing the Welshman back into his arms.

Pressing him backward until Ianto's legs touched the bed, Jack's hands worked to pull up the jumper he wore, dropping it onto the floor over his shoulder and closing his lips around the soft, fair skin of Ianto's bare shoulder. His hands continued to move, opening the catch of Ianto's trousers and lowering the zip. He reached inside, under the elastic of the man's underwear, allowing his fingers to wander.

"Jack," the Welshman whispered, hips thrusting forward.

"You're so hard, Ianto," Jack growled, kissing, licking, and nibbling his way up to Ianto's ear. "Do you want me?"

There was a derisive snort, and then a gasp as Jack squeezed his erection. "God, yes."

Jack smiled against Ianto's ear. He loved getting him so worked up. "How do you want me?"

"In-inside me, Jack." There was a whimper when Jack tugged firmly on his flesh. "Fuck me."

Jack let Ianto go and the man crawled backwards onto the bed, lying against the pillow, clothed from the waist down. Pulling his own shirt over his head, Jack dropped it atop Ianto's, kicking out of his shoes and socks and then yanking down his jeans and pants in one deft move.

He climbed onto the bed, tugging off Ianto's shoes, peeling away his socks, and reaching for his trousers. As he slid them down, he pressed his lips to Ianto's cloth-covered cock, gaining himself a heady moan. Taking only a moment to inhale his lover's scent, Jack pulled down the underwear, sliding them and the trousers before them off his legs.

Jack would have loved to have taken his time making love to Ianto, starting with a slow exploration of his body, but his lover was squirming on the bed, reaching for him the moment his clothes had fallen to the floor.

"Please, Jack!"

Reaching into their bedside table, Jack removed the bottle he'd just stashed there that morning. Slicking up his fingers he inserted first one, then two, and moments later a third as he prepared Ianto carefully but quickly. When he was sure his fiancé was ready, Jack added more lube to his hand and coated himself, dropping the bottle onto the table and thrusting into Ianto hard.

Ianto's gasps and moans of pleasure drove Jack on, and he leaned down to kiss the Welshman as he moved inside him. He lifted his legs, wrapping them around himself and bringing their bodies even closer together.

"So good, Ianto," he murmured, burying his face in Ianto's neck. "Not…gonna last."

"Oh, Jack. Please…please…"

Jack braced himself with one hand by Ianto's shoulder, reaching between them with the other until he could grasp Ianto's cock in his fist. He stroked him in time with his thrusts, lips merely a breath away from Ianto's, eyes closed tightly.

Brief minutes later Jack felt his orgasm rip through him and he let out a groan, emptying pleasurably inside the Welshman's heat. Ianto was next, his release spilling over Jack's hand and his own stomach as he chanted Jack's name.

Jack collapsed next to Ianto on the bed, exhausted from both their unpacking and lovemaking. He felt Ianto shift beside him and cracked one eye open. The man was reaching for tissues, and Jack smiled, rolling onto his side. "Here, let me."

Ianto returned the smile, handing him the tissues and lying back while Jack cleaned them both up. "It's a shame we just made the bed."

Jack frowned, eyeing the dark stain on the duvet as he dropped the soiled tissues into the bin beside the bed. "Oops?"

Ianto shook his head. "It was worth it."



Jack glanced at the clock. "Maybe we could catch a nap, Ianto. After I throw the duvet in the wash, that is."

"Sounds wonderful."

Jack worked the duvet off the bed, bringing it to the utility room and dropping it into their washing machine. He started it up and yawned, making his way back to the bedroom. By the time he returned Ianto was already asleep, and Jack slid into bed beside him, pulling the remaining covers up over them both.

"Sleep well, Ianto Bug," Jack whispered, not bothering to set the alarm. They had nothing in particular to do the rest of the afternoon, and if they happened to sleep later into the evening there was no one there to stop them.

Jack curled into Ianto's side and nuzzled his chest, draping an arm across him. He listened to the sounds of his lover's slow breathing, enjoying the fact that he couldn't hear anything else. Not a television in the other room, not a toddler playing with her toys, just Ianto taking one steady breath after the next.

Soon the furnished cottages behind their home would be occupied. Bethan, Rhiannon, and Mica would be close, but they'd still be under separate roofs. They'd be near enough to visit regularly but still far enough away for privacy when needed, and Jack knew that he and Ianto required more and more privacy these days. With the island complete Jack was also ready to go to university, and he'd need the silence of the house during the day in order to get his work and revision done.

Letting those thoughts flit through his mind, Jack closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, their pending union, school, and a bright future ahead coloring his dreams.