It had gotten late, Janet and Eddie knew they needed to go to bed. Janet told Eddie that she better sleep in the guest bedroom, while he did not like that he told her that was ok. Janet laid there in bed tossing and turning never going to sleep. She decided to get up and read a book. She had grabbed a couple of books in hopes that if something bad happened she could read and not worry about it. While Janet was reading her book, she did not notice that Eddie had woken up to find the lights on.

"What are you doing up"

"I could not sleep so I got up to read, did I wake you up?"

"No I had a nightmare, so I got up"

"I am so sorry, do you want to talk about it"

"Not right now,"

Eddie walked over to couch she was sitting at and sat down next to her. He put his arm around her and she leaned in laying her head on his shoulder.

"Can I ask you something?" Janet was afraid to ask but was curious

"You know Nick told me that I should tell you everything that bothered me during our relationship, well Eddie why did you kiss my forehead that night we went out? Was it a date or not a date. I mean I wanted nothing more than to kiss you but I got it on the forehead" Janet said quickly wanting to know the answer but scared of his response.

"I wanted to do things differently with you. You weren't like other girls, you were actually a one of my closest friends and as much as I wanted to take you to bed that night, I was scared that if I kissed you that I would never stop kissing you that night"

It hit Janet that Eddie was thinking one thing in the relationship while Janet was thinking another. She looked at the clock and decided that they both needed sleep. When she got up she walked up to his room and he looked at her.

"Come on Eddie, we are both adults here and I just would like to be close to you" Janet said

Eddie took her hand and they walked into the bedroom. She was amazed at the size of the bed, it was huge. She knew that even if they both agreed to stay on their side of the bed that they would end up together holding on to each other. Janet got in the bed and rolled up close to him. Eddie then draped his arm around her and his head was in the crook of her neck.

"Good night baby"




"I love you"

"I know, I love you too"

They fell asleep with a smile on their face and a desire in their heart but for now they would have to keep that desire at bay and focus on restoring the relationship.

Janet woke up feeling refreshed and just happy. She look at her watch, seeing that it was eight in the morning, she got up and went into the kitchen. Hoping to find what she was looking for, she start to wonder around the kitchen hoping and praying that she would find everything she needed. She wanted to make him a nice breakfast. Breakfast was her favorite part of the day. When Eddie would stay at the house she would cook for him, they would sit together talking about what they had to do. Eggs, bacon and toast were Eddie's favorite. She was running around getting everything done. When she was happy with everything she had done, she found a tray that she carried both plates in to the room.

Eddie woke up smelling the food and grinning when he saw Janet walk back into the room. He love the way she looked in the morning. Her hair was not perfect and it was everywhere, she hadn't put on makeup, he loved the way she looked when she woke up.

"Morning, did you sleep well?" Janet asked setting the plate of food down. She noticed that Eddie just look at her and did not say anything.

"Eddie, hey you there"

"Yes, you just look beautiful this morning." Janet blushed as he said that, she hated the way that she looked in the mornings. She blushed and turned away, going back into the kitchen to get his coffee and her juice. She walked back into the room seeing Eddie smiling at her

"You did not have to do this"

"Yes but I wanted to, I always enjoyed cooking for you" Janet said moving in closer to Eddie.

They both started to eat their breakfast both wondering what was in store for them. He knew they needed to talk about stuff and she just wanted to be with him. She did not care if they got into an argument, or if they even stop talking to each other, she just liked the fact she was with him

Janet loved the fact that they stayed in bed watching moving until noon. She had not done that in a long time but she knew they had more issues to deal with. Eddie looked at Janet asking something that he wanted and needed to know.

"When did you realize that he was in love with you?"

"I honestly don't know, part of me guess there could be a chance but I always thought I was not good enough for anyone, so thinking that anyone could want me was a crazy idea"

Eddie sat there looking at her, wish she could see herself the way he did

"The way he acted after that night made me so mad, he thought we were together, you know a couple. It made me sick they way he acted, then I got a phone call the phone call from Nick" Janet stated looking at Eddie, the angry look in his eyes was gone and they were now filled with hurt.

"He told me the other day that he hates me and he told me that I could go to hell, I told him the feeling was mutual and that I would join him someday." Eddie laughed at the way she rolled her eyes.

"Janet I know you love me, and I know I hurt you and you hurt me. What I need to know is what you want from me, you know how you feel"

"Eddie when yo asked me out I really thought that you had run out of thin girls to sleep with, I never in my wildest dreams thought you would come to love me or even kiss me. I figured that night at Hugo's that it was a one date thing, the whole party at Alison's I knew it was over. But that day you left to go get Owen, It was one of the happiest days of my life. Everything you said to me that day really made me feel wanted and loved. I want my Eddie, not Hail Eddie, not Rory's Ex, not the guy who slept with Hannah years ago. I need him and want him so much. But can you let go of Hail Eddie and Rory's Ex?"

Janet was scared of his answer. She did not know what he was thinking or if he thought she was crazy but he wanted to know what she wanted. After a few minutes of silence, Janet got up to go to her room, Eddie whisper "don't leave"

Janet looked at him, he had tears running down his face and he looked scared.

"I am scared, what if I can't be that Eddie, what if I hurt you again" She looked at him, and walked over to where he was sitting. She grabbed his hands and sat down in his lap. For the first time, she was not thinking about her weight while sitting in his lap

"Baby, I honestly think we have hurt each other enough for one lifetime. You don't have to try to be my Eddie, you just are. Hail Eddie was a man who did not care about women and only wanted one thing. But somehow you changed, you seemed so happy when we were together. Granted Rory coming back did not help us but babe do you want to be that Eddie or do you want to be my Eddie"

"Janet I am so scared, to hurt you but most of all I am so scared at how much I need you. These last few months have been hell. I never realized how much I needed someone until you were gone. Baby, I never realized what you did and why you did it until you told me what you had done. I wanted to run to someone and have then make all the pain go away, but lucky for you I was in the hospital and well I looked like shit"

Janet looked at him, thinking about everything he had said. She never realized how much he cared until now. She sat there looking at him when he spoke

"Can't be hail Eddie, I want to go back to being Janet Meadows' man, Please will you let me do that?"

"Yes, I need you more than anything, I want to be Eddie Latekka's girl"

Eddie smiled at Janet, then leaned in to kiss her. She loved the way his lips took over hers and knew that even thought they weren't perfect, that maybe things would work out for both of them.