Summary: This starts during the series, season 3 when Kimberly's power coin is stolen by Kat and she begins to lose her powers. I decided to start re-writing the series from this point on and put my own personal spin on it. Beware I hate Katherine and I hate how they made her all goody-goody after all the shit she started between Kim and Tommy. Please read and review!

An: Saban owns it all, if I owned it, this would not be a fanfiction.


The day had such promise. The group had gathered at the lake for an afternoon of good natured fun, but like anything when it came to being a ranger, that bastard Zed had to mess it up and send his little minions to disturb an otherwise peaceful time. Luckily there was no major fight to be had and the rangers quickly defeated the tangas. Shouting in triumph Tommy high fived Adam and de-morphed. "Way to go guys!" he said with his usual fist pump at the end of their battles shown proud.

Though the joyous feeling did not last long as the group came together around Kimberly, who seemed more than a little winded from the battle. Tommy laid a hand on her shoulder, concern shining in his brown eyes as he watched her carefully. "I'm alright, just a little tired I guess..." she whispered softly, holding her head and leaning against him for support.

"We should get her out of the sun." Aisha suggested as she was beginning to worry about her petite friend. Kimberly wasn't one to be so sensitive to the sun or to a simple fight with the tangas.

Tommy helped Kim back to the benches and watched as she searched through her bag for a towel...instead she began to frantically search for something. "Kimberly..what's going on?" he didn't understand her sudden panic.

" power coin. It's not in here!" she said in worry, but then groaned as a dizzy spell began to set in.

Her power coin was missing, where the hell could it have gone? Rummaging through her bag she felt the dizziness sweep over her and her body began to sway in nausea. She felt so incredibly weak, sick to her stomach and her vision began to blur. Leaning over the picnic table she whimpered as her knees gave out and she tumbled to the grass. "Tommy..." she whined, holding her head as her breathing became shallow. "My power coin...I can't find it...something's wrong." She felt so weak, every muscle ached and throbbed like never before. "Tommy what's happening?"

The white ranger held her close, kneeling next to her and keeping her body close to his own as she shook in fear and weakness. "I'm not sure...but something tells me we better get you help." He picked her up bridal style and looked to the other rangers as they warped to the command center.

Soon after arriving the effects of her lost power coin came into full swing. Kimberly was lying, panting in the command center, a cold sweat covering her petite form as the rangers stood around her helpless to their companion. Alpha had her scanned and was running tests as she moaned in pain. She soon slipped completely unconscious of the bed they had set up for her and was covered with a few blankets to keep her warm as she shook in her restless slumber.

Their leader looked the most distressed, clenching his fists tightly until his knuckles went white, grinding his teeth as he tried to keep hold of whatever composure he had left. Someone had taken Kim's power coin and now she was in serious trouble, yet all Tommy could do was stare down at her weakened state and do nothing! He held her hand for a long while, whispering to her and kissing her knuckles while running his hand through her hair and moving it out of her face. "Come on beautiful, you got to keep with me ok? Stay with us, all of us.." he let her hand go and tucked her in, kissing her forehead one last time before walking back to the other. Running his hands through his hair he groaned loudly and turned to face Zordon with a scowl on his features. "There has to be something we can do! I can't let this happen to her. We can't lose Kimberly..." he sighed and looked back to her over his shoulder, "I can't lose her..." it was then that he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Rocky staring back at him.

"Someone had stolen her power coin, and placed into the hands of evil. Until we can discover the location of her power coin, Kimberly will remain in a weakened state. There is not much we can do for now." Zordon explained, his own sadness coming through in his words.

"We'll figure something else out. Right now we have to get back.."
"I can't leave her here alone!"his gaze was intense as he stared down the rest of the team with fire in his eyes, but at the same time all could see the tears threatening to fall.
"Tommy, what use are we here? Kim's safe with Alpha and Zordon here in the command center." Aisha explained, trying to reason with their emotional leader best she could.

Taking one last look at his injured girlfriend Tommy knew he couldn't stand here and mull over her pain. To help her, he needed to go back to school and wait for updates on her condition. He'd get no where just staring at her, even if it made him feel a little better being at her side. "You're right. Zordon, please alert me of any change in her state. If she wakes up even for a moment." With the agreement set they warped back to Angel grove high and Tommy tried his best to stay in control.

The day could not have gone any slower, his mind constantly drifting to what could have happened to her power coin. He knew Rita and Zed had something to do with it, who else would be after her? Anymore it seemed like Zed was constantly out to get him and when he'd learned of Tommy's affections for Kimberly, she became his primary target. Plus that psycho space lord had a thing for Kimberly, trying once to make her his queen when Rita was in absence. The thought of Kim in that arms of that creature made his blood boil. 'That fucker is gonna pay for ever causing Kimberly harm...I swear to god if I could only find him and take care of him once and for all.' He thought, nearly snapping his pencil in the middle of his English class.

"Ai-yai-yai! Zordon what will we do?" he asked in a panic as he walked over to Kimberly, who was currently sweating but completely unconscious on the bed they now set up. She was curled on her side and clutching the pillows as one name was continuously whimpered.

"Tommy.." her brow furrowed and she shivered once again.

"Only time can tell Alpha, we must keep an eye on her vital signs."

By the end of the day Tommy had resorted to taking anger out on the punching bag rather that find Zed and pummel him like he wanted. Kimberly was dying, slipping away and in so much pain. He knew the feeling of losing your powers but at the same time Kim had been with hers longer, her body becoming more dependent and used to the powers that without them...she was fading and doing so quickly. Gritting his teeth he flung a round house kick to the bag and stepped back, gripping his head and walking around trying to cool off. Adam and Rocky watched from the juice bar as Tommy looked like he was going to rip the bag clean open with each punch. "He's really upset about Kim."

"Man, how can you not be upset? His girlfriend is dying and we have no idea how to make it stop." Adam replied as he leaned on the table and sipped his smoothie.

"Someone had to have taken it during the fight...Alpha and Zordon view all our fights, maybe they can see who fled during it and we can find who took it!" Rocky shouted, then quickly went quiet as he realized they were in no sense anywhere private.

"We got to tell Tommy, you go get Aisha, meet me outside." The two broke apart and went in search of their friends.

Tommy took one more swing at the bag before he heard that annoying sing song voice calling for him. "Tommy?" he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Katherine staring at him. Her blonde hair was pulled into two matching pigtails and she wore a baby pink t-shirt with a fitted mini-skirt. In all honesty, Kim would have looked much cuter in the outfit. "I'm going for lunch and I'd hate to go alone. Would you mind coming with me?"

"Sorry Kat, but I've got a lot of on my mind." He said, not wanting anything to do with the idea of going to lunch with her. But being Tommy, he had to be nice about, "Just stressed, but I'm sure Aisha would come with you. She's up at the juice bar if you'd like to go see her." He gave her his charming smile, mustering one up best he could before looking around the gym and heading for the locker room. He was stopped by Rocky who seemed excited about something.

"Tommy, I've got an idea." Rocky grabbed his arm as they ducked into the change room. Once they were far enough away from other and in the safety of the empty locker room Rocky explained how maybe there was footage of who took Kim's coin. "Zordon films the fights for you right?"

"Yeah, I asked him to so we could find our weak points. Why?"

"Any chance he taped out last one?"

"I wouldn't see why he wouldn't have..." Tommy raised an eyebrow in wonder.

Rocky explained his ingenious planed and watched the look of shock come over the white rangers face. Tommy hadn't even thought of that before, he was too busy thinking about to kill Zed..."Rocky, I know you don't hear this often are a freaking genius!" he gave his friend and teammate a high five before going to change quickly. They fled the youth center in a hurry to meet up with the rest of the group and they warped to the command center with high hopes.

Meanwhile at the juice bar Katherine watched him leave, a less than amused expression coating her. 'She's not even here. I'm standing right before him in her clothes I stole from her locker and he still doesn't notice a damn thing...soon enough that bitch will be dead Tommy and you and I will be together.' Her eyes flickered red before she turned on her heel and vanished. She had to get rid of Kim if she ever hoped to be with Tommy. Truth was, Rita's spells rarely worked completely and the spell had worn off of her quite some time ago. She was now completely in control of her own choices and she chose to use her advantages and win over Tommy. Once he was hers, she could easily play the card that she had been under a spell and no one would know the difference. Smiling to herself she left the center and reported back to Rita.

Tommy and the other arrived in the command center and immediately asked if they had any footage. Soon enough they were all huddled around the viewing globe, only to discover a truth none wanted to face. A certain blonde was searching through Kimberly's bag, a certain blonde young woman was reaching in and stealing the power coin with a wicked smile on her face. Tommy made a fist and glared at the screen. "Katherine..."